Galleries You Can’t Miss on the Gold Coast

Get ready to dive into a world of artistic marvels on the Gold Coast! If you’re an art enthusiast or simply looking for a fun and inspiring way to spend your days, the Gold Coast’s vibrant gallery scene promises an unforgettable experience. These galleries are a testament to the region’s rich cultural tapestry, from contemporary masterpieces to traditional treasures. So, let’s take on a creative adventure through the Gold Coast’s must-visit galleries, where fun and artistic inspiration collides.


Lyons Gallery Gold Coast


The Lyons Gallery Gold Coast has become one of the most renowned galleries in the region. You can find Lyons Gallery at QT Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise. Lyons Gallery proudly exhibits various contemporary artworks that span various styles and mediums. From striking paintings to captivating sculptures, visitors are treated to a visual feast that appeals to every artistic sensibility.


The gallery’s dedication to showcasing local and international artists has created a melting pot of creative expression. Visitors can experience the unique perspectives of Gold Coast artists alongside works from across the globe.


Each exhibit is carefully curated to immerse visitors in a world of creativity, allowing them to connect deeply with the artworks on display.


Lyons Gallery goes beyond the conventional gallery experience by hosting interactive events and workshops. These sessions offer visitors a chance to gain insights into the creative process and connect with artists personally.


Art enthusiasts and collectors alike will find a treasure trove at Lyons Gallery. With a selection of exclusive and limited-edition pieces, the gallery has something to offer to both seasoned collectors and those just starting their art journey.


The ambience of Lyons Gallery adds to the overall experience. The gallery’s design and layout create an atmosphere of sophistication and intrigue, enhancing the appreciation of the art on display.



19 Karen Contemporary Artspace


Discover 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace at Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast. This avant-garde gallery defies conventions by seamlessly blending various artistic genres under one roof. It’s a haven for diverse creativity, from contemporary paintings and sculptures to mixed-media installations.


19 Karen Contemporary Artspace is known for its commitment to nurturing emerging talents. The gallery gives a platform for artists to show their unique voices and push the boundaries of their chosen mediums.


Visiting the gallery is an immersive experience. The dynamic exhibitions are carefully curated to engage visitors on a sensory journey, inviting them to interact with the art and explore its depths.


The gallery’s reach extends beyond the Gold Coast, welcoming artists from across the globe. This amalgamation of local and international perspectives creates a tapestry of ideas and cultural exchange.


The gallery hosts insightful art talks and discussions for those seeking a deeper understanding of the exhibited works. These sessions provide a glimpse into the creative process and the stories behind the art.


Art collectors are in for a treat at 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace. The gallery offers a selection of limited edition artworks that allow enthusiasts to own a piece of contemporary brilliance.


The gallery’s calendar is dotted with innovative art events that go beyond the traditional. From interactive installations to live art demonstrations, these events blur the lines between artist and audience. Moreover, the gallery’s design is an architectural marvel in itself. The space is thoughtfully designed to complement and enhance the art it houses, creating an inviting and inspiring atmosphere.


Viewings are available by appointment on Sunday and Monday, while the gallery is open from 9 AM – 4 PM on Tuesday – Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, the hours are 10 am to 2 pm. For private viewings beyond business hours, contact 0407753958.

Wayne Sorensen Photo Gallery


The Wayne Sorensen Photo Gallery is a true gem for photography enthusiasts and nature lovers. It is located in Miami, Gold Coast and is open on weekdays for visits through appointments (kindly call 0417 762 138), while the gallery welcomes visitors on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm.


Wayne Sorensen’s photography celebrates the stunning landscapes and unique charm of the Gold Coast. Visitors can explore the region’s pristine beaches, lush hinterlands, and captivating cityscapes through his lens.


Sorensen’s captivating shots not only capture the essence of the Gold Coast but also resonate on a global scale. His ability to find beauty in both the familiar and the unfamiliar creates a universal connection.


In addition, visiting the Wayne Sorensen Photo Gallery is like going on a visual odyssey. The carefully curated collection takes visitors on a journey through the Gold Coast’s changing moods, from the tranquil sunrise to the vibrant sunset.



The gallery doesn’t just showcase photographs; it also fosters learning and engagement. Interactive workshops led by Wayne Sorensen himself offer a chance to delve into the art of photography and gain insights into his techniques.


The gallery offers limited edition prints of Sorensen’s iconic works for those seeking a tangible piece of Gold Coast’s beauty. Owning one of these prints allows you to bring a slice of the Gold Coast’s allure into your own space.


The ambience of the Wayne Sorensen Photo Gallery complements the art it houses. Moreover, the design exudes an inviting atmosphere, drawing visitors to immerse themselves in the visual stories captured by Sorensen’s lens.


Wayne Sorensen’s gallery is more than a collection of photographs; it’s a love letter to the Gold Coast. Through his art, he captures the spirit, diversity, and natural beauty that make the region truly exceptional.



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To sum it up, these exceptional galleries beautifully exemplify the Gold Coast’s vibrant artistic scene. From the contemporary brilliance of Lyons Gallery to the captivating lens of Wayne Sorensen Photo Gallery and the boundless creativity of 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace, each gallery offers a unique and enriching experience. With their diverse collections, engaging events, and unwavering commitment to fostering creativity, they remind us that art is a universal language that eliminates boundaries. So, venture forth, explore, and let the galleries of the Gold Coast inspire, provoke, and captivate your senses in ways only art can.


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