Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast

Spend a splashtacular family day at Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast, where the fun and the summer season never end. Enjoy a top-notch selection of pools and slides for kids and adults. The water park, Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast, is owned and run by Village Roadshow Theme Parks and is located in Oxenford, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. It is among the seven water parks worldwide that operate under the Wet’n’Wild brand.


Discover Australia’s tallest water park slide tower, which features brand-new, epic heart-racing slides. The brand-new H2Oasis splash zone is the ideal place to unwind and cool off with the family. Learn more about Wet’n’Wild water park in this post.


Wet’n’Wild Rides & Attractions


Wet’n’Wild has various rides and attractions that will definitely race your hearts. Both kids and adults will have a day of fun in this water wark. It is especially once they conquer the new epic slides, including the Super Ripper, KABOOM!, and Double Barrel.


Also, try the new H2Oasis that features an 870m2 tropical splash zone. If you’re searching for something a little more daring, try the insane Kamikaze and the terrifying Tornado. In addition, Wet’n’Wild has a sizable area filled with excitingly designed slides for little adventurers. Remember the famous Giant Wave Pool, too! Wet’n’Wild offers fun for the whole family and is the ideal place to chill on a scorching summer day.




Look forward to Kamikaze when visiting Wet’n’Wild. It is a first-of-its-kind wet and dry attraction in the Southern Hemisphere. Kamikaze is made up of two U-shaped half-pipe slides that have been wet through one water channel to lessen friction. People ride by twos, launched down a steep slope with inward-facing tubes before going back up the other side, just like a boomerang, until they lose speed and momentum.




Blackhole is another attraction you should notice when you visit Wet’n’Wild. The Blackhole is made up of two enclosed tube slides that twist and turn around each other. As they descend the slide at high speeds, riders are completely enveloped in darkness. Imagine riding this exciting ride with your friend or family. It will definitely be a one-of-a-kind experience.


Calypso Beach & Whirlpool Hot Springs


People who prefer more of a relaxing ride than a heart-racing one should ride Calypso Beach. It is a huge lazy river attraction that allows one person to ride a tube while the soft current pulls them along the course. The Whirlpool Hot Springs is also an excellent choice during the cold months. It is an attraction that is converted into 36 degrees Celsius hot spas.





This ride surely brings an unforgettable experience to anyone. Skycoaster is a paid attraction just next to the front of the park near Mammoth Falls. Before diving at 60 km/h and swinging all over the Giant Wave Pool, riders are brought up to a height of 50 m (160 ft).




If you love riding waves, Flowrider is your go-to Wet’n’Wild attraction. Flowrider is located at the Giant Wave Pool, a Wave Loch FlowRider.




Another attraction to try and love at Wet’n’Wild is the AquaLoop, Australia’s first ride of its kind. AquaLoop has four looping body slides with a trap door release that has a 2.5G acceleration. Riders can travel at a super speed of 60 km/h (37 mph). 


Wet’n’Wild Junior


It is the portion of the water park that houses scaled-down versions of many Wet’n’Wild slides intended for young children. 


Food & Shopping at Wet’n’Wild


Check out the latest line of leading brand surf gear, as well as Wet’n’Wild styles, at their own Surf Shop at the park’s exit. To take the memories of your day at Wet’n’Wild home with you, choose from a wide selection of footwear, bags, accessories, and even boardies, t-shirts, and super cool swimwear.


You can also become summer ready by visiting the seasonal Hair Wraps & Braids. Embrace the summer vibe and update your look in minutes with some unique braids and bright wraps! If you want to bring home some jaw-dropping photos, check out the Photo Centre. 


When it comes to food, there’s no shortage of that at Wet’n’Wild. At Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast, you can choose from a variety of delicious food options. Bombora Burger Bar’s burger is something you should take advantage of. You can also relax by the Giant Wave Pool with Village Bean Coffee House’s sweet treat. Need to cool off? For delicious soft-serve ice cream or a cool beverage, stop by Tropical Treats or Twisted DIY Soft Serve!


The food outlets available at the park are Village Bean Coffee House and Bombora Burger Bar. There are also seasonal food outlets like Tropical Treats, Pizza Shack, Twisted DIY Soft Serve, and Frozen Coke Stand.


Groups & Functions


The water park also caters to special occasions, corporate events, group bookings, and schools. You can learn more information about this at https://wetnwild.com.au/groups-and-functions.




Want some extras? The water park also offers Leisure Lounges for only $70 for two. This package will let you relax in Leisure Lounges located in the gated and shaded area of the Wave Pool’s right side. If you want a more luxe experience, avail of a private cabana instead. Calypso Beach Cabanas costs $150, Family Calypso Beach Cabanas costs $300, and Wave Pool Cabanas costs $225. Wet’n’Wild Junior Cabanas are also available for $250, catering to up to 6 people.


Operating Hours


Verify the water park’s operating hours at their website before your visit. Also, take note that Wet’n’Wild is closed on ANZAC Day (April 25) and Christmas Day (December 25). Some slides and attractions won’t operate in bad weather, and they are subject to change for maintenance. Please be aware that line closures may occur before the advertised gate hours.



Continue The Fun


Aside from the attractions and rides, the water park also has nearby accommodations like Paradise Country and Sea World Resort. Ins’t it nice to know you’re staying near the water park after the thrilling and tiring day of fun? Consider luxurious tents enveloped by bushland in the middle of a theme park’s grounds or Broadwater’s serviced hotel rooms right next to Sea World. It is a unique way to keep you and the gang well-rested after a whole day of fun at Wet’n’Wild.


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