The Best Gold Coast Florists for Every Occasion

Some of us are quite content with simpler pleasures, such as receiving a bouquet of flowers. After all, it’s the heartfelt gesture that truly matters. Whether your aim is to make a lasting impression on a special someone, pamper your dear Mum, or brighten a friend’s day with a vibrant bouquet, our handpicked selection of the Gold Coast’s finest florists has got you covered, and we’ve listed them here for you.


Fig & Bloom


Fig & Bloom stands out as a local florist and flower delivery expert known for their swift overnight courier service, which comes to the rescue when time is of the essence. With Kellie, their skilled florist, at the helm, you can expect impeccable bouquet creations. Additionally, if you desire a consistent supply of floral delights on the Gold Coast, they offer subscription packages tailored to your needs.


Their arrangements are nothing short of impressive, representing a notable departure from the ordinary baby’s breath and rose combinations. Check out Fig & Bloom’s website here.





Floraly, a direct-to-consumer flower delivery and gifting service, stands out as an exceptionally sustainable choice. Their unique approach involves sourcing flowers only once an order is placed. This drastically reduces flower wastage by up to 90%. Starting at just $60, they deliver the freshest blooms in an elegant letterbox package.


Adding to their eco-friendly ethos, Floraly has joined forces with OzHarvest, ensuring that each flower bouquet sold provide a meal to the needy. Beyond their commitment to sustainability, Floraly’s flower arrangements are breathtaking. Plus, they offer next-day delivery on the Gold Coast.


Moss N Stone


Omitting Moss N Stone from our list of the Gold Coast’s finest florists would be a grave oversight. This legendary florist brings a refreshing perspective to the art, crafting distinctive arrangements using a blend of flowers and foliage. They excel in catering to various occasions, be it weddings, special events, ordinary weekdays, or the romantic celebration of Valentine’s Day.


Moss n Stone is renowned for their expertise in flower alchemy, offering an extensive array of posies, market bunches, and native flora. But they go beyond the ordinary floral shop, seamlessly integrating indoor plants, artisanal gifts, unique home decor, and exquisite skincare products into their floral presentations. Moreover, they provide local flower delivery services seven days a week. Undoubtedly, Moss N Stone ranks among the Gold Coast’s premier florists.




Flowers Gold Coast


Established initially as a small-scale florist operating out of a garage during the pandemic, this boutique Gold Coast florist has blossomed into a thriving floral studio situated in Ashmore. Under the dedicated stewardship of Vaïana and Sam, Flowers Gold Coast is built on a strong ethos of delivering flowers that carry profound meaning in harmony with the accompanying message.


Flowers Gold Coast takes pride in offering same-day flower delivery services to the Gold Coast and Northern NSW regions. It is available seven days a week (provided orders are placed before 3 PM). For those seeking a more immediate solution, a seven-day studio pick-up service is also available for all your last-minute floral needs. An additional highlight is the option to enhance your bouquet with luxurious body and facial care products, chocolates, teas, candles, and an array of other delightful goodies.





LVLY is well-attuned to the expectations of today’s gift recipients. Their flower deliveries start at just $70, and you can certainly indulge in more options if you desire. Take your pick from their curated gift boxes, featuring delightful additions such as wine and chocolates, or get creative and craft your gift ensemble, complete with socks, beer, personalized Polaroid photos, and even delectable cookies.


And here’s the icing on the cake: LVLY offers same-day delivery to the Gold Coast every day of the week, as long as you place your order before 2 PM.


Studio O’Hara


Studio O’Hara has recently emerged as a dynamic player in the Gold Coast’s floristry landscape. It quickly gains recognition for its exceptional offerings. Their bouquets are fresh, with a local florist supplier conveniently in Burleigh. It ensures each creation complements the occasion with thoughtful precision. As a delightful touch, they provide a Polaroid picture keepsake of the arrangement, allowing you to cherish the moment.


Their services are characterized by three distinctive options. Among them is same-day delivery (when ordered before 11 AM on the same day). Another is the corporate gifting solutions, and a uniquely appealing online gifting calendar. You’ll never miss another special occasion with the latter, as it facilitates ongoing subscriptions or scheduled gift deliveries. Notably, Studio O’Hara strongly emphasises supporting local artisans, offering the option to include a Little Cocoa chocolate and Wildflower Gin gift alongside your flower bouquet.



Bee’s Blossoms & Plants


If you’re in search of a bouquet that promises a striking entrance, look no further than Bee’s Blossoms & Plants. The creative force behind these floral marvels is none other than Belle. They are renowned for crafting some of the Gold Coast’s most vibrant and architecturally inventive floral arrangements. Bee’s Blossoms & Plants caters to a diverse clientele, serving homes, weddings, events, and cafes with their high-end floral creations.


Belle’s commitment to eco-friendliness is evident, and she has a genuine fondness for vibrant, locally sourced blooms. What sets them apart is the option to complement your order with a seasonal plant. As well as candle, or cocktail mixer, adding an extra layer of charm to your selection.


Although Bee’s Blossoms initially began as an online store, they have now expanded to include a brick-and-mortar storefront in Tweed Heads. Conveniently situated near the mouth-watering pastries of The Bread Social, their shop also boasts a stunning dried flower wall. If you need further persuasion, it’s worth noting that Bee’s Blossoms & Plants was awarded the coveted title of Gold Coast Bulletin’s Best Florist for 2021.



Celebrate with Flowers on the Gold Coast!


In conclusion, the act of celebrating special occasions with flowers is not merely a tradition. In fact, it’s a timeless expression of love, appreciation, and thoughtfulness. As we’ve explored the diverse world of Gold Coast florists, each one bringing its unique charm. As well as creativity to the art of floral arrangements. It becomes evident that flowers transcend mere aesthetics. They carry emotions, convey sentiments, and create lasting memories.


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