Support 10 Gold Coast Homegrown Fashion Boutiques

You surely will not want to miss supporting local creatives who thrive on the Gold Coast! Let’s support the 10 Gold Coast homegrown fashion boutiques and learn more about their stories.


Let’s support the 10 Gold Coast homegrown fashion boutiques which include Myra Swim by Bianca Elouise, Grace Loves Lace by Megan Ziems, Peony Swimwear by Becky Morton, Outland Denim by James Bartle, The Lobster Shanty by Jarro Dartnell, Olas Supply Co. by Joel & Nicole Fairclough, The Undercurrent by Carly Snodgrass, The Weft by Caitlin Verrall, Shuturp by Ellie Hopley, and Violet Gray by Alexandra Olsen. You can learn more about these Gold Coast homegrown fashion boutiques below, and you can visit their official sites.


Fashion on the Gold Coast is all about being cool, relaxed, and comfortable. Find a good clothing store whether you’re looking for trendy boutique clothes or formal dress shops on the Gold Coast. Here are some of the unique shops on the Gold Coast by the best homegrown fashion designers:


Myra Swim by Bianca Elouise



The Gold Coast is known for being the home of some of the best bikinis in Australia. Myra Swim, for instance, produces high-quality bikinis, and its reputation as a swimwear label will only continue to grow.


Bianca Elouise (CEO & Creative Director of Myra Swim)

Bianca Elouise (CEO & Creative Director)


The founder, Bianca Elouise, loves the figure-hugging, minimalistic swimwear silhouettes from the 1980s and 1990s as they make women look and feel confident. With this inspiration in mind, she now designs her own high-end swim and resort wear, creating styles that celebrates diverse body types.



Bianca Elouise created Myra Swim in 2014 and has developed a strong following of customers thanks to her vibrant swimwear line. Getting inspiration from the waves and beaches, Bianca’s goal was to create a swimwear line for curvier women. As such, she has gained an international following, including Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Margot Robbie, and more. Here is their official site: Also, check out their Instagram account which serves as their digital catalogue.



Grace Loves Lace by Megan Ziems


Megan Ziems founded the company Grace Loves Lace in 2010, and she started it after a frustrating search for the perfect dress. She created this Burleigh clothes shop and made her way in the wedding industry. 


Their gowns are handmade, and the materials and construction quality is impeccable. Their attention to detail and commitment to creating the perfect dress sets them apart from other designers. Private rooms with gorgeous interiors and signature award-winning down-to-earth, friendly one-on-one service allow them to tailor your experience exactly to your needs.


Grace Loves Lace is the premier destination for women of style, substance, and originality who want to wear a wedding dress that is truly one of a kind. She ensured the brand’s dresses were from only the most delicate French and European lace and silk. Without Megan Ziems, no list of the Gold Coast’s 10 best homegrown fashion designers would be complete. Here is their official site: 



Peony Swimwear by Becky Morton


Becky Morton, the creator of Peony Swimwear, has been revolutionizing the industry by committing to its mission of giving back to the environment. She used regenerative nylon from the abandoned ocean and industrial waste.


The brand’s beloved design studio by the sea in Australia is the perfect place to create beautiful things. The brand’s distinct handwriting is expressed through its in-house creation of textile prints, which begin as hand sketches. They’ve made swimwear fabrics from all recycled content. This makes them more environmentally friendly and sustainable than traditional swimwear fabrics.


They have been making headlines for their commitment to the environment. Furthermore, they’re known for accessibility, including all body shapes, and the incredible quality of swimwear. Here is their official site:



Outland Denim by James Bartle


James Bartle set out to help secure a better future by providing employment opportunities for women. He encountered an anti-human trafficking organization that shared the stories of women who had been trafficked from Asia, and his goal was to provide a more sustainable career path. He created the denim brand to make a difference; thus, he made Outland Denim and set up production in Cambodia. 


The collection features both classic and modern takes on the iconic blue jean, with something to suit everyone’s taste. This focus on quality and craftsmanship has resulted in a line of truly unique jeans built to last.


Many people learned about these bright and colorful shoes, so they have found their way into the public eye. The Duchess’ choice to wear Outland Denim in her recent visit to Australia has been a blessing for the local production house. She made it possible to employ 15-30 more sewists, and the recruitment process has already begun. Here is their official site:



The Lobster Shanty by Jarro Dartnell


Jarro Dartnell created the Lobster Shanty, a menswear brand created by a fashion-savvy man. They offer a wide variety of stylish snapbacks and shirts that are carefully curated to fit the needs of today’s men.


As a child, his Granddad Jim had an incredible pirate bar. The bar was full of nautical treasures that have inspired him today. These salty relics have remained in his mind and have continued to inspire him throughout his life. He created the fashion label and clothing store based in Australia. Here is their official site:



Olas Supply Co. by Joel & Nicole Fairclough


Joel and Nicole Fairclough established Olas Supply Co. in 2016. Two regular employees wanted to branch away from their mundane 9-to-5 job and try something new. They established Olas Supply Co., a fashion company inspired by adventure. Olas promotes an active, adventurous lifestyle. 


Their travels have inspired their clothing line, which is why they make sure to use only the best fabrics and materials that can withstand any adventure. They emphasize comfortable designs that can be used for various activities and adventures using fabrics that promote breathability, so you’re at your best no matter who you are or where you’re going. Here is their official site:



The Undercurrent by Carly Snodgrass


Over the last few weeks, the locals on Gold Coast have been celebrating the launch of a fashion label. Carly Snodgrass made sure that Undercurrent highlights the city through the eyes of locals, as tourism on the Gold Coast has reached new heights. She highlights the thriving surf culture on the Gold Coast and the side of the city that locals keep hidden from view.


They support Surf Life Saving Queensland, donating $2 from every t-shirt sold. Surf Life Saving Queensland is a not-for-profit organization that exists to save lives, build thriving communities and inspire positive change.


They’ve been a hit and debuted with a collection representing five suburbs; Burleigh, Currumbin, Coolangatta, Mermaid, and Surfers. Carly Snodgrass made sure that the design features recognizable landmarks that include their favorite things about the location; you will be able to see the most beautiful and eye-catching pieces in this collection. Here is their official site:





The Weft by Caitlin Verrall


The Weft is a new addition to the Gold Coast design scene and a hidden gem. Caitlin Verrall created The Weft to make subtly crafted natural pieces, they transcend the seasons with color palettes and fabrics. By using high quality materials and innovative design, The Weft is able to create pieces that will stand the test of time and remain stylish for years to come.


From the classic Smith ’90s Dress to the statement Ithica Wrap Dress, Caitlin Verrall offers something for every occasion from the latest range of Outliers. She perfected the design for everyday wear or events, making it a one-stop shop for every need. Here is their official site:


SHUTURP by Ellie Hopley


Ellie Hopley created Shuturp, a trendy fashion label known to have distinct and quirky designs that are hand-drawn and inked across all its products. In 2015, she created an Instagram account to showcase her art, which marks the beginning of SHUTURP.


They focused on a younger audience with collections of t-shirts, hats, and dresses for kids. They made the designs include uplifted slogans with a humorous tone. Due to the creative nature of the designs, they quickly become a sensation. Here is their official site:


Violet Gray by Alexandra Olsen


Alexandra Olsen started the very successful Australian fashion label Violet Gray. Olsen designed an entire collection for all seasons and began their journey in the world of fashion five years ago at The Village Markets. Since then, they have grown to be loved worldwide for their many high-quality products.


They use a variety of only high-grade metals and gemstones in their designs, so there’s something to suit everyone’s taste. This means that the entire ring-making process occurs in Australia, and the gold used in the rings comes from Australian mines.


She ensures simplistic yet powerful styles. She deeply rooted her designs in symbolism and other aspects of art. They made sure to make the designs sacred and sentimental to wear. Here is their official site:


Let’s Support 10 Gold Coast Homegrown Fashion Boutiques


Various James Street Burleigh shops are available where designers are just starting their local businesses. In Gold Coast, the people celebrate homegrown labels. James Bartle exhibits admirable work with his Outland Denim project. He started his dream for a good cause, the anti-human trafficking movement. Carly Snodgrass ensured that The Undercurrent represents Gold Coast and highlights its good features. 


Queensland boutiques on the Gold Coast offer a unique shopping experience, with a wide range of fashion and swimwear to home decor and accessories. With their colorful variety of styles and high-quality clothes, you will have limitless choices in Gold Coast.