Exploring the Gold Coast’s Best Hot Cross Bun Spots

There’s no better way to indulge in the Gold Coast’s culinary delights than by savouring the delectable hot cross buns offered by its finest bakeries and cafes. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these hot cross bun destinations promise an unforgettable journey of flavours, textures, and ambience that will leave you craving more. Let’s embark on a mouthwatering adventure and discover the best spots for hot cross buns on the Gold Coast, from the traditional to the innovative.


The Bread Social


This bakery in Currumbin Waters is open from Monday to Saturday (6 AM to 2 PM.) Tom Scott, Sam Saulwick, and Paul Giddings lead The Bread Social, showcasing their expert baking skills in crafting diverse delights, from organic sourdoughs to delicate buttery pastries. At the core of their ethos is a commitment to being Australian-owned, using organic ingredients, and supporting local producers whenever possible.


A bakery with such a profound philosophy ensures that each product is crafted with utmost care. Moreover, this devotion is evident in the delectable flavours of The Bread Social’s 72-hour loaves, generously sized custard tarts. As well as perfectly flaky golden croissants, all imbued with a true sense of passion and dedication.



Franquette Bakery


Franquette Bakery, the brainchild of Jérôme Favier, a globe-trotting Baker Diploma graduate and renowned Burleigh baker turned bakery owner, lives up to its promise. Meaning ‘without any fuss’ in French, this charming café nestled on Tamborine Mountain delights visitors with its flaky pastries, scrumptiously loaded deli-style sandwiches, and innovative toasties like The French Onion. Picture a toastie version of the beloved soup, complete with caramelized onions, Gruyère cheese, and chives. Alternatively, if you prefer a classic option, perhaps a ham and cheese croissant is more to your liking. Whichever you choose, we wholeheartedly respond with a resounding oui oui!



Tarte Bakery & Café


Tarte Bakery & Café is a go-to destination for indulging in hot cross buns. The Tarte Bakery & Cafe team possesses an impressive mastery of pastry making. It comes as no surprise that this Burleigh hotspot quickly garnered a reputation as a phenomenon on the Gold Coast. And rightfully so! Their menu boasts an array of tempting delights, including baked ricotta cheesecake, glazed brownie, crullers, and sea salt cookies, and some claim they serve the Gold Coast’s finest croissants. Due to such irresistible offerings, it’s no wonder they frequently sell out. Undoubtedly, Tarte Bakery & Café is an exquisite artistry of pastry, standing out as one of the Gold Coast’s most exceptional bakeries.




Fuel Bakehouse


Fuel Bakehouse has earned a well-deserved reputation for its delectable assortment of baked delights, skillfully prepared with simplicity and precision. Among their offerings, the semi-sourdough house doughnuts stand out, generously filled with luscious passionfruit, Nutella, and jam.


Their renowned flaky pies are also baked fresh continuously throughout the day, providing a delightful culinary experience. Featuring a wide range of flavours like Aussie bush pepper, pulled beef, chunky cheese, chorizo and cheese, vegetable, and Guinness and mushroom, you’ll find yourself irresistibly drawn back daily to savour the diverse menu. You’ll likely be tempted to start the delightful journey all over again.


You can get your hot cross buns at Fuel Bakehouse any day. They are open from 4:30 AM – 4 PM every Monday to Friday. During the weekend, they are open from 5 AM to 2 PM.



Best Times to Visit & Ideal Accompaniments


The best time to visit these hot cross bun spots is during the Easter season. It is when these delightful treats are at their freshest and most plentiful. Pair your hot cross buns with a gourmet coffee or specialty tea to enhance the experience further. Don’t forget to engage with the passionate bakers and cafe owners. They love sharing stories about their creations and the unique features of their establishments.


Go on a Delicious Journey


The Gold Coast’s hot cross buns offer an incredible array of flavours, textures, and stories. Surely, these will take you on a memorable journey. From traditional recipes that preserve the city’s heritage to innovative twists that embrace modernity, these spots promise to delight and satisfy your taste buds. So, venture forth, explore, and indulge in these mouthwatering treats on the Gold Coast. Happy munching!


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