Why is Surfing on the Gold Coast Better in Winter?

When summer draws to a close and the days get cooler, it’s time to hang up your thongs and bring out your ugg boots, wetsuit, and surfboard. Even though it’s getting colder outside, the swell is getting warmer for those who know that surfing in Australia’s winter is the best thing.


Why is surfing on the Gold Coast better in winter? Surfing is better in winter on the Gold Coast because of its lovely weather, reliable winter waves, good winds, and pleasant water temperature; providing you’re wearing a wetsuit.


Many associate winters with cold and grey. But there’s more about winter on the Gold Coast that surfers love. Learn some of the reasons why the surf is better in winter on the Goldie.


Winter Is the Best Time to Have Good Winds on the Goldie


During winter, days at The Spit typically have lots of light offshore winds. These winds are perfect for surfing because they have light and consistent speeds that allow for a more controlled surf experience.


Offshore winds are known for removing the ocean surface chop and creating more well-defined faces on waves. No matter your level of surfing, this will make it simpler to paddle and launch yourself onto the wave.



Surfing on the Gold Coast is Better in Winter Because Of the Amazing Surf Conditions


Summer swell is less consistent than winter waves. Since there are fewer northerly winds, the swell is cleaner and smoother than in the summer. It makes it much easier to catch a break and ride a wave all the way to the beach.


Additionally, the water is incredibly clear, which makes sitting on your board and admiring the underwater world fascinating.


The east coastal area of Australia is home to several whales that migrate from April through November. You may have enough luck to see these incredible creatures up close and personal when they come to the shoreline for food, or even better – you might even get a chance to share the water with one!


Sunny Days And Pleasant Water Temperature


Winter on the Gold Coast is famous for its sunny and dry days. The skies are beautiful and clear on most days, making the surf better in winter on the Gold Coast. The water doesn’t get too cold on the Gold Coast during the winter. The average winter temperature ranges from 12.5 to 21.5°C.


On the other hand, winter is slightly cooler in the Hinterland, reaching as low as 16°C. Cool nights are typical, along with clear skies and dry air. Wetsuits can make you feel more comfortable if you’re surfing and feel a little cold.



Surfing on the Gold Coast Better in Winter To Avoid the Crowds


You can surf better in winter on the Gold Coast if you want to avoid crowds. Much of the world associates winter with cold and dark days, but that’s not necessarily the case. It is because many areas of the world experience sunny days and mild temperatures, like the Gold Coast.


For this reason, fewer people are interested in learning to surf or going surfing. Use this to your advantage. There are fewer people in the water, which means more waves for you. It’s as simple as that!


After Surfing, You Can Warm Up!


Nothing compares to enjoying a hot cup of coffee after a morning of winter surfing. Having a filling meal at a nearby SLSC can also warm up your day, even in a chilly winter on the Gold Coast.


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