Outdoor Activities on the Gold Coast to Try this Spring

Get ready to bask in the sunny vibes of spring on the Gold Coast! We’ve rounded up a bunch of outdoor activities this spring that’ll have you trading binge watching for some real-life adventure. This guide spills the beans on the coolest ways to make the most of the Gold Coast’s natural wonders this season. So, dust off your outdoor gear – springtime escapades await!


Explore a Local Organic Farm


Say goodbye to the mundane fruit and vegetable aisles of your local supermarket by paying a visit to any of these local farms. Your health and wallet will thank you for the premium-grade, chemical-free produce, along with the option to pick your own fresh greens. Freeman’s Organic Farm, for instance, not only offers the finest fruits and vegetables but hosts guided farm tours as well. On weekends, indulge in a variety of coffee, fresh produce, and long farm to table lunches.



Rev Up Your Bike Ride


Another item in our list of outdoor activities this spring on the Gold Coast is bike riding. Dust off your trusty bike and explore one of the Coast’s best cycling trails. Opt for the Main Beach to Spit route via the Federation Walk for a leisurely ride or challenge yourself with a 44-kilometer road climb to Mount Tamborine. For the more technically inclined, tackle around 60 kilometers of cross-country trails in Nerang National Park. Just remember to wear a helmet during magpie-swooping season.



Experience SUP Yoga


If you’re confident in your balancing skills, take it up a notch with stand-up paddleboard (SUP) yoga. Pure Aloha Yoga, operating on Tallebudgera Creek, provides all the necessary equipment and guidance on paddling and anchoring. Picture yourself flowing through yoga poses surrounded by water, a stunning sunrise, and the possibility of glimpsing dolphins – a captivating way to start your day.



Witness Whales Up Close


Late spring is the ideal time to witness humpback whales on their migration journey. Several whale-watching tours are available, with Spirit Whale Watching offering a whale guarantee. If they don’t allow you to go on a 2.5-hour whale watching excursion up close, you receive another complimentary ticket. Alternatively, take in a free performance from the prime locations for whale watching, including The Spit, Point Danger, and various headlands.



Learn to Surf


Living in the surfing mecca of Australia demands learning the art of wave riding. Whether through lessons or with the help of a friend, conquer beginner-friendly waves at spots like Currumbin Alley and Greenmount. Familiarize yourself with surfer’s etiquette to fully enjoy the experience.



Explore Art Galleries


The Gold Coast boasts several art galleries, from smaller ones to the expansive HOTA Gallery. Immerse yourself in the works of local and international artists, participate in creative workshops, and appreciate the connection between people, art, and place.



Embark on a Road Trip


With international travel limitations, plan a weekend adventure close to home. Rally your friends, load up the wagon, and hit the road. Explore the Tweed Coast or the Sunshine Coast when borders open. Spring is perfect for camping, so choose one of the best camping spots on and around the Gold Coast for a memorable experience.


Indulge in Insta-Worthy Cafes


On a beautiful spring day, relax on the outdoor patio of one of the Gold Coast’s most picturesque cafes. Save yourself the trouble of searching on Instagram and explore our curated list of the most beautiful cafes for a delightful breakfast or lunch experience.


Enjoy a Picnic Under a Jacaranda


Take advantage of the blooming Jacaranda trees during spring. Gather picnic essentials and explore the best markets for goodies. Also, bring your favorite tunes, and enjoy a picnic under the branches of a stunning Jacaranda tree.


Embracing Nature’s Canvas: A Spring Symphony on the Gold Coast


As spring unfolds its vibrant tapestry on the Gold Coast, these outdoor activities offer a captivating glimpse into the region’s natural splendor. From the lush landscapes of local organic farms to the exhilarating experiences of paddleboard yoga and whale watching, the Gold Coast transforms into a picturesque playground during this season. Embrace the beauty of spring and let these activities be your guide to savoring the Gold Coast’s breathtaking landscapes and invigorating spirit.


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