What Are the Best Fresh Produce Markets on the Gold Coast?

Do you consider yourself somewhat of a foodie with a taste for fresh ingredients? If you do, then you’ve arrived at the right place. With farmers, producers, culinary experts, and providores dishing up exquisite delights, the Gold Coast is now recognized as a gastronomic destination. So I’ll be serving you a list of fresh produce markets on the Gold Coast where you can get the tastiest local seafood, freshly picked organic fruit and vegetables, or gourmet products for your grazing platter.


What are the best fresh produce markets on the Gold Coast? Organic Gold Coast Farmers Market, HOTA Farmers & Artisan Markets, Helensvale Farmers Market are the best Gold Coast Farmers Markets. You can also buy fresh produce at Harris Farm, Freeman’s Organic Farm, Miami Fish Market, and Tropical Fruit World.


Gold Coast Farmers Markets


The routine of the weekly Gold Coast farmers market haul is one thing that the Gold Coast culinary scene has embraced. If you’re wondering what markets are on this weekend on the Gold Coast, I’ll give you a list below. Every weekend, there are small-scale and large-scale markets all over the Coast. You can explore these places, taste, sample, admire, and purchase everything. Starting from fresh fruit to specialty coffee, baked goods, fresh flowers, artisan bread, homewares, and whole foods.


Organic Gold Coast Farmers Market


Every Sunday, from 6 am to 11:30 am, Organic Gold Coast Farmers Market begins selling at Merrimac State High School. It deals only naturally grown, pesticide- and chemical-free fruit. You’ll discover a variety of community vendors selling some of the finest organic products in town.


The market hosts booths that promote natural health methods. It also sells organic products and advocates environmental awareness over the entire month. Enjoy tea in the shade this summer and soak in the soothing atmosphere.



HOTA Farmers & Artisan Markets


Your cupboard will be stocked with various fresh fruits, artisan cheeses, vegetables, honey, and spreads thanks to the HOTA Farmers Markets & Artisan Markets. After finishing your weekly shopping, get a sweet treat from one of the numerous food vendors. Then, find a lakeside seat to savour while listening to live local music. Hota Markets Gold Coast is located at 135 Bundall Road, Bundall and opens on Sunday from 6 am to 11:30 am.



Helensvale Farmers Market


You can spend a morning at the markets without travelling to the south! Locals from Helensvale show up at the nearby farmer’s markets every Saturday to stock up on fresh local food for the coming week. Seasonal fruits and vegetables, freshly baked bread and snacks, homemade pies and chutneys are all available. Helensvale Farmers Market is also among the markets on the Gold Coast 2022, where you can get the best soy candles and natural soaps.





Try the Burleigh Farmers Market or the Palm Beach Farmers Market every Saturday from 7 am to 11: 30 am and 6 am, respectively, if you’re on the southern end of the Coast. There are further choices on the northern end, with the famed Marina Mirage Farmers Market trading every Saturday from 6.30 am. Also, visit the Currumbin Community Markets, which open every Thursday at 7 am, for a midweek treat or to restock your refrigerator.


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Tropical Fruit World


Why not travel south to Tropical Fruit World to discover the best fresh food markets on the Gold Coast with a twist now that vehicle trips across the border are once again an option? With farm animal encounters, tractor rides, and fruit tastings available, this thriving farm and orchard, spread across acres of the lush hinterland, is sure to be a family favourite. But note that you have to pay a fee. Check out this page for their updated tour fees https://www.tropicalfruitworld.com.au/farm-tour/.


Grab a box of fresh fruit and vegetables from the farm at the Plantation Market. It opens daily at 10 am, or go on a Saturday to take advantage of the new, bigger market day. Saturdays, it also features seafood, pet supplies, and boutique spirits. A cute cafe, local honey, sweets, and household goods are all available inside.



Miami Fish Market


Miami Fish Market, the Gold Coast’s newest boutique fishmonger, is the town’s best spot for fresh seafood. It is among the best fresh markets on Gold Coast, with an incredible display of ethically sourced treats straight from the sea. The Gold Coast’s well-known family of foodies, Paul Gloftis, has developed a gourmet establishment. This place resembles a modern restaurant more than a seafood takeout joint.


This fish market is open every day. So, pull up a stool and bite into freshly shucked Pacifics splashed with their distinctive vinaigrette and finely cut sashimi from the oyster and sashimi bar. You may also peruse the cabinets loaded with local delicacies and daily specials. Or, pick up a few gourmet goodies to enhance your seafood buffet.



Freeman’s Organic Farm


Freeman’s Organic Farm is a legendary organic farmers market serving Currumbin Valley residents since 1915. It was the year when banana farmer Arthur Freeman established this vast plantation that quickly turned into Australia’s biggest commercial banana farm. Most likely, not many locals haven’t visited this hinterland gem.


Today, customers from all over come to this cherished family business to sample and buy seasonal organic vegetables straight from the farms. Fill your basket with award-winning bananas, paw-paw, avocados, custard apples, and much more. You can also enjoy freshly brewed organic coffee while taking in the views of the hinterland. Or, talk to Farmer David about what’s in season. This place is among the best produce markets on the Gold Coast, located at Currumbin Valley.




Harris Farm


Consider stopping by the newly opened Harris Farm, located at Isle of Capri’s Via Roma, the next time you need to go grocery shopping; you and your shopping list will be blown away. This gourmet supermarket with a bakery, butcher, and florist is transforming the way locals stuff their refrigerators. Even their pantries, and homes in a way they’ve never seen before. Fill your shopping cart from the Bread Social team with freshly baked pastries, farm-fresh fruit, seasonal blossoms, cold-pressed juices, antipasti, and crusty sourdough.


There is an impressive selection of gourmet, ready-to-cook, and ready-to-eat meals. Especially, for those looking for a quick family supper or a lunch on the go.


Think homemade soups and cooking pizzas made entirely of repurposed goods. As well as sauces, salads, curries, and sashimi. You can even bottle your take-home batch of milk at the milk station. This market is open daily from 6 am to 10 pm.



Start Your Haul At These Markets on the Gold Coast Today!


I hope you’ve gotten some great fresh ingredients from these Gold Coast markets. Note your calendars and free up your schedule to make your way to these fresh produce markets this weekend!


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