Do You Need a Wetsuit to Stay Warm When Surfing on the Gold Coast?

The preferred surfing attire on the Gold Coast is bikinis for women and boardies for men most of the year. However, you will need a wetsuit on the Gold Coast to stay warm during the colder seasons, and most locals choose a spring suit, a short-armed, or a short-sleeved wet suit. The material used for wetsuits helps the body stay warm and keeps you comfortable while surfing in winter. I’m not a fan of cold water, so I always wear wetsuits when swimming or swimming in cold water. If I can’t see steam rising from the water. it’s too cold for me.


Do you need a wetsuit to stay warm when surfing on the Gold Coast? Usually, no. Surfers on the Gold Coast only wear wetsuits during winter when the temperature ranges from 10° to 26°C. They also often choose spring suits, short-armed, or short-sleeved wetsuits.


Should I Use A Wetsuit On The Gold Coast?


No, it’s not necessary, except during the coldest days of winter when the water temperature drops between 10° to 26°C. Divers, surfers, or swimmers exposed to cold water wear these water-resistant garments. They help to keep the wearer warm by retaining body heat and trapping a thin layer of air between the wetsuit and the wearer’s body. This gear also helps protect the wearer from sharp objects in the water.


Neoprene, a type of rubber, is used to make wetsuits. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that is very flexible and durable and is therefore commonly used in wet suits on the Gold Coast to provide insulation, abrasion protection, and buoyancy.


Picking the wetsuit that is the right fit for Gold Coast’s water temperature range is very important. Generally, wet suits on the Gold Coast covering a temperature range of 50°-80°F (10°-26°C) will be more than enough for most swimmers. But, many people ask what to wear under a wetsuit.


Things To Wear Under A Wetsuit


There are many different options for various types of activities and water conditions. For example, some wear boardies or a bikini under a wetsuit. If you want, wear nothing under a wetsuit at all! But, that would be uncomfortable because wetsuits can chafe.


Depending on the sport they are playing, some people may need to wear gear designed for that particular sport underneath their wetsuits. For example, surfing is a very physical activity, and many surfers wear rash guards to protect themselves from the scrapes that occur when water gets trapped between the wetsuit and the skin.


Do you need a break if you get hot? Roll the suit on the waist to cool it off. There is a chance that girls might run into a problem when doing so. So, use a towel or go to a public bathroom when rolling the suit. Mind you, if you like attention, this is a surefire way of achieving it.


Wetsuit Thickness Guide


Summer Wetsuit On The Gold Coast To Stay Warm


Use 1-2mm wetsuits for the summer season when you need lightweight protection. It feels stretchy and light and helps protect the skin against UV rays. This wetsuit is also ideal for water temperatures ranging from 18°C to 23°C. Since it is thinner than other wetsuits, it won’t compromise your mobility and performance during summer surfing.



Wetsuit for Spring To Autumn


Use 3/2mm wetsuits during spring to autumn when the water temperature ranges from 13°C to 18°C. For water temperatures from 9°C to 14°C, 4/3mm wetsuits are also ideal.


It is a typical winter surfing choice in moderate climates, and it is frequently coupled with booties and a hood to give just enough warmth without losing flexibility.


Wetsuit for Winter


Do you need a wetsuit for surfing on the Gold Coast during winter? Yes, you will need a wetsuit on the Gold Coast with 5/4/3mm thickness during winter, and the water temperature ranges from 8°C to 12°C. If you want maximum warmth on the waters during winter, opt for 6/5/4mm wetsuits instead.


Wearing A Wetsuit On The Gold Coast


So, do you need a wetsuit on the Gold Coast now? Check the current water temperature on the beach you’ll be swimming in on the Gold Coast to know if wearing a wetsuit will make you comfortable. Check out this site to get up-to-date weather and water temperature information.