Can You Swim With Your Dog on the Gold Coast?


There’s no reason to stay dry on the Gold Coast. There are plenty of great places to swim with your dog along with your family and friends. Dog-friendly swimming on the beaches, pools, or under waterfalls are all options for all levels of swimmers. To give you more ideas, check out the list below:


Can you swim with your dog on the Gold Coast? Yes, you can swim with your dog on the Gold Coast dog-friendly beaches such as Main Beach, Broadbeach, Surfers Paradise, and Rainbow Bay Beach. Swimming holes like Cedar Creek Falls, Tallebudgera Dog Beach, Currumbin beach and Musgrave Park Southport.


Dogs on Gold Coast Beaches


Are dogs allowed on the Gold Coast beaches? There are many beautiful beaches where you can swim with your dog on the Gold Coast. However, not all beaches allow dogs to swim. Here are some of the best beaches on the Gold Coast you should visit first and learn whether your mutt can also tag along:


Swim With Your Dog on the Gold Coast Main Beach


This surf beach, the northernmost sand spit on the GC, is patrolled. But because of the rips and occasionally treacherous surf, it is best reserved for tougher swimmers or anyone who is only interested in dipping their toes in the water.


Despite this, Main Beach tends to be a quiet place if all you wish to do is spend some alone time with a good book. The reason is because of its open shore break, which attracts a lot of surfers.


Located at Main Beach, the spit dog beach is the place where you can swim with your dog on the Gold Coast. You can unleash your pets, but do keep an eye on them, so as not to spoil other people’s day at the beach with their pets.


The dog-friendly beach that extends up to The Spit begins at Muriel Henchman Park in Main Beach, which also gives access to the Broadwater. This small treasure is sure to get the tails wagging and a fun game of fetch. Getting away from the surfer’s paradise crowds and enjoying the view over the sea makes for a great relaxing day. It is a less busy place for both your and your dog to stretch your legs and swim together.





If you’re searching for a clean, quiet beach where you can relax and enjoy the peacefulness of nature, Broadie is the perfect spot. With its gentle waves and tranquil atmosphere, it’s no wonder this beach is such a popular spot for swimming, sunbathing, and simply taking in stunning views.


You can also swim with your dog at Kurrawa Beach and Broadbeach Beach, as these are dog-friendly beaches at Broadbeach, QLD. However, these beaches only permit dogs if they are on a leash. Also, note that dogs are not allowed within 200 meters of the flags’ area.


Surfers Paradise


There’s no doubt that Surfers Paradise is the most iconic beach in the region. Surfers boast excellent proximity to all the local attractions. Whether your vice is gambling, shopping, or ice cream, you’ll be able to find it near Surfers. This beach is a great place to spend a day if you’re looking for some fun in the sun.


The Northcliffe Beach which is just south of Surfers Paradise allows dogs to swim. So, make the most out of a day in the sun with your mutt.


Rainbow Bay Beach


Situated at the southernmost point of Queensland, this famous beach is a perfect spot for families and surfers to enjoy a swim. With its white sands, crystal clear waters, and tropical greenery surroundings, it’s no wonder why this beach is so famous!


Rainbow Bay Beach, also known as Greenmount, has not much in the way of waves due to its protected location, making it a secure place to take your family.


From Rainbow Beach to Inskip, dogs must be kept on a leash when on the beach. As a recreational area rather than a national park, Inskip Peninsula requires a ticket to camp, but dogs on leash are welcome.


Dog-Friendly Gold Coast Swimming Lagoons And Secret Swimming Holes


Cedar Creek Falls, Tamborine


You can swim with your dog at the multiple dog-friendly swimming pools you can find at Cedar Creek Falls in the town of Tamborine, QLD. These magnificent falls are situated in the lovely Tamborine region. In the park, visitors can hike and have picnics while their dogs are allowed to run free.


It’s a wonderful location to go to unwind and have a cool beverage. Dogs are not permitted in any place designated as a national park. Make sure to note this.


Tallebudgera Off Leash Agility Dog Island


Other pet-friendly swimming holes on the Gold Coast that allow dogs to swim include Tallebudgera Off Leash Agility Dog Island. It is a location that is inland from Palm Beach and reached through Casuarina Drive.


Eleanora’s island is structured like an agility park. The Eddie Kornhauser Recreational Reserve, where it is situated, permits dogs to run free throughout the entire island reserve. Numerous grassy regions, minuscule sandy beaches, and wet areas are available for exploration. There is equipment on the island for agility activities.


Swift Park, Nerang River


Your dog will have nearly a kilometre in pure bliss to run wild at Swift Park! This dog park also includes swimming areas where dogs can swim!


Under a bridge close to the neighbourhood high school, your dog can explore the Nerang River and an agility park. There are BBQ facilities and a playground for kids that is enclosed.


Musgrave Park, Southport


Musgrave Park is another dog-friendly swimming area on the Gold Coast. Large fields, murky ponds, and agility tracks for your dog are available in this area. The most majestic of environments, appropriate for the most regal of pets. Please be aware that your dog is not permitted to roam in certain locations, so be cautious! Find more dog-friendly swimming holes on the Gold Coast near you in this post.


Swim With Your Dog on the Gold Coast Today!


Try visiting these areas one by one and share with us which one is your favourite. Have a good time on the Gold Coast!


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