Free and Affordable Activities on the Gold Coast

Feeling the pinch in your wallet post-birthdays, events, and endless shopping sprees? Join the club! But worry not, as we’ve curated an exciting list of free and affordable activities on the Gold Coast. From delightful experiences to tasty adventures, some of them might even come with a price tag of ‘free.’ Your wallet and enjoyment levels are about to soar, and you can express your gratitude later!


Take A Knowledge Test During A Trivia Night


Attend one of the several trivia nights around the Coast to wow your date with your knowledge—after all, power comes from knowledge. Precinct Brewing Co hosts Tuesday trivia night, which is free for teams of three and features $20 pizzas throughout the evening.



Take a Local Road Trip and Hit the Open Road


Get behind the wheel, turn the music up, and discover eight breathtaking road journeys that highlight the local natural beauties. Most of these road trips will get you to north towards Brisbane. However, that is what a road trip is all about, right? You only need to pack snacks for the road trip.


Savour The Greatest Hot Chocs on the Gold Coast


We can’t get enough of the luscious hot chocolate, also known as melted chocolate in a mug, that’s the perfect indulgence in the chilly months. Grab your coin purse and encircle the greatest hot chocolate available on the Gold Coast with your mitts.


Fill Your Bags At A Local Market


The Gold Coast is home to a large selection of markets. Without question, it is one of the best things to do on the Gold Coast if you’re on a budget. For a list of the best monthly markets on the Gold Coast offering vintage finds, cheap street eats, community vibes, and free live entertainment, check out this guide.


Find The Gold Coast’s Best Pizza


The Gold Coast is home to many mouth-watering pizza options. If you have the money, there are enough to try a new one every day of the week. There’s a slice to satisfy every taste and budget, ranging from traditional wood-fired Italian delicacies to unusual toppings.


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Watch A Flick At Yatala Drive-In Theatre


Gather your family or a date and go to Yatala Drive-In. This place charges just $35 for a car load of passengers (up to six people), so you’ll have plenty of money left over for chocolate-covered ice cream cones.



Get the Team Together for Barefoot Bowling


Make reservations for Sunday afternoon barefoot bowling at Burleigh Heads starting at noon, a pleasant activity that grandparents may enjoy. All equipment is covered for $10 per person, so as you save money and hang out with the locals, you can enjoy your savings. Reservations are required.


Get Lucky When Bowling


While we’re talking about fiercely competitive sports, try your luck at the greatest Gold Coast bowling alleys. There are so many great sites from Coomera to Tweed that we are spoilt for choice.


Organise a Sunset Picnic


Arrange a picnic with your pals by gathering your favourite people, a phone loaded with amazing music, crackers, dips, and your exceptional cheese board expertise. Any of these fantastic picnic locations on the Gold Coast will work perfectly.

Explore Insta-Worthy Cafes


Revamp your social media game and explore the trendiest cafes on the Gold Coast, ideal for updating your feed with eye-catching content. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, enjoy a delightful coffee, and capture the perfect Insta-worthy moments at these aesthetically pleasing hotspots.


Dive Into Snorkeling


Prepare your snorkelling equipment and flippers so you may explore our breathtaking home from below the surface. Snorkel the stunning blue seas of the Gold Coast, going down to your face for free.


Explore The Greatest Distilleries On The Gold Coast Through Drinks


Savour your way through the many exquisite distilleries that the Gold Coast is home to. A few drinks won’t break the bank, whether you choose Granddad Jack’s handcrafted spirits or Wildflower Gin’s botanical gins. You can even take a free tour of the distilleries and learn about the process of spirit distillation. Bonus.


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Discover History at Jellurgal Centre


Visit Jellurgal Cultural Centre to grasp the rich Indigenous culture of the Gold Coast. You may peruse the amazing Indigenous artwork, discover more about the indigenous Yugambeh Speaking People, and draw inspiration from the rituals at the centre. Jellurgal Cultural Centre is located in Burleigh Heads.


Be Inspired At HOTA Gallery


Be inspired by over 4,400 incredible artworks on display at HOTA Gallery. This impressive art gallery happens to be the largest public gallery in Australia, outside of a capital city. Therefore, it is expected to be a truly remarkable experience. If budget is not a concern, you can enjoy the stunning views from the rooftop Exhibitionist Bar or treat yourself to an upscale dining experience at the Palette Restaurant.


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Indulge In The Gold Coast’s Best Gelato


If there’s one thing Gold Coast residents love, it’s frozen treats that bring pure joy. We’re talking ice cream and gelato—cold, delicious, sweet goodness that won’t set you back more than $5. We challenge you to taste the best ice cream shops on the Gold Coast this summer.


Get Your Binoculars For Whale Watching


During winter and autumn, we tend to layer up to keep warm. However, in Queensland, many people head towards the warmer waters to witness the amazing whale migration season that takes place from May to November. You can witness these magnificent creatures as they play and move towards the north and then back down south in the springtime. Our top picks for a free nature show? Point Danger, The Spit, Burleigh Hill, and Miami Lookout.


Indulge in Budget-Friendly Bites


Explore the diverse world of affordable dining options on the Gold Coast. From savory Italian delights to authentic Japanese flavors and classic Aussie burgers, there’s a plethora of budget-friendly choices waiting to satisfy your taste buds.


Embark on a Brewery Expedition


Discover the vibrant craft beer culture of the Gold Coast without breaking the bank. Immerse yourself in the unique ambiance of local breweries, beginning your journey at Balter and then heading north to experience the offerings at Burleigh Brewing, Black Hops, Hard FIZZ HQ, Miami’s Precinct Brewing, and Lost Palms. For the ultimate brewery adventure, plan your visits on Fridays through Sundays to savor the diverse flavors each establishment has to offer.


Look Through The Village Markets


There’s nothing like a Sunday morning stroll around Burleigh’s famed The Village Markets (8:30 AM to 1 PM on the first and third Sunday of the month) to capture the essence of the easygoing lifestyle of the Gold Coast and the inventiveness of our amazing people. You may go around and take in the live music for free, but be careful—you’ll want to get one of everything.


However, if your wallet is tight, all is recovered. Every month, on the first market, there are literally hundreds of new-to-you clothes to consider together with dozens of pre-owned booths at the TVM rack sale.


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Lace Up For A Bush Walk


Put on your sneakers and venture into any of these amazing national parks located right outside our doorstep. The finest things in life are free, so while you’re at it, take one of these fantastic local bush walks to bring you in touch with nature.


Hit Up Gold Coast’s Mini Golf


Hit a hole-in-one at the top mini-golf courses on the Gold Coast. A single round at Mermaid Beach Putt Putt only costs $19, which is absurdly inexpensive.


Take In Live Performances At Miami Marketta


Savour your favourite street cuisine at Miami Marketta, which hosts a collection of the Coast’s top ethnic food vendors every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Expect an electric vibe, a rotating schedule of dance-friendly musicians and DJs, a dessert hall, fashion stalls, multiple cocktail bars, and a buzzing, family-friendly crowd.



Spread A Blanket For A Picnic In Burleigh Hill


The best place for a picnic on the Gold Coast is Burleigh Hill, which we often take visitors when they are in town for our weekend brunch. Aim to get a position in time for sunset and enjoy fish and chips from The Kiosk, a great pizza from Justin Lane, or succulent chips from Freddy’s.

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Pack Your Sacks At A Neighbourhood Store


Speaking of markets, the Gold Coast offers an absurdly wide variety. If you’re on a tight budget, this is without a doubt one of the finest things to do in the area. Start with this list of some of the greatest monthly markets on the Gold Coast for affordable street food, vintage treasures, free live entertainment, and a whole lot of feel-good community vibes.


Eat Up Some Cheap Food


Looking bleak in your bank account until payday? Eat your way through the Gold Coast’s extensive list of cheap eats. We have an abundance of options, ranging from traditional Australian burgers to Japanese and Italian cuisine.


Satisfy Your Sweet Taste At A Bakery On The Gold Coast


Nothing compares to a cheap and delicious pastry from one of the Gold Coast’s top bakeries for lunch or breakfast. To just a few, we adore anything from Custard Canteen, Burleigh Baker, Tarte Bakery, and Paddock Bakery.


Try these Affordable Adventures on the Gold Coast!


In conclusion, the Gold Coast stands as a haven for budget-conscious travellers, boasting an enticing array of free and affordable activities. From the sun-kissed beaches to culturally rich events, the region offers diverse experiences without putting a strain on your wallet. The Gold Coast ensures that every visitor can revel in its natural beauty and engaging attractions while keeping expenses in check. This makes it an ideal destination for an economical yet memorable getaway.


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