Should You Wear Wetsuits in the Winter on the Gold Coast AU?


During the winter months, the water temperature can drop significantly, making it uncomfortable to stay in the water for extended periods. Moreover, wearing wetsuits isn’t uncommon for surfers during winter on the Gold Coast.


Should you wear wetsuits in the winter on the Gold Coast AU? Yes, when the water temperature is below 17°C. Surfers in the Gold Coast AU usually wear spring suits, either with short legs and long arms, short legs and arms, or short sleeves and long legs.


Wearing Wetsuits on The Gold Coast


When winter comes, surfers usually wear spring suits wetsuits in the winter on the Gold Coast AU. A spring suit is a type of wetsuit that either has long arms and short legs, a wetsuit with long legs and short sleeves, or both arms and legs are short. When choosing wetsuits in the winter on the Gold Coast, pick a 2mm or 3/2mm shortie to save space on your luggage, and it can still surf comfortably in the Gold Coast’s winter waves.



Why Surf With Wetsuits in the Winter on the Gold Coast AU?


If you’re wondering what water temperature do you need a wetsuit, it’s when the water drops below 17°C. While the Gold Coast enjoys a temperate climate year-round, surfing on a wetsuit is still best when the temperature of the water drops below 17°C. Below are more reasons to surf with a wetsuit during winter:


  • Wetsuits stay on even if you fall off your board
  • Wetsuits keep you warm in cold water
  • It can help you float
  • Wetsuits are flexible
  • When the waves hit you, it absorbs some of the impacts
  • Wetsuits look great on a variety of body types
  • Wetsuits are available in a different styles to provide varying levels of coverage


Getting Into Your Wetsuit


Check that your wetsuit isn’t inside out or backwards! When putting it on, look for the kneepads and place your knees in that location.


If it is a chest Zipper, it goes to the chest. If it is a back zip, the zip goes on the back. Chest zippers run horizontally across the chest. Back zippers run vertically down the back. Using a grocery bag on your foot will make it easier to get into a wetsuit.


Before working on the upper body, keep in mind to stretch your legs fully. You’re missing out on the perfect fit if you leave any areas bunched up. On top of the booties, you place the ankle portion of your wetsuit. The sleeve is worn over the gloves or mittens.


You can simply roll the sleeve down onto the top of the gloves if you roll it up before actually putting on your gloves or mittens.


To get the second mitten on, it is best to ask for the help of a friend or have a surf buddy. It must be hard to be a lobster.


Tips Before You Shop For Wetsuits in the Winter on the Gold Coast


Don’t forget to get a wetsuit before you go surfing on the Gold Coast. Here is some advice you should be aware of before purchasing one:


Take note of the stitching. Choose blindstitching/seam taping/fluid seal wetsuits for winter surfing and warm water; buy flat stitch/overlock/flatlock stitched wetsuits.


Be sure to consider the thickness. The thickness of the wetsuit material varies. For cooler water, thicker suits are better. Also, buying a wetsuit is different from shopping for regular clothes.


It should feel snug initially but not too big for your stomach. You should ask people at the store for help with your body measurement.


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