Unique and Fun Valentine’s Day Activities on the Gold Coast


Break away from the traditional dinner-and-movie routine. Discover exciting experiences that will make this Valentine’s Day special and memorable. Revise your Valentine’s Day plans with these extraordinary and entertaining suggestions. Have a love-filled adventure this Valentine’s Day with our guide to unique and fun activities on the Gold Coast.


Play Golf


Here’s the plan: Top Golf arrived on the Gold Coast in late 2018, introducing a fresh experience for those who enjoy hitting golf balls into oblivion. Meanwhile, you can savour frosty beverages, try out delectable eats, and have a great time. It’s an ideal date scenario for couples seeking laughter and a bit of movement in their lives. It is regardless of whether they’ve swung a golf club before.



Moreover, picture yourself standing on a podium high in the sky, attached to a building, aiming golf balls at targets in the ether. Whether you have the skill or not, it makes for a fantastic story in your relationship, and if you excel, your date will surely be impressed. You’re welcome.


Date in an Aussie Way


Australia, a country where a genuine (slightly over the top) love for your mates is highly revered, deserves celebration, especially on Valentine’s Day. Recently opened in Burleigh Heads, Rosella’s Bar is an Aussie-inspired establishment offering epic cocktails, natural wines, and childhood favourites with a touch of sophistication.



Moreover, vegemite jerky, refined twist toasties and prawn cocktails are just a glimpse of the menu. Where better to celebrate mate love than in an Australiana bar? Try the Ironman cocktail; it boasts a Nutri-Grain syrup and is exceptional, just like everything at Rosella’s.


Get Locked in an Escape Room


There are places worldwide where you can willingly get locked in a room with others. You’ll collaborate to solve clues and free yourself from chains and walls. Padlock’d in Surfers Paradise is one such place. It offers themed rooms where you and your date can work together to break free using your problem-solving skills.

This activity has two major benefits. Firstly, successful relationships require teamwork on significant issues (like being locked in a room). Secondly, if you haven’t been chained to a wall together at least once, are you truly in a relationship? It’s a blast; we highly recommend it for V-Day. 



Enjoy Baked Goods During a Morning Picnic


Last but not least, consider having a morning picnic by the river, where the focus is on delightful baked goods. And not just any baked goods, but those from Baked at Ancora, the best in the game. This recently opened space on the top side of the beloved wedding venue has been attracting happy visitors nonstop.



Moreover, load up on delectable treats, roll out a blanket (or opt for a table if that suits you), and watch the boats glide by while basking in a balmy breeze. Breakfast dates are enjoyable because there’s plenty of time left in the day for extra activities (and naps). Besides, a belly full of baked goods equals a happy heart.


Buy a New Plant


Plant purchasing can be quite enjoyable. Especially if you’re in a semi- or more-than-serious relationship but not quite ready for a puppy or a human. GreenFolk in Burleigh Heads is the go-to spot for your plant purchasing date, offering a stunning range of succulents, leafy greens, and cacti, along with locally made goodies and homewares to add to your collection. Take home a new plant baby and inhale plenty of fresh air – it’s the best date ever.



Ready to Impress Your Date this Valentine’s Day?


In conclusion, elevate your Valentine’s Day beyond the ordinary with these unique and entertaining activities on the Gold Coast, from swinging golf clubs at Top Golf to enjoying an Aussie-inspired date at Rosella’s Bar. Whether solving clues in an escape room, savouring baked goods by the river, or bonding over a new plant purchase at GreenFolk, make this Valentine’s Day special with experiences that create lasting memories.


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