Get Inked in Style: The Gold Coast’s Top Tattoo Parlours

Welcome to the Gold Coast, where art and body intertwine in a stunning display of creativity. In this vibrant city, tattoo enthusiasts are spoilt for choice with an array of exceptional tattoo parlours. From traditional designs to contemporary masterpieces, we delve into the Gold Coast’s top tattoo studios that cater to every ink lover’s desires. Prepare to be inspired as we uncover a world where craftsmanship and style collide, making your tattoo experience truly unforgettable.


Inkspired Tattoo & Beauty


Located in Coolangatta, Inkspired Tattoo & Beauty offers many tattoo styles, including neo-traditional, black and grey, and mandala designs. Their talented artists provide high-quality and affordable tattoos, creating a satisfying experience for their customers.




SkinFX, founded by Paul Braniff, a local pioneer, opened the Goldie’s first-ever tattoo studio in 1985. Today, his sons Luke and Ben carry on the legacy. Moreover, and SkinFX is a flagship studio with a rich history.


Phresh Ink


Phresh Ink is founded in 2013 by Josh Kuhne. Driven by the culture of family, this tattoo parlour on the Gold Coast emphasizes excellent customer service and top-notch yet affordable tattoos. Moreover, their state-of-the-art studio offers expertise in all types of tattooing, including colour, realism, and dot work, among others.


383 Tattoo Studio


In addition to our list is the favoured among the best tattooists on the Gold Coast, 383 Tattoo Studio specializes in custom creations. They cater to various styles, such as Japanese, realism, colour portraits, Chicano, black and grey portraits, realistic cars, and colour explosions.


Loco Tattoo


With a team of award-winning artists, Loco Tattoo is cherished by Gold Coast ink enthusiasts. They excel in various styles, from grey-wash realistic portraits to full-colour neo-traditional pieces.


Good Vibrationz Tatatau


Known for intricate mehndi work and cultural designs, Good Vibrationz Tatatau is the first Polynesian-owned and operated tattoo studio on the Gold Coast. They specialize in traditional Maori pieces and offer exceptional custom work.


Borderline Tattoo


Owned by apprentice Tim Ebbels, who acquired it from Paul Braniff, Borderline Tattoo is an esteemed institution in Burleigh Heads. The studio boasts a team of talented artists who provide safe and skilled tattoo services.


Blackmarket Collective


Combining tattooing with a barber shop and men’s clothing store, Blackmarket Collective’s inventive team of artists leaves a creative mark on your skin and their signature in-house label. Moreover, it’s a one-stop shop for ink, haircuts, and stylish apparel.



Celebrity Ink


Setting itself apart from other studios, Celebrity Ink offers tattoos, piercings, and cosmetic tattooing. Their team excels in customer service and boasts diverse tattooing skills.


Alfred Street Tattoo


Alfred Street Tattoo stands out for its quirky and unique designs. Their team of talented young artists each possesses their own distinct style, attracting tattoo enthusiasts from around the world.


Storm The Gates


With a relaxed atmosphere, Storm The Gates proudly claims to be the Gold Coast’s ‘only real local studio.’ The passionate artists here create flawless tattoo work, ranging from large detailed sleeves to delicate pieces.


Surf N Ink Tattoo


As a family-owned tattoo studio, Surf N Ink Tattoo believes in expressing oneself with open, bright studios, top-notch customer service, and a relaxed atmosphere. Moreover, they prioritize sustainability, using vegan inks and biodegradable consumables.


Serpents Ink


For whimsical tattoos, Serpents Ink is the go-to place. With a national award-winning fine-line tattooist and a team of skilled artists, they provide unique and colourful designs.


Step Into The Artistic Haven Of The Gold Coast!


Unveil the finest tattoo parlours on the Gold Coast, showing a cadre of talented artists eager to make your visions come true. From traditional elegance to cutting-edge innovation, these studios offer an array of styles to satiate any ink enthusiast’s desires. With many gifted tattoo artists gracing the Gold Coast, it’s no wonder our bodies have transformed into living canvases of self-expression and art. So, whether you’re an experienced ink lovers or a curious newcomer, embrace the magic of body art and embark on a journey to etch your tale into existence. Unleash your spirit and embrace the allure of self-expression – get inked in style on the Gold Coast today!

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