Gold Coast Date Ideas That Go Beyond Dinner and Drinks

If you’re looking to win over your beloved, it’s time to elevate your date game. Fortunately, we’re here to help with the most delightful alternative date ideas on the Gold Coast, guaranteed to take your ‘dinner and drinks’ plans to the next level. Let’s face it; it’s not the most original concept, and it never really was. For those of us who’ve successfully convinced another human that we’re sane enough to be in a relationship, here are some of the finest Gold Coast date ideas that will crank up the romance factor with your special someone.


Embark on a Brewery Adventure


If your significant other has an insatiable thirst for that golden elixir, you’re in for a treat because the Gold Coast is overflowing with fantastic craft breweries. So why not plan an epic Saturday excursion with your sweetheart and take them on a brewery adventure? Kick things off in Burleigh at Black Hops, then hop on a bike or order an Uber (depending on how much you’ve indulged) to make your way to Miami. You can visit the wonderful folks at Lost Palms and Precinct Brewing there. Lastly, make your way to the buzzing Currumbin hotspot, Balter Brewing, for a taste of their XPA and enjoy a delicious meal from their ever-evolving food truck.



Vent Your Frustration with Axe Throwing


You read it correctly; we suggest you and your partner try axe throwing. Still sceptical? Hear us out for a moment. For just $45, you and your significant other can enjoy a thrilling hour-and-a-half session that covers all the fundamentals to help you master the art of axe throwing at Lumber Punks Axe Throwing in Miami. Surprisingly, anyone can learn how to hurl an axe with precision here.


Moreover, there’s a jukebox where you can select your favourite tunes and a well-stocked fridge filled with beer. Oh, and did we mention they even provide novelty Viking hats for you to wear? This venue is truly one-of-a-kind and might be the ideal place to release any pent-up frustrations.




Escape to the Mountains for a Mysterious Picnic


Take a respite from city life and discover romance amidst the hidden treasures of Tamborine Mountain on a mystery picnic date. Challenge your intellect as you solve interactive riddles delivered to your phone, leading you on an adventure throughout the area to collect locally crafted delicacies. The ultimate clue will unveil a secret spot to savour your well-deserved picnic—remember to bring your picnic blanket.


Strike Up Some Fun and Win Their Heart


Why not revisit the carefree days of your childhood and knock down pins like a twelve-year-old once again? A nostalgic and playful date idea is hard to beat, and we’re not suggesting you should solely use it to score brownie points on a first date, but well, you totally should. The brand-new Zone Bowling Surfers Paradise boasts a dozen interactive bowling lanes, allowing you to customize the images projected on the lane as you roll the ball toward the pins. As an added bonus, right next door at Timezone Surfers Paradise, you’ll find all the arcade games you’re into, bumper cars, and laser tag. Having a blast while racing bumper cars like an exuberant kid is practically guaranteed.



Unleash the Artist in You at a Boozy Painting Class


While booze and artistic masterpieces may not seem like an obvious pairing, if your significant other has a penchant for culture, they’ll appreciate the opportunity to flaunt their artistic talents while sipping wine. Whether you’re a weekend creative spirit or a weekday wine enthusiast, head to Surfers Paradise’s Brush & Barrel and participate in their paint-and-sip workshops. With the guidance of an instructor, you’ll dabble in paint and create stunning artworks. Your inspiration could come from nature, animals, or even your affection for one another.



Shake Things Up with a Beginner Salsa Class


What better way to win the heart of your love interest than by showcasing your less-than-stellar dance skills? It might not land you a spot on “Dancing with the Stars,” but a session with Gold Coast Salsa might twirl you into your partner’s affections. If you’re feeling adventurous and reasonably confident in your hip-swivelling and coordination, salsa dancing can be a surprisingly sultry choice for a first date.



Rediscover Romance on the Gold Coast


To summarise, the Gold Coast offers a wealth of unique and unforgettable date ideas that can add excitement and novelty to your romantic life. Whether you’re knocking down pins, salsa dancing, or unleashing your inner artist with a brush in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, there’s no shortage of ways to create lasting memories with your loved one. So, why settle for the ordinary when you can embark on extraordinary adventures together? These date ideas are not just about spending time together; they’re about igniting the spark of romance and creating bonds that will last a lifetime. Explore, experience, and enjoy the love of the Gold Coast, one unforgettable date at a time.