Local Farms to Drop By on or Around the Gold Coast

With the warm sun casting a gentle glow on the landscape, local Gold Coast farms are gearing up to invite visitors for an unforgettable experience. Amidst the inviting ambience and the promise of freshly harvested delights, the call to explore these rural treasures is stronger than ever. Embrace the opportunity to connect with our local community, indulge in the simplicity of farm life, and relish the bountiful offerings that await you on this unique journey through Gold Coast farms.


Farm & Co. (Cudgen)


Farm & Co. in Cudgen is not just a picturesque spot for sunflower field photos. In fact, it’s a vibrant hub to immerse yourself in wandering through natural grounds and open spaces.


From picking your new yellow companion to enjoying a barista-made coffee, the farm offers a delightful experience. Take the chance to explore their cozy shop stocked with fresh produce and mingle with some of the friendliest farmers.


Open from Wednesday to Sunday, this 30-year-old avocado farm has evolved into a haven for both Kingscliff locals and visitors seeking fresh, chemical-free produce daily.


The tickets for farm walks are available for purchase online at a price of $6 each. Alternatively, if you choose to buy the tickets at the venue on the day of the event, the price will be $7 each.



Freeman’s Organic Farm (Currumbin Valley) 


Freeman’s Organic Farm in Currumbin Valley is established in 1915. This local farm is a testament to over a century of continuous dedication to cultivating quality fruit and vegetables. Perched on Tomewin Mountain, the farm invites you to purchase their fresh produce. Also, indulge in organic eats at their cafe, operating Friday to Monday. With panoramic views of Currumbin Valley, Freeman’s Organic Farm offers a unique experience with non-traditional toasties, farmer bowls, and live music on Sundays.



Currumbin Valley Harvest


Venturing into Currumbin Valley Harvest is a journey beyond the rock pools. It leads to a farm driven by a genuine passion for sustainability. This laid-back oasis allows guests to wander through their harvest at leisure.


Moreover, the Shed Cafe complements the experience with baked delights, fresh teas, coffee, and 100% fruit juices. It is also open to the public from Friday to Sunday. Currumbin Valley Harvest provides an array of high-quality fruits, veggies, herbs, and local goods. After filling your netted bag, take a short drive to Cougal Cascades for a rock hopping and waterfall swimming afternoon.



The Farm Byron Bay (Ewingsdale)


A short half-hour drive south of the border is The Farm Byron Bay in Ewingsdale. It is a comprehensive haven for farm enthusiasts. Boasting fresh produce, livestock, a top-notch cafe, and hands-on workshops, The Farm offers a true farm-to-table experience. The community spirit is palpable, with the Produce Store providing fresh, sustainable, and local produce. Whether you stock up for a beachside picnic or dine at the restaurant, open seven days a week, The Farm Byron Bay invites you to savour the best of farm life.



Tropical Fruit World (Duranbah)


Tropical Fruit World was established 1972 as a small crop farm and cattle grazing land. Transformed into a tropical fruit paradise by the Brinsmead family, the farm offers sustainable farming practices and diverse fruits. Beyond the delicious lychees, mangoes, pineapples, and papayas, Tropical Fruit World boasts boat and train rides. In addition, it has an animal farmyard, and even plantation safaris. This NSW gem is open seven days a week and welcomes visitors to taste their way around the farm and indulge in various activities.




Harvest the Best Memories in these Local Farms on and Around the Gold Coast


In conclusion, exploring the local farms in and around the Gold Coast unveils a tapestry of agricultural delights. Starting from sunflower fields to organic havens, each offering a unique farm-to-table experience. Whether you seek the vibrant charm of Farm & Co. in Cudgen, the century-old legacy at Freeman’s Organic Farm, the sustainable haven of Currumbin Valley Harvest, the tropical paradise of Tropical Fruit World, or the comprehensive joy of The Farm Byron Bay. These destinations promise not just fresh produce but a harvest of memories waiting to be plucked.


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