Sea World Foundation Successfully Saves Dolphin Entangled in Fishing Line on Queensland Beach

On Sunday, a young bottlenose dolphin named Comet, who is a regular participant in the wild dolphin feeding program at Tangalooma Island Resort, was successfully rescued by the Sea World Foundation after becoming entangled in a fishing line. The four-year-old dolphin, known for his energetic and playful nature, show up by the resort’s team on Saturday with a fishing line wrapped around his fluke.


Immediately, the Sea World Foundation’s marine mammal team, headed by Wayne Phillips, Head of Marine Sciences, travelled to Tangalooma Island Resort. They carry out a delicate operation to save Comet. The rescue was a collaborative effort between the Sea World Foundation team and the Dolphin Care team at the Tangalooma Eco Centre.


Coordinated Efforts in Saving Entangled Dolphin at Tangalooma Island Resort


Phillips emphasized the importance of coordinated efforts in ensuring the safety and well-being of the wild dolphins in the feeding program. As well as the importance of quick action taken by the Sea World Foundation team in rescuing and helping Comet.


According to Mr Phillips, it was incredibly rewarding to remove the entanglement from the young dolphin, Comet, and watch him swim away quickly after the procedure to resume the feeding of wild dolphins. He also mentioned the great relationship the Sea World Foundation has with the Tangalooma Dolphin Care team. They expressed pride in being able to provide their expertise to assist the team and the animals who reside in the area.


Rescue and Recovery of Entangled Dolphin


The Head Veterinarian, Dr. Claire Madden, performed the procedure to cut the entanglement on the shore. Thankfully, Comet’s fluke only sustained minor scratches and is ongoing recovery. Additionally, the Dolphin Feeding Program Manager at the resort, Sue Hassard, expressed her gratitude towards the Sea World Foundation team. It is for their swift intervention and assistance in helping Comet at such short notice.


According to Sue Hassard, Comet is one of the resort’s youngest and most boisterous male dolphins. She states that it was heartbreaking to see him entangled in a fishing line. Without the Sea World marine mammal team’s swift intervention, Comet’s outlook would not have been positive. Also, Ms Hassard expresses her gratitude towards the Sea World marine mammal team for their crucial assistance with the resort’s dolphins.


Sea World’s Dedication to Protecting Marine Life Through Rescue Operations


The Sea World Foundation dedicates itself to protecting marine life through rescue operations. Their team of experts has a long history of successfully rescuing. As well as rehabilitating entangled and injured marine animals. Among those are dolphins, whales, and sea turtles.


In 2022, the Sea World Foundation team successfully conducted three rescue operations. These missions aimed to rescue and rehabilitate marine animals that were entangled, injured, or in distress. The team of experts at Sea World Foundation is highly skilled. They are also equipped to handle various situations and bring these animals to safety.


Moreover, the team provides the rescued animals with the necessary care and rehabilitation. These successful rescue operations are a testament to the foundation’s commitment to protecting and preserving marine life.


Sea World Foundation has had several recent successful rescue operations, including:

  • Saving a group of endangered Loggerhead turtle hatchlings in Palm Beach on April 17, 2022.
  • Assisting a humpback whale during its annual migration in June when it was in distress.
  • Rescuing a stranded juvenile false killer whale in March 2022

Successful Rescue of Endangered Loggerhead Turtle Hatchlings in Palm Beach


On April 17, 2022, the Sea World Foundation team successfully carried out a rescue operation for a group of endangered Loggerhead turtle hatchlings in Palm Beach. The turtle hatchlings were found weak, disoriented, and in cold shock. It is after emerging from a nest during turtle hatching season.


SeaWorld’s team provided them with care and rehabilitation. After a period of rest and recovery, they were set free into deeper waters. It is to give them the best chance of continuing their journey. The rescue operation was made possible with the assistance of the volunteers of the Gold Coast Turtle Watch and Watergum. They played a crucial role in the rescue effort.


Successful Rescue of Entangled Humpback Whale during Annual Migration by Sea World Rescue Team


In June 2022, the Sea World Foundation Rescue team attended their first case of a humpback whale in distress during the annual migration period. A local operation on whale-watching reported the sub-adult animal to be towing ropes and buoys two nautical miles off Coolangatta. In a delicate and skilled operation, the team prepared the rescue boat. They successfully located the entangled whale that was still mobile. Using specialized cutting equipment, the team successfully removed all the rope and buoys. They then released the whale back into the ocean.


Sea World’s Effort to Rehabilitate Stranded Juvenile False Killer Whale in Northern NSW


In March 2022, a juvenile false killer whale stuck itself on a beach in Kingscliffe, Northern New South Wales. After consultation with the New South Wales National Parks & Wildlife Service, the decision was made to bring the animal to Sea World for rehabilitation and veterinary care from their expert team. Despite the dedicated and around-the-clock care and rehabilitation provided by the Sea World team, the false killer whale could not overcome its health issues and passed away after almost four months of treatment.


Support Sea World Foundation’s Efforts in Saving Marine Animals through Donations


SeaWorld Foundation is a non-profit organization intended for the rescue, rehabilitation as well as release of marine animals in distress. Their experts work tirelessly to ensure the safety and well-being of these animals and provide them with the necessary care and treatment to return them to the wild. However, this work is only possible through the support of people like you.


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