What Are the Best Fun Things to Do at Night on the Gold Coast?

You’ve had your fill but aren’t ready to call it a night. I have you covered if you’re looking for things to do at nighttime on Gold Coast to extend the fun a little bit. A dizzying array of nightly entertainment options are available on the Gold Coast (well, pretty late anyway). Here is our after-dark hit list for the Gold Coast, regardless of whether you’re planning a romantic night with a twist, going out with pals, or having adolescents, tweens, or three-nagers in tow.


What are the best fun things to do at night on the Gold Coast? Watch The Pink Flamingo or live music performances on the Gold Coast or experience the thrill at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Odditorium and Padlock’d Escape Rooms. You can also bowl at Strike Bowling Surfers Paradise or Putt Putt Golf. Having some nighttime snacks at Cowch Dessert Cocktail Bar or taking a night tour through the rainforest is also a good idea.


The Pink Flamingo


Get your closest friends together, arrange for a babysitter right away, and reserve a front-row seat for the hottest stage performance in town. The Pink Flamingo Spiegelclub, which combines an oh-so-steamy combination of aerials, singing, dancing, and comic relief, is the daringly unique after-dark sensation you’ve been waiting for. You’ll soon understand why this provocative show is for adults only and is ideal for a fun night out with friends who seek the wildest Gold Coast nightlife.



Strike Bowling Surfers Paradise


It’s tenpin time, and I have the perfect location in mind. Put on your socks and fasten those stunning red bowling shoes. The Strike Bowling Bar in Surfers Paradise offers ten lanes to pick from, a cocktail bar serving your favourite drinks, and a private karaoke area for up to 15 friends who feel bold. This bowling alley is definitely not your usual one. Enjoy classic songs from the Rando Sandos staff, temporarily taking over Strike’s kitchen. Our favourites are the Beef Brisket Sando, Cubano Sando, and Ice-Cream Sando.


When the clock strikes 8 pm on Fridays and Saturdays and 10 pm on Sundays through Thursdays, it’s time to bid the children farewell so the adults can have some age-appropriate fun. For things to do in Gold Coast at night with family, children are also allowed at Strike Bowling but must be with an adult at all times.




Putt Putt Golf


Putt Putt Mermaid Beach, a surefire crowd-pleaser, features three themed 18-hole courses with statues, waterways, and whimsical lighting at night. A few wild cards are tossed in just when you think you have the game figured out: spin the wheel, and you can be asked to putt with the opposite hand, its other end, or with one eye closed. It improves the fun factor and levels the playing field for players of all ages. Additionally, there’s a video game arcade with the classics and a snack bar for ice cream after your round of golf.


The fee for a single course is $19 and $15 for kids. For all three courses and the price is $25 for adults and $21 for kids. Meanwhile, kids three years old and below can play at Putt Putt Golf for free.



Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Odditorium


Inside Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! In Surfers Paradise, there is a combination of a Guinness World Records exhibit, a Madame Tussauds, and an interactive science museum. Or, for some children, it’s simply like witnessing the realisation of their wildest dreams. There are unusual, startling, and beautiful things there that will leave an effect on you.


However, the technological exhibits are guaranteed to be a major hit for the device generation. It’s impossible to guess which strange show will capture their attention the most. The youngsters are put through a real-life Hollywood heist by a laser beam security system and a dance hall activated by movement with a large screen with a slow-motion control that bursts a watermelon in each frame. 



Padlock’d Escape Rooms


One of the fun things to do on the Gold Coast and the most well-liked late-night hangouts is Padlock’d Escape Rooms, but we’ll warn you now: this one is not for the weak of heart. This mentally taxing indoor adventure tests your brain and ability to remain calm under duress, as the name implies. You must utilise your lateral thinking abilities with your friends to decipher the code, decode the clues, and solve the puzzle before the timer runs out.


This choose your own adventure game is best suitable for individuals at least 15 years old. You have the option to unravel The Haunted Toy Store’s mystery or sneak into the office of an evil CEO and stop him from launching deadly tracking software before it’s too late.



Things To Do At Night? Watch Live Music Performances


Searching for things to do in Gold Coast at night for free? Why not watch live music performances? The bustling live music scene in the Gold Coast is a great place to start if you’re seeking entertaining things to do. You may catch a show (or numerous shows) any night of the week at festivals, concerts, pubs, clubs, or even markets.


Watch live performances by regional, international, and promising new musicians from many genres. The nicest aspect is that you may frequently discover inexpensive or completely free tickets. On the Gold Coast, venues like Miami Marketta, Soundlounge, Eddie’s Grub House, and the venerable Coolangatta Hotel are some of the greatest places to listen to live music.


Night Tour Through The Rainforest


One of the more unusual options accessible to you when it comes to having fun on the Gold Coast without alcohol is a glow worm tour in the breathtaking Tamborine Mountain region. The distance from the Gold Coast to this ancient region is about 45 minutes by automobile.


Take a guided tour to explore Tamborine Mountain’s glow worm caves. As you walk through the foliage and learn about the region’s cultural and historical significance. You may take in the amazing natural splendour of the nighttime rainforest.



Gold Coast Is Still Lively at Night!


You’ll never get bored once you step on the Gold Coast. You can do many things alone, with company, or with your family.


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