Is Main Beach Good for Surfing for Beginners?

Southport’s Main Beach is a popular surf spot due to its consistent surf and beautiful scenery. With numerous surf spots, some of which are very popular, you’ll find that Southport Main Beach is a good spot for surfing.


Is Main Beach good for surfing for beginners? Yes, Main Beach is a good place for beginners to learn surfing. The left and right-hand waves at the beach break offer a variety of good surf for any type of surfer, anytime during the tide cycle.


When Is the Best Time to Surf at Main Beach?


Southport Main Beach has continuous clean waves during winter and, more often than not, the month of June. It is the finest time of year for surfing on the beach due to its mild/offshore winds and rideable swell.


In June, 55% of the time, clean surfable waves are blown away, while they are commonly 34% of the time. Most surfers think it’s too tiny for the remaining 11% of the time. But at times, it may be OK for novices and groms. So, if you want to know, “Is Main Beach good for surfing for beginners?” The answer is yes.


Clean Waves at 34%


In the most common cross-offshore, offshore, or mild wind conditions, surfable waves stay up nicely for extended rides.


Blown Out Waves at 55%


Waves that are surfable but of lower quality because of the current cross-onshore, onshore, or windy circumstances. It might be ideal for kitesurfing.


Too Small Waves at 11%


They are typically seen as being too small for decent surfing. Yet, under the right circumstances, certain wave-magnet breaks could still work sometimes.



The most favorable wind direction for Main Beach, QLD originates from the west. Local wind swells are almost as likely as distant groundswells to produce waves, and the optimum swell direction is from the east southeast.


When the surf is high, the water can become fairly crowded. Risks include rips and undertow. The beach is also shark protected, so make sure to stay in safe areas. Wondering, “Is Main Beach patrolled?” Yes, it is.


Come and Explore the Possibilities of Surfing at the Main Beach Gold Coast!


While at Main Beach, visit The Spit, an excellent surf location that offers tremendous waves for surf enthusiasts. Rise with the dawn for an early morning paddle there.



Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Does Main Beach have waves? Yes, Main Beach has waves that are best for all types of surfers. When the waves are small, beginner surfers learn to surf on Main Beach.
  2. Can you surf at Main Beach Gold Coast? Yes, you can, as good waves are accessible at Main Beach. This Gold Coast suburb has scattered sand banks, allowing it to pick up more swells than the southern beaches.


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