Burleigh’s Best Craft Breweries and Drinking Establishments

Do you want to know where to get the best beers in Burleigh? Well, if you love the best craft breweries in Burleigh Heads, you’re in for a treat! Burleigh has some of the best craft breweries and drinking establishments you can add to your list. These watering holes have your usual favorite stuff. Maybe even more.


Burleigh Barrels Brewery and Black Hops Brewery are the best craft breweries in Burleigh Heads, offering the best craft beer. Burleigh’s best drinking establishments are La Bella Cellar, Hail Mary, Rabbath. 


Let me fill you in on what to expect with these awesome watering holes in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast.


Best Craft Breweries at Burleigh Heads


Burleigh Barrels Brewery (Best Craft Breweries Burleigh Heads)


It all began for beer-loving friends Pat McCarthy and Peter Trimble while on a European vacation. They were inspired after seeing various Trappist breweries, staying in an unusual beer-producing castle, and tasting many locally produced beers. Some of which were brewed in secrecy!




This renovated old bar has a beautiful, relaxed coastal beach with an industrial brewery setting. It gives off “fresh from the beach” vibes. Of course, Burleigh is cool from top to bottom, and we wouldn’t expect anything less from its bars.


Burleigh Barrels Brewery offers indoor seats and a private dining and function area. They also have outdoor-covered dining, a working brewery, and a distillery that will soon be built.




Meyjitte Boughnot, the head chef, will sate your appetite. Your mind will be blown by the famous Beef Brisket–200g of eight-hour slow-cooked beef brisket with South Carolina Sauce. Maybe the Angus beef patty in the Truffle Burger with truffle mayo and roasted field mushrooms is more your style? 


For a snack, try the Bug Roll (lettuce, shredded tropical pawpaw, chipotle mayo, and crispy tempura). They also have ribs, salads, wings, and pizza. For dessert, there’s Nutella and Banana Pizza. Fresh bananas, brown sugar, and Nutella are all spread on top of it. With a side of vanilla ice cream, they are roasted until crunchy and sticky!


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Hill Vibes Session Lager (3.3% ABV)


The session lager, Hill Vibes is made from honey malt and the noble hop Hallertau mittelfruh. This modern interpretation of the classic Munich Helles Lager delivers a mouthwatering full-flavoured, medium-strong luscious lager.


Tower 18 Lager (4.8% ABV)


Tower 18 Lager (4.8% ABV) is a crisp, easy lager that comes from noble hops that add subtle floral and spicy notes. It boasts a clean, crisp malt flavour and the recognizable lager scent from the yeast esters. It ends with a mild, lingering bitterness.


Pandanus Pale Ale (4.8% ABV)


A fruity pale ale with mild, sweet malt undertones and citrus flavours, Pandanus Pale Ale (4.8% ABV) is an everyday beer. It’s perfect for anyone who enjoys an easy-drinking pale ale because it has a balanced bitterness and a medium texture.


Headland Hazy IPA (6% ABV)


Headland Hazy IPA (6% ABV) ‘s hazy exterior gives away how flavourful it is inside. This full-bodied hazy IPA has a juice-like aroma and explodes with citrus and stone fruit flavours. It finishes with a mellow texture and a touch of light bitterness.


Full Quiver IPA (6.4% ABV)


A contemporary spin on a traditional American IPA, Full Quiver IPA (6.4% ABV) overflows with citrus, pine, and resin flavours. This beer is for all hop heads because it has a light malt basis, a medium body, and a strong, lingering bitterness.


Last Wave Amber Ale (5.6% ABV)


Last Wave Amber Ale (5.6% ABV) combines tropical and stone fruit flavours from their finest American hops. It’s complemented by the rich caramel notes of specialty malts, which give this American amber a flavourful punch.


Chili Margarita


In Burleigh’s best watering hole, Chili Margarita is the most popular option for cocktails. It contains tequila, lime juice, chili, and sriracha.



Black Hops Brewery (Best Craft Breweries Burleigh Heads)


Black Hops Brewery is among the best craft breweries in Burleigh Heads, QLD. They have unpasteurized award-winning beers that contain no preservatives. In each taproom, you can choose from 14 beers on tap. So, there’s no reason to go home thirsty as everyone has a beer suitable for their tastes.


Book a V.I.P. tour at 2 pm every first Sunday of the month for only $30, or have a free tour anytime if the site isn’t too occupied. Black Hops Brewery is pet-friendly and family-friendly so everyone can enjoy the tour.



Burleigh Heads Drinking Establishments


La Bella Cellar



If you’re looking for a secret drinking establishment in Burleigh Heads to drink the night away, La Bella Cellar is the place for you. When you enter the doors with only the initials on display, you’ll find an excellent cellar filled with fine Australian wine and some delectable bottles from Spain, Italy, and France. Discreet is sweet, so this place is worth visiting.



The food on the menu here is intended to go with the drinks so that the wine can shine. The contrasting cacti, whitewashed walls, and terracotta tiles provide an attractive setting for a pleasant evening. Oh, and did you know that they also serve a five-course meal? You can find this drinking establishment at Deodar Drive, Burleigh Heads.




Hail Mary


Another watering hole in Burleigh Heads you should try is Hail Mary. Its name will definitely make you think you entered the wrong door, but you’ll be surprised afterward. Be sure to stop at Hail Mary for tapas and sangria if you’re strolling along Burleigh Heads’ well-known James Street. Each night, the newly expanded facility offers a different special. On Sundays, Hail Mary has bottomless lunch.



Rabbath Lebanese Bistro


Enjoy a night out with your tastes at Rabbath, a cozy and delectably excellent Lebanese bistro. Once you enter the family-run business, brothers Pascal and Patrick immediately make you feel at home.


Wine pairings are a must-have for the perfect dating night. The unusual Lebanese delicacies at Rabbath, open for lunch and evening, will leave you craving more. You can select your own share plates or have the “Chef look after you”—a choice you won’t regret.



Thoughts About the Best Craft Breweries Burleigh Heads and Drinking Establishments


I think Burleigh is one of the best spots on the Gold Coast. It has many of the things you seek in a coastal hub. With all that you can do here, drinking a good brew is a cool one! Don’t hesitate to hit up Burleigh Barrels Brewery when you’re in need of some tasty beers and dishes. Believe me; it’s Burleigh’s best watering hole right now.


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