Things To Do On a Budget On The Gold Coast

One of the benefits of visiting the Gold Coast is that you don’t need to break the bank for a good time. There are many activities to do for less than $25. In fact, there are many incredible experiences that are free of charge. Looking for things to do on a budget on the Gold Coast? Here are some smart ideas for making the most of your trip to the Gold Coast on a budget.


Some things to do on a budget on the Gold Coast include feeding lorikeet, having a meal at picnic spots, swimming at waterfalls, going to the Gold Coast festivals, playing in the Gold Coast playgrounds, bushwalking in the beautiful national parks, and more.


Feed Lorikeet At Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary


What can fly, is noisy, and is rainbow-coloured? That’s none other than the obnoxious rainbow lorikeets at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. These rainbow-coloured lorikeets can be seen flying around at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary daily. They’re a lot of fun, and you can feed them!


The gift store and feeding area for lorikeets, where many of these parrots gather every morning at 8 am and afternoon at 4 pm daily, are both free to see. But you must purchase a ticket to see the more exotic creatures at this location. A gold coin donation will give you an opportunity to feed these curious parrots. They eagerly roam around for food and will even land on your head and hands to try it out.


Have An Alfresco Meal At Gold Coast Picnic Spots


Packing a light lunch and blanket will allow you to explore the Gold Coast all day long. There are plenty of beautiful spots where you can enjoy your adventure. We are fortunate to have several beautiful picnic spots where you can enjoy a meal outdoors. You can head to the country, creekside or a beachside locale.


Relax and Take A Dip At Gold Coast Waterfalls


We think you ought to chase waterfalls whenever you get the chance. Therefore that 90s popular song has a lot to answer for. The Gold Coast hinterland has some magnificent waterfalls that are nearby and the good news is visiting them is free.


Go to A Gold Coast Festival


For those searching for unique things to do on the Gold Coast without spending breaking the bank, go to exciting Gold Coast festivals like Big City Lights. This new festival on the coast involves large-scale digital light displays, audio-visual experiences, and there is always the unexpected. As a result, it transforms Southport to provide four nights of colour, light, and creativity.


The Central Business District will show five art zones with colourful creations. These art zones are building facades, alleyways, rooftops, car parks and shop fronts.


Listen To Free Live Music At Miami Marketta


For those looking for things to do on the Gold Coast for free, head straight to Miami Marketta for a dose of live music. Every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, Miami Marketta offers free live music and positivity. This street food market and neighbourhood alley eating experience come to life three times a week with merchants, guests, and skilled musicians who will render you the best songs while you enjoy your meal. Sample a few courses for less than $25 and sip on a cold beverage.

Take a Dip in Freshwater Rock Pools


Do you want to soak in the Gold Coast freshwater rock pools? At this unique location in Currumbin Valley, immerse yourself in the cool water and enjoy the surrounding splendour. Excellent for people who enjoy the outdoors and is highly recommended on hot days.


Whale Watch


Whale watching is among the relaxing things on the Gold Coast from June to October. Don’t forget to bring binoculars to clearly look at the coastline and easily spot whales when they appear. Watch carefully for spout sprays that are out to sea and splash. At Point Danger in Coolangatta, Elephant Rock in Currumbin, Kirra Hill Lookout, or Burleigh Headland, you’ll discover the ideal vantage point for this pastime with unobstructed ocean views.


Grab A Cup Of Exquisite Coffee


When it comes to the coffee culture, the Gold Coast surpasses Melbourne. Grab a hot cup of coffee to go and perhaps a pastry to savour while taking in the sea breezes, ocean views, and a beach walk. For less than $5, you can have a classic Gold Coast experience.


Go Fishing


Fishing on the Gold Coast is free. Just throw a line in any fishing spot on the Goldie, and you’ll have the best catch. You don’t need to have a boat, either. If you’re lucky, you might catch a huge game for dinner.


Shop at Weekend Markets


The weekend markets on the Gold Coast are incredible, and whether you want to peruse stalls selling jewellery, accessories, clothes, and home goods or want to fill your basket with fresh produce, we’ve got you covered. Before listening to live music outdoors, squander your $25 on refreshments or go shopping for bargains.

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Try Gold Coast Road Adventures


You could have a lot of fun on a road trip for very little money if you have your car fueled up and a packed lunch in the back seat. Ahead of you are experiences, and your problems are in the past as you travel alone on the open road. Try the best day trips on the Gold Coast and enjoy the serenity along the road.


Workout For Free


You can also work out for free, which is among the relaxing things to do on the Gold Coast. Get in beast mode and work out for free at the seaside exercise stations located at Kurrawa Park in Broadbeach and along the seafront parklands between North Burleigh and Burleigh.


Head To Point Danger


Go to Point Danger’s park, where you may stand with one foot in each of the states of New South Wales and Queensland. This elevated headland is an excellent place to observe the waves and surfers below and marvel at gorgeous views of the surrounding coastline. It also makes a wonderful keepsake photo of your Gold Coast vacation.


Have Fun At Gold Coast Playgrounds


Spend the day swinging, climbing, playing, skipping, and sliding on the Gold Coast. Aside from the countless hours of free entertainment, the Gold Coast playgrounds are also safe for kids and families. Some of these playgrounds also allow pets.


There are A Lot of Things to Do on the Gold Coast on a Budget


You don’t need to bring so much money to enjoy your Gold Coast trip. In fact, even your spare change can give you a satisfying experience on the Goldie. With the list of free activities and things to do on a budget on the Gold Coast, you’re about to have the best holiday trip of your life.


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