What Is Unique About Gold Coast and Why Should You Holiday There?

The unique thing about the city of the Gold Coast is that it allows you to enjoy a comfortable life at the beach and the advantage of being in the city at the same time. So, if you want to mix beach activities, shopping, and other indoor activities in one extravaganza, the Gold Coast is where you should go.


What is unique about the Gold Coast and why should you holiday there? The Gold Coast has the southern hemisphere’s highest density of theme parks. It has 40 famous patrolled beaches, 380 maintained barbecues, over 100,000 hectares of rainforests, and more for you to enjoy, while you’re getting away from the daily grind.


Below are some of the unique and surprising facts about the Gold Coast that you might also want to know:


Unique Facts About The Gold Coast


  1. The Gold Coast has hosted more Hollywood blockbusters than any other location in the southern hemisphere.
  2. The current population is over 570,000, with a projected population of 866,634 by June 30, 2036. It’s the sixth biggest city in Australia.
  3. The Gold Coast is a multicultural city with over 100,000 hectares of rainforests on the World Heritage list, 260 kilometres of passable waterways, and 57 kilometres of pristine coastline.
  4. The Gold Coast theme park has the highest density of theme parks in the southern hemisphere. There are currently 12 roller coasters on the Gold Coast.
  5. Authorities identify over 1730 species of native plants in the Gold Coast region, 109 classified as vulnerable, endangered, or near threatened.
  6. There are also 585 native animal species, 72 classified as vulnerable, endangered, or near threatened.
  7. With 40 beaches that are patrolled, the Gold Coast has Australia’s nation’s most extensive lifeguard service.
  8. In parks and reserves, there are more than 380 barbecues that are maintained by the council.
  9. Kinkabool, Surfers Paradise’s first high-rise, was built in 1959-60.


Unique Things to Experience on the Gold Coast on a Holiday


Here are some of the reasons why visit the Gold Coast on your next holiday:


Quack’rDuck Land and Sea Tour


Experience the one-of-a-kind land and sea tour on the Gold Coast by riding an amphibian vehicle, the Quack’rDuck.


A Quack’rDuck tour will take you to the Gold Coast’s must-see attractions on land and at sea. You’ll get to explore the landlocked areas and the sea, making it a truly unique experience. I remember being on a bus with a group of international tourists one day and just as we crossed over the Southport bridge the Quzck’rDuck approached the close by boat ramp and exited the water. The gasps coming from the surprised tourists at seeing this spectacle were very funny. 



Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast


When you wish to experience the breathtaking sights, only the Gold Coast of Australia has to offer, then rise with the sun in a hot air balloon. You’ll be able to see the beautiful landscape in a unique and exhilarating way that you won’t forget any time soon.


While peacefully flying through the skies, take in the majestic views of the Goldie, from the beautiful Hinterland region to the canals and the Gold Coast city skyline.




SkyPoint Climb


If you want a unique way to have a bit of adventure on the Gold Coast, try the SkyPoint Climb. A genuinely unique Gold Coast experience is the SkyPoint Climb. Grab the opportunity to climb the top of the iconic Q1 Resort building, which stands 270 meters tall and is among the Gold Coast’s most recognizable landmarks.


View the Gold Coast from the 78th floor of this iconic tower. This place offers an incredible, breathtaking perspective. The site of the gorgeous sands to the magnificent hinterland mountain-scape from far above the ground is a view you might never forget.



The Gold Coast Is Truly One-Of-A-Kind!


Aside from the beautiful beaches, other natural tourist attractions and indoor entertainment facilities, the Gold Coast offers many unique experiences that you can only find here. So, why not travel to the Gold Coast and experience them yourself?


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