When Should You Not Go Surfing?


I know how addicting it is to surf and ride the waves, especially during the swell season. Like me, those who love the ocean will probably go to the beach whenever they get the chance. But for your safety, you should know when you should not go surfing. Let me tell you some of the instances when you should skip surfing.


When should you not go surfing? Do not surf after it rains, when you’re physically unfit, you get a new tattoo, and after eating. Being in these situations is not the best time to ride waves.


You Shouldn’t Surf After It Rains


Health experts say 72 hours should pass before you surf or swim in the sea after a rain to avoid exposing yourself to infections and diseases. The ocean instantly becomes a paradise for E. coli (Escherichia coli), protozoa, amoeba, and other pathogens a few hours after raining. So, should you go to the beach after it rains? No. Skip at least three days.


You Shouldn’t Surf When You Are Physically Unfit


Surfing is a great exercise that is extremely physically demanding. You shouldn’t go surfing if you aren’t physically and mentally fit, just as you wouldn’t hike up a hill if you weren’t fully ready.


This sport requires constant effort, from moving around the sea to finding the best position to get past the surf break and into the back. Further, paddling onto a wave and standing up requires significant energy release.


It’s risky to find yourself behind the waves or in the middle of an incoming set when you’re running low on energy. You’ll be at the mercy of the ocean because your arms have no more strength, and you are having trouble breathing.


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Don’t Surf When You Have a New Tattoo


As with open wounds, you should never go surfing with a new tattoo. The possibility of infection is too high. Not to mention, salt water can cause the tattoo to become irritated and inflamed. So, waiting until your tattoo has fully healed before hitting the waves is best.


When you get inked, the tattoo artist essentially makes thousands of tiny holes in your skin. This process is very similar to when you have an open cut, as both cases result in minor wounds. Of course, the holes are much smaller with a tattoo, and they eventually heal over time.


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Don’t Surf Directly After Eating


There’s a high chance that you were told not to go swimming directly after eating when you were growing up. It is because swimming on a full stomach can lead to cramps, which can be extremely painful and potentially dangerous. The same is true when surfing.


Generally, it is recommended to wait until 3 hours have passed after eating a large meal before engaging in intense physical activity. It is best to let 40 minutes pass before exercising for light snacks. It allows your body time to properly digest the food you have consumed and prevents any discomfort or cramping that could occur during exercise.


There’s Always Another Day To Surf


Although surfing is a beautiful experience, you should never ignore the fact that it is an extreme sport requiring a high level of physical effort. So, consider when you should not go surfing to avoid unfortunate events.


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