What Are the Best Romantic Picnic Spots on the Gold Coast?

Outdoors, with nature, clean air, and delicious cuisine. Few activities are more enjoyable on a beautiful day than bringing a picnic and going somewhere nice to take it easy. Picnics are welcome in several romantic picnic locations on the Gold Coast. With shady areas, playgrounds, picnic tables, restrooms, and BBQs, not to mention stunning beach scenery just a short distance away, you’ll be spoiled for choice.


What are the best romantic picnic spots on the Gold Coast? Evandale Parklands, The Hinterland, Hinze Dam, Doug Jennings Park, Budds Beach, Cascade Gardens, Burleigh Hill, The Panorama, and RT Peak Memorial Park are the most romantic places you can go on a picnic on the Gold Coast.


Below are some romantic picnic spots on the Gold Coast that you can explore and enjoy with a loved one. Bring fresh fruits, sandwiches, refreshing drinks, roll out the rug, and prepare for a relaxing day at one of the Gold Coast’s best picnic locations.


RT Peak Memorial Park


This stunning hilltop location boasts views, making it a romantic picnic area on the Gold Coast. From here, you can see where the greatest surf is, watch whales out to sea, and experience an elevated picnic high above Coolangatta. A new viewpoint platform, seating areas, picnic areas, BBQs, a sizable shelter to shelter you from the weather, and a hot tap to make a cup of tea (BYO teabags!) have all been added to RT Peak Memorial Park recently. Although it’s pretty steep, you may drive or walk up; just make sure you have help carrying all your picnic supplies.



The Panorama Scenic Picnic Location Gold Coast


Any Gold Coast resident should make a regular trip to the Panorama in Tallai. This millionaire’s row, which is only a 25-minute drive west of Broadbeach, offers an unrivaled view of our magnificent coastlands and periodically prompts us to “embody thankfulness.” Even though there isn’t a local coffee shop, BBQ, or shade area, this location is perfect for a picnic because of its rustic romance.



Burleigh Hill


It is a no-brainer, but it is unbeatable. Burleigh Hill is unquestionably the most popular picnic location on the Coast. Spread out your rug beneath the pandanus palms, unwind, and take in the views of the ocean, the shoreline, and the surfers below. In addition to being one of the most beautiful picnic spots on the Gold Coast, this area has every amenity you can possibly need, such as a playground, restrooms, and barbecues. Children will enjoy the rock pools during a low tide and the gorgeous Burleigh Beach, which is only a short walk down the hill.



Cascade Gardens Hidden Picnic Spot Gold Coast


Are you searching for “hidden picnic spots near me” on your phone? Then, Cascade Gardens is for you. This hidden jewel is not difficult to find but easy to overlook. This family-friendly park in Broadbeach is conveniently located just off the Gold Coast Highway. Cascade Gardens is a serene, riverfront haven with many places to set down your picnic rug and unwind in the shade. The playground will keep the kids occupied, and don’t forget about the pure enjoyment of throwing a stone into the river.


A few barbecues and covered tables are also available. Wander through the gardens as there are many interesting features to see. Among those are the central rotunda, a popular location for weddings, and the Rotary Kokoda Memorial Wall, which honours those who battled on the Kokoda Track throughout World War II. Additionally, a specially designed sensory garden for seniors is wheelchair accessible. It has raised plant beds, accessible seating, a huge xylophone, and other attractions to engage the senses and interact with nature.



Budds Beach


Budds Beach is a picturesque waterfront picnic area with barbecues, park chairs, a shallow swimming area, lots of climbing trees, and a great playground for youngsters on the banks of the Nerang River. They may play in the sand and water and hire paddle boards, too, if they want to float around on the gorgeous waterway. Bring your own food or purchase some delectable delights from the popular Bumbles cafe across the street. If Budds Beach weren’t such a serene place, you wouldn’t even realise you were close to Cavill Avenue.



Doug Jennings Park


Discover this 30-acre parkland paradise by driving to the end of The Spit, where you may not only reserve a prime picnic place but also go fishing, surfing, snorkelling, and swimming. You can choose between the oceanside and the sheltered Broadwater side. There are numerous paths suitable for bikes and scooters, or you can take a walk along the sand break wall or pumping jetty. This lovely picnic area on the Gold Coast is somewhere you could easily spend the entire day. Pack the Shmackos and bring your leashed dog.



Hinze Dam


Next weekend, it’s a good idea to go for a serene Hinze Dam picnic. It is a convenient location for a weekend getaway. If you don’t mind breaking a sweat before devouring the deli cheeses and dips beckoning from the esky, walk out on the wall of the dam and appreciate where your seemingly limitless supply of safe tap water comes from—a 3.6-kilometre round journey if you don’t slack off halfway.




The Hinterland Picnic Spots Gold Coast


When it comes to the best picnic sites on the Gold Coast, this is merely the tip of the iceberg. I haven’t even mentioned the Hinterland, which is full of hidden jewels and beautiful areas with breathtaking vistas across rolling valleys to the shore. Find out where to buy the greatest fresh local produce if you’re looking for items to include in the picnic basket. Keep reading because I’ve got you covered! Where to buy fresh produce on the Gold Coast.


Evandale Parklands


These picturesque, expansive parklands in the heart of the city, which are a part of the HOTA Cultural Precinct, are ideal for picnics and provide a variety of things to enjoy when your portable meal is finished. In the parklands, there are plenty of picnic spaces with barbecues and shaded seats and a nice lake for peaceful swimming. Make sure to carry along some paddle boards or inflatable toys for floaty fun.


Also, following the Sculpture Trail, which has 49 outdoor pieces of art, is one way to explore the entire park. Another option is to climb the manicured “green roof” behind the outdoor HOTA Stage; it’s designed for climbing, and the scenery from the top is breathtaking. On a Sunday, go to the HOTA Farmers & Artisan Market and fill your picnic basket with all the deliciousness.



Are You Ready to Visit Any of These Picnic Spots on the Gold Coast This Weekend?


Do you want to visit somewhere new this weekend? Why not try one of these picnic spots on the Gold Coast? They’re all perfect for a day out with friends or family. With so many great places to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect spot for your group. So get your sunscreen and picnic basket and head out for a day of fun in the sun!


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