Ice Cream and Gelato Shops You Should Try on the Gold Coast

We’re spilling the scoop on the Gold Coast’s most epic ice cream and gelato shops. Brace yourself for a taste explosion as we dive into a world of artisanal creations and timeless classics. Join us on this sweet journey through Gold Coast’s best – where every bite is a thrill, and every swirl is an experience.


Scoop Gelati Bar


This Gold Coast ice cream and gelato shop is in the lively southern hub of James Street, Burleigh Heads. Scoop Gelati Bar is a family-owned venture specializing in handcrafted, small-batch gelato and sorbet. Moreover, the experience of eating their desserts remains fresh and enticing for customers. It’s because of their constantly changing lineup of 24 flavours (drawn from a total repertoire of 300+ recipes), aligning with seasonal ingredients.


Choose from traditional scoops or opt for classic milkshakes and thick shakes. For those seeking an extra indulgence, indulge in a gourmet thick shake brimming with four scoops of creamy gelato—almost a meal. Custom-made gelato and sorbet cakes are also available, and don’t miss out on the exquisite blood orange sorbet, a truly heavenly treat.



Gelato Messina


Opened last year on the Gold Coast, Gelato Messina has become a sensation, delighting patrons at Paradise Centre in Surfers Paradise with its exceptional gelato offerings. The charming Gelato Messina store, boasting a beachfront view, features the familiar elements—35 signature gelato flavours and five rotating weekly specials—all served from their gleaming establishment.


The establishment also offers a variety of eight gelato cakes, made-to-order milkshakes, thick shakes, and an extensive array of wild and whimsical dessert spreads. It’s a feast for the senses.



The Gelato Shop


The Gelato Shop


Accumulating numerous Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals at the Royal Queensland Food and Wine Show, The Gelato Shop has been voted Gold Coast’s best gelato for multiple years. This family-owned business is located in Broadbeach, where they’ve been since 2003. In fact, they just celebrated their 21st anniversary in May. It’s a must-visit to discover the fuss-worthy offerings.


The Gelato Shop


While not an exhaustive list, some standout flavours include Snickers, Peanut Butter Nutella Crunch, Roasted Almond and Caramel Biscotti, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Lemon Cheesecake, and the beloved Ferrero Rocher. For true gelato enthusiasts, explore their incredible gelato cakes.



Burleigh Gelato Co.


Dedicated to tradition, Burleigh Gelato Co. is owned by a gelato-loving family, ensuring an authentic experience in every delightful creation. Their commitment to authenticity includes using local ingredients whenever possible, and they offer a regularly rotating selection of flavours for a consistently unique and delicious experience.


In the summer, indulge in refreshing sorbet smoothies. At the same time, colder days call for the irresistible gelato panini—your favourite flavour enclosed in a warm toasted brioche bun, optionally enhanced with Nutella, caramel, or Biscoff for an extra touch of luxury.





Your ultimate gelato destination, Gelatissimo boasts a vast range of over 40 flavours made fresh in-store. With classic favourites and a rotating menu of innovations, the options are boundless for a drool-worthy experience.


Gelatissimo has you covered with five ice cream cakes for parties, including the irresistible chocolate and salted caramel cake. Additionally, indulge in a warm toasted doughnut paired with your favourite gelato for the perfect comfort treat.



Tango Gelato


Expanding with a second store at the Pavilions Shopping Centre in Palmy, Tango Gelato brings a healthy twist to traditional offerings. Enjoy natural fruit smoothies, shakes, freshly squeezed juices, and Acai alongside cones, cups, and shakes.


Great news for couch enthusiasts—Tango Gelato delivers, eliminating the need to leave your comfort zone.



My Gelato


Another spot to visit on the Gold Coast for gelato and ice-cream is My Gelato. Situated on Oracle Boulevard, My Gelato is conveniently located from local restaurants for a post-meal stroll. Paying attention to details and supporting local producers, they offer an ultra-decadent affogato for those seeking a mature dessert experience.


Flavours like mandarin pistachio and almond, biscotti, panna cotta, or cappuccino transport your taste buds on a Mediterranean journey. For those too full from dinner, take home a tub for later indulgence.





While technically not ice cream, Yo-Chi’s frozen yogurt (fro-yo) holds its own with a rich, creamy taste and inventive flavours. As the fastest-growing frozen yogurt brand in Australia, Yo-Chi offers classic options. Among those are rich chocolate, creamy vanilla, and monthly ‘Special Chi’ rotating flavours or toppings for continuous excitement.


With a buffet-style bar, choose from various toppings, including brownies, melted Nutella, and various fruits. Yo-Chi ensures you never get bored.



Rose Gelateria


A strong contender for the best-looking gelato shop on the Gold Coast, Rose Gelateria boasts dusky pink hues and an Instagram-worthy ambience. Beyond aesthetics, the shop offers a delightful range of creamy gelato and sorbet, flaky croissants, perfect macarons, dessert jars, affogatos, and locally sourced coffee beans from Supreme Coffee Roasters.


Moreover, for a heavenly experience, savour a Rocksalt Caramel gelato with quality affogato or ask for the stunning gelato rose—an unforgettable treat.



Scoop of Happiness


Living up to its name, Scoop of Happiness in Mudgeeraba is a gem. It offers creamy, exotic gelato flavours and a selection of hard-to-find international sweet and savoury treats. Indulge in mud cake with a scoop, or warm Belgian waffles with a creamy gelato scoop.


Arguably the Gold Coast’s most unique gelato shop, Scoop of Happiness, provides a delightful experience beyond the ordinary.





Living up to its Italian name, Ottimo, meaning ‘excellent,’ provides a variety of distinctive taste combinations and genuine feelings. This Cooly cone spot’s husband and wife partnership sources only the freshest, healthiest ingredients.  They excel in simple pleasures like strong coffee made from Julius Meinl beans and traditional gelato flavours.


Ottimo invites you to come for the gelato and stay for the range of flaky pastries and decadent cheesecakes. From salted caramel and Nutella to Sicilian-style mandarin custard with pistachio, almond, and passionfruit sorbet. It is indeed a beachside dessert paradise.



The Gold Coast is Inviting You On a Sweet Gelato Journey!


Indulge your taste buds in diverse ice cream and gelato experiences across the Gold Coast. From charming family-owned spots to chic and visually appealing gelaterias, the coastal city provides a sweet journey through an array of creamy, exotic, and internationally inspired-gelato creations.


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