The Finest Pizza Spots Across the Gold Coast

Regardless of the season or weather, we believe that any day can be a perfect pizza day. Fortunately, the Coast boasts a variety of delectable options, allowing you to try a different one every day of the week. Whether you crave Italian wood-fired delights or prefer pizzas with tasty toppings, everyone can get a slice that satisfies their palate. Here are our top choices for the best pizza spots throughout the Gold Coast.


Francie’s (Coolangatta)


In Coolangatta, Francie’s is rapidly gathering a devoted following and stands out as one of the premier pizza joints on the Gold Coast. If you happen to be strolling around the southern end with a voracious appetite, Francie’s is the go-to spot. Francie’s offers neo-Neapolitan-style pizzas (wood-fired) with playful names like Cheese Louise and Pears Brosnan, boasting a trendy atmosphere, a laidback local clientele, and a staff with a hip vibe. Don’t overlook their vegan pizza menu; Francie’s may be unassuming, but it’s undeniably a fan favourite.



Slice Pizzeria (Burleigh Heads)


A reliable staple in Burleigh and Byron, Slice Pizzeria doesn’t disappoint when delivering the perfect blend of doughy and cheesy goodness. With an impressive array of stone-baked pizzas, Slice Pizzeria ensures the ideal ratio of toppings to crust thickness. Classics like Meat Lovers, Margherita, and Hawaiian are on the menu, along with unique options like a Camembert pizza for cheese enthusiasts and a Game Of Prawns ‘za for seafood lovers. Deliciousness abounds.



Double Zero (Broadbeach)


You know it’s the real deal when the menu is in Italian and indecipherable. Double Zero specializes in traditional Neapolitan pizza, cooked for 90 seconds in a woodfire oven. Double Zero offers Pizza Masterclasses for those looking to deepen their pizza appreciation on the first and third Saturday of each month.



Justin Lane (Burleigh Heads)


The team at Justin Lane excels in the art of pizza-making. Made entirely of sourdough, their bases are hand-stretched to order and organically rise over 48 hours. Notable choices include the gorgonzola, pears, and pork belly that melts in your tongue, or the pistachio, red onion, mozzarella, and rosemary concoction.


Enjoy these delights upstairs on the rooftop, complemented by a chilli passionfruit margarita. Alternatively, follow the locals’ lead by grabbing a takeaway and savouring the sunset at Burleigh Hill.



Gemelli (Broadbeach)


True to its name, Gemelli, meaning ‘twins’ in Italian, is run by the Carney brothers. Their wood-fired pizzas are prepared in the traditional Italian way. Top picks include the Che Stupido, Roma, and Griffiti, each boasting a unique combination of flavours. However, any choice from their menu is sure to satisfy.



Goccia (Mermaid Beach)


Another pizza spot on the Gold Coast you should visit on your next trip is Goccia. Operated by the Italian couple Anna and Loris, Goccia is an authentic pizzeria inspired by their childhoods spent beside their Nonnas in the kitchen. Everything at Goccia is homemade, offering a choice between a tomato or white base and over twenty pizza toppings. Their ever-changing specials feature mozzarella, truffle salami, mushrooms, goat’s cheese, provolone cheese, pancetta, and roasted potato.



Costa D’oro (Surfers Paradise)


For over three decades, Costa D’oro has been serving up authentic pizzas. Established in 1987, this family-run business offers all the classics, including Margherita, meat lovers, and Napoletana. The unique twist? You can even indulge in dessert pizza, with their Chocolate Pizza topped with Nutella, cashews, and fresh strawberries.



Roy’s By Gemelli (Sorrento)


Run by the same culinary wizards behind Gemelli, Roy’s By Gemelli is in the suburbs of Sorrento. The Roy’s Special is the standout choice, featuring prosciutto, rocket, and shaved parmesan. The entire menu is available for takeaway and delivery, ensuring you can savour a slice of heaven from the comfort of your home.



Jordy’s (Casuarina)


The creative minds behind Jordy’s blend flavours with the Tweed region for a unique menu. From the Stokers Siding to Fingal Head, featuring mushrooms, fior di latte, oregano, buffalo mozzarella, gorgonzola, pecorino, and chives, Jordy’s offers a diverse and scrumptious pizza experience. Additionally, their supersized pizza crusts pair perfectly with house-made dipping sauces.



Cucina Vivo (Broadbeach)


In addition to this is Cucina Vivo. Inspired by the cliff-top restaurants of the Amalfi Coast, Cucina Vivo overlooks the pool at The Star. For the complete experience, grab a table on their expansive deck, order an Aperol spritz, and delve into a woodfire pizza prepared in the large open kitchen. With plenty of vegetarian options and gluten-free bases, Cucina Vivo caters to everyone.



Balboa Italian (Palm Beach)


A radiant beacon of culinary beauty along the Gold Coast Highway, Balboa Italian treats locals to fine Italian fare with a contemporary twist. Amidst a magnificent setting, prepare to devour slice after slice of mouth-watering wood-fired pizza—from a spicy Diablo to a sumptuous four-cheese pizza bianca. Balboa Italian truly satisfies all your pizza cravings.



The Gold Coast’s Pizza Paradise


The Gold Coast has covered your pizza cravings with some real winners. Whether you’re vibing with the cool crowd at Francie’s in Coolangatta or diving into authentic wood-fired goodness at Gemelli in Broadbeach, there’s a pizza spot for every mood. So, whether you’re into classic flavours or a bit adventurous, the Gold Coast’s pizza game is on point, serving up a slice of perfection for every taste bud.


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