Can you swim with your dog at Paradise Point Gold Coast?

The Gold Coast has a network of enclosed swimming areas. It includes those in Paradise Point. Aside from that, these enclosed swimming areas are an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors even if you have little ones who obviously prefer calm natural swimming waters. Usually, they are in parks or other public areas. They offer a safe and fun environment for everyone to enjoy.
Can you swim with your dog at Paradise Point Gold Coast? Yes, you and your dog can swim at Paradise Point Gold Coast, particularly at Jabiru Island Swimming Enclosure, Paradise Point Beach, Paradise Point Parklands, and Doris Gibbs Park.


Swim with your dog at Paradise Point Gold Coast swimming areas near playgrounds, shopping facilities, and barbecues.


Paradise Point Swimming Enclosure


Paradise Point’s secure swimming area is a dog-friendly area close to the central shopping area at Paradise Point. It is located near the corner of Falkinder Avenue and the Esplanade.


The netted enclosure was built on the north side of the bridge. They provide a safe place for swimming and are popular with locals and tourists alike.



Jabiru Island Swimming Enclosure


Jabiru Island is another place where you can swim with your dog at Paradise Point Gold Coast. It has a swimming enclosure between Paradise Point and Hope Island, along Oxley Drive. The swimming enclosure is accessible from the car park and relatively close to the island’s southern side public boat ramp. At the park, there are barbecue facilities near the enclosure.



Paradise Point Beach


Swim with your dog at Paradise Point Gold Coast together with your family or friends. It’s an excellent place to relax and has many open areas close to the beach. Aside from that, your furry friend can also go with you as Paradise Point Beach has a dog section where they can swim.



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Paradise Point Parklands


Another lovely dog beach Paradise Point has to spend the day and swim with children, and dogs are the 24 hours dog-friendly beach, Paradise Point Parklands. There’s no need to go far for what you need – it’s all close by. The swim area at Paradise Point Parklands is secured and not very deep. It makes it ideal for swimming and enjoying the water. Additionally, the park has a lot to offer kids.


It also has barbecue areas, a walking track, toilets, a shaded area, and a volleyball net. A fishing spot is also nearby if you want to catch some games. Once you’re done enjoying the place, top-quality restaurants are closed for takeaway or dine-in.



Doris Gibbs Park


Doris Gibbs Park is situated on the North Western side of Paradise Point, adjacent to the Coomera River. The park features picnic and barbecue facilities, a playground, and open green spaces. Visitors can enjoy stunning river views, while children can play safely in the designated play area. To top it all, your dogs can swim in this place or let them exercise and play off-leash.



A Few Reminders Before Swimming At Paradise Point Swimming Enclosures


When taking a dip in these swimming enclosures, authorities remind locals and tourists of the following:

  • Supervise kids at all times
  • When entering, be careful as depth will vary with the tide
  • Keep out of the floating frame and underwater safety net area
  • Don’t dive or run off the floating pontoons
  • There may be marine creatures in the enclosure
  • Don’t swim by yourself
  • Don’t attempt to swim to the outer edges of the enclosure

Choose Where To Swim At Paradise Point Today!


There are many safe areas to swim at Paradise Point, Gold Coast. Some of these areas also let your kids and dogs enjoy the water.


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