Where Is the Best Surf for Beginners on the Gold Coast?

Learning how to surf is like an initiation rite and an exciting adventure on the Gold Coast. It is because the coastal city is blessed with nearly year-round sunshine and has the ocean close by. Plenty of world-class surfing locations also host many different waves depending on the tide and wind conditions.


Where is the best surf for beginners on the Gold Coast? From north to south, these are Burleigh Heads, Currumbin Beach, Southport, Rainbow Bay, and the nearby Duranbah Beach at North Tweed.


Here is my compilation of the best surf for beginners on the Gold Coast. I also included other best surf spots Gold Coast has where you can catch the best waves.


Catch The Best Surf for Beginners on the Gold Coast Burleigh Point


Burleigh Point is an excellent beginner surf beach Gold Coast offers. The waves that break the headland at Burleigh Heads are among the best surf on Gold Coast. When they’re on, it’s pretty crowded with everyone from beginners to groms.  There are also many photographers perched on high vantage points taking photos.

If you’re starting to learn surfing, you can paddle out but be careful not to go too far out, and perhaps you’d better stay in closer until you’re more experienced. The more seasoned surfers jump in from the rock formations to the north of Burleigh.



South Stradbroke Island


Because South Straddie is both an A-frame, which is a wave that breaks to the right and left, and a swell magnet, two of the best features a wave can have, some people claim it to be the best surf in Gold Coast. A-Frames are great because it effectively doubles the number of riders that can take a wave; one goes left and the other goes right.


Getting to Straddie as it is known takes a little while because you have to travel by boat. But once you do, you’ll have a reward of a tranquil little corner of paradise with miles of beach and no buildings in sight. Gorgeous.



Rainbow Bay / Snapper Rocks


Among the most popular beaches on the Goldie, Rainbow Bay offers visitors a perfect mix of plenty of activities like surfing and beautiful natural scenery. The bay’s wave wraps around Greenmount and provides visitors with an excellent opportunity to enjoy all both beaches offer.


The waves at Snapper Rocks, a well-known surfing location on the northern side of the bay, break off the point. So, they are frequently bigger and more difficult.


Those who know what they’re doing ride it often. Of course, you should go on your journey, but if you’re new to surfing, keep an eye out for more experienced surfers.



Best Surf In Gold Coast At Currumbin Alley


Aside from being a picturesque place on the Gold Coast, Currumbin Alley is where the creek meets the sea. Additionally, it is the ideal little surf spot for longboarders and newbies.


The waves are pretty mellow, and many people are often near the shoreline trying to catch a wave. Currumbin Alley is a breathtaking place and a good place to begin if you’re eager to try surfing but are still apprehensive about it.




Duranbah Beach


Another place known for its best surf is Duranbah Beach. Unlike what most people thought, this beach is not a part of the Gold Coast but a beach on North Tweed, New South Wales. But since it’s close to Snapper Rocks and Point Danger, I can’t resist including it in the list.


Both right and left-hand waves can be found in D-bah, as it is affectionately known to locals. But the right-hand waves typically suit surfers with some experience.



So, Where Is Your First Surfing Destination on the Gold Coast?


There are many places with great surf on Gold Coast, which one is your pick? Is it South Stradbroke Island, Currumbin Alley, Rainbow Bay, Burleigh Point, or the nearby Duranbah Beach?


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