Gold Coast RSL Clubs With Entertainment

I’m amazed at how RSL clubs near me have expanded from a place where veterans share their camaraderie to becoming providers of hospitality and good value entertainment. Seeing how much they’ve grown and changed over the years is incredible. Just check out these Gold Coast RSL clubs with entertainment, and we’ll be in the same boat.


Which Gold Coast RSL CLubs have entertainment? SOPO, previously known as RSL Club Southport, Currumbin RSL, Twin Towns Clubs & Resort, and Surfers Paradise RSL, provides entertainment facilities and live entertainment for their patrons.


Top 4 Gold Coast RSL Clubs With Entertainment


SOPO (RSL Club Southport)


SOPO, formerly the Southport RSL Club, is situated in the centre of Southport’s business district. It offers exciting entertainment programs featuring both international and national touring acts. You can find it at 36 Scarborough St, Southport, Gold Coast.

The stylish club provides an excellent venue for enjoying live entertainment and offers various other facilities and services for members and guests. Customers can park directly beneath the club for free. The club also features a Kid’s Corner, bars, gaming machines, and function spaces.


You can either go to Expresso 36 for a coffee and a bite to eat or stay to eat at Bistro 36. Before taking the complimentary courtesy bus home, guests can visit the Heroes Gaming Lounge and grab a drink at the Palm Lounge Bar.



Currumbin RSL


The Currumbin RSL is a multi-award-winning boutique club that offers welcoming services in a secure environment. It is in a prime location on the picturesque Currumbin Creek, 165 Duringan Street, Currumbin, Gold Coast. You can eat crepes at a waterfront café, and If I were you, I would try the sumptuous meals at Alleys Restaurant made from fresh, local produce.


This Currumbin RSL club also has a free Kids Club for families, a sports bar with Keno and TAB facilities, and gaming machines. Of course, Currumbin RSL has free live entertainment that plays blues, jazz, pop, and rock ‘n’ roll. After you’ve finished celebrating, you can use their free courtesy bus for visitors and members to get home. You don’t have to worry about DUI.



Twin Towns Clubs & Resort


Twin Towns Clubs & Resorts is among Gold Coast’s most awarded RSL clubs. Regularly, it has international performers and world-class entertainment. This RSL club is located on the border of Queensland and New South Wales.


There are many bars to choose from at Twin Towns Clubs & Resorts, including the fantastic new 1st On Wharf Tavern sports bar. Diners can choose from various great restaurants, including fine dining, the Flame Pizzaria, and carveries.



Surfers Paradise RSL


The Surfers Paradise RSL is excellent for enjoying good times with family and friends. The staff are friendly and accommodating, providing top-notch service that makes everyone feel right at home. The atmosphere is electric, with plenty of activities and events to keep everyone entertained. Aside from the live entertainment, you can also play bingo, enjoy the gaming and UBET Room, and more. Whether you’re searching for a place to relax and unwind or let loose and have fun, the Surfers Paradise RSL is the perfect spot.


This Gold Coast RSL is different from others because it guarantees 3 am trading and keeps the traditions associated with RSL Clubs. It means that people who want to drink late at night can do so, and those who want to keep the traditions alive can do that too.




Do You Have to Be a Member to Go to RSL?


Yes, if you’re a resident in the area. But if you’re a visitor, you can sign up as a guest. It is as long as you’re in the company of a member of that RSL.


What ID Do You Need to Enter a Club?


Driver’s license, adult proof of age card, passport, and other recognized proof of age cards like Keypass identity card. These are the accepted proof of age for licensed premises like Gold Coast RSL clubs.


Why Visit These Gold Coast RSL Clubs With Entertainment?


The profit of this surf clubs Gold Coast are used to finance community services and events. The club frequently donates to other local community programs to contribute to the community. It contributes to making the community a better place for all.


RSL clubs on the Gold Coast are great places for socializing, grabbing a bite, and enjoying live music. Plus, by patronizing the establishment, you are supporting the local community.