What Are The Gold Coast’s Most Popular Beaches?

The Gold Coast means different things to different people, but for most, it comes down to the Gold Coast’s most popular beaches. For example, locals seldom venture into Surfers, but tourists make Surfers the center of their holiday. Perhaps, it will be better to answer the question about the most popular beaches on the Gold Coast. First, which beaches do the locals consider the most popular and which the tourists consider the most popular? Let’s get started.


Surfers Paradise


No visit to the Gold Coast would be complete without going to Surfers Paradise. Firstly, because it is the iconic beach and tourist hub that puts this region on the international map. Want to be like a local? Take a walk on the sand and enjoy some of the many restaurants and bars in this busy beachside suburb.


You’ll love taking in the beautiful atmosphere and views of Surfers Paradise. You can’t help but admire this location against a backdrop of high-rises, arcade halls, and ice-cream shops. Remember, if you’re planning a day at the beach, make sure you’re done before 3 pm. After 3 pm, the high rises cast shadows over the beach until sunset. Despite this, Surfers Paradise is the fun capital of the Gold Coast.


You’ll have no problem finding a patch of sand, even on busy weekends. Don’t forget to take your photo with the backdrop of Pandanus palms and Tamarisk pines. You’ll love the wide, paved boulevard that lines the entire esplanade.


It is the perfect place for pedestrians to get up and walk; it’s also bike-friendly.  Fitness lovers will enjoy the free outdoor gym equipment, perhaps you can work off extra holiday calories. If Surfers Paradise isn’t your style, then you’ll probably enjoy Broadbeach, the next beach south.





Broadbeach has plenty of sand on which to throw down your towel and has lots to do. If you’re feeling hungry, you’ll find an endless choice of restaurants. For those who don’t want the beach or a restaurant, there is a large park area between the restaurants and the beach.


This is a great place for kids to play games while having a Bar-B-Q. Once you’re done at the beach, you’ll no doubt enjoy Broadbeach’s shopping.


The beaches between Main Beach, Surfers Paradise, and Broadbeach are popular with International and interstate tourists. Although Broadbeach is very popular, Surfers Paradise is the most well-known destination on the Gold Coast. From a local’s perspective, the most popular beaches on the Gold Coast are Broadbeach and south. Let’s call this the local’s guide to the Gold Coast’s best beaches.



Pacific Fair Shopping Centre


Just take a short walk across the pacific highway from the Broadbeach restaurant precinct, and you’re at Pacific Fair. Pac Fair, as it’s known by the locals, is an enormous shopping center providing everything you could wish for. The Broadbeach area is also home to some of the greatest live music and events on the Gold Coast. Check out the Blues on Broadbeach Concert, the Groundwater Country Music Festival, or other regular events.


Finally, before leaving Broadbeach, you must try your luck at the Star Casino. You might return home with a lot more money than you left with. LOL. Remember, this is not financial advice, and you are advised to play at your own risk.


Seriously though, it’s a great place to spend an evening, and we’re sure you’ll love it. You can be forgiven for thinking that the Gold Coast is just one endless stretch of sand, but it is also a vibrant city. Let’s get back to the beach.



Mermaid Beach


Locals tend to gravitate toward the middle and southern end of the Gold Coast. These beaches are less crowded and have beautiful surroundings. While in Mermaid, check out Hedge’s Avenue, as it is known as Millionaire’s Row. You’ll find one of the most expensive and exclusive neighborhoods on the Gold Coast.


You can enjoy the beach in front of Hedge’s Avenue, even if you don’t have a fat bank account. There is plenty of streetside parking in Mermaid, making it easy to access the beach. You can wander along the beach and enjoy the feeling of the sand beneath your feet as it squeaks between your toes. When we head south from Mermaid Beach, we end up at Nobby’s Beach and Miami.




Nobby’s Beach


Heading south from Mermaid, we come to Nobby’s Beach. Nobby’s is a beautiful stretch of sand that is patrolled between 8 am and 5 pm year-round, thus making it safe for swimming. Nobby’s is one of the Gold Coast’s most popular beaches with locals.


If you require accessible access to the beach, then Nobby’s is your place. They’ve got wheelchair platforms and mats for beach wheelchairs. Holidaymakers love Nobby’s as it has a wide range of accommodation and a great family atmosphere.




Miami Beach


The next stop on our journey south is Miami Beach. It is popular with local families of all ages, and it’s only a short walk away from Broadbeach. The knob of Miami headland offers an invigorating climb up a steep set of stairs. It is a great cardio workout for fitness buffs. From here, you get astounding views, north to Surfers Paradise, south to Coolangatta, and the hinterland in the west.



Burleigh Heads


Heading further south, we come to Burleigh Heads. Ask any local where the magic occurs, and they’ll tell you, Burleigh. Burleigh is iconic with the Gold Coast’s surfing scene and is regarded by locals as the premier beach on the Coast. The southern end of the beach has a right-hand point break that is well-patrolled and well-protected from a southerly wind or swells. It is popular with the surfing crowd. If you polled 100 tourists, Burleigh was the next beach they would recall after Surfers Paradise.


If you like rubbing shoulders with the locals, then Burleigh Hill is the place for you to visit. It is a weekend pilgrimage for residents of this area to socialize in the sunshine. Once you’ve seen enough of Burleigh, head south to Tallebudgera Beach.



So far, we’ve looked at seven of the Gold Coast beaches. Which one is the most appealing to you so far?


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