Must-Try Summer Experiences on the Gold Coast

Your ultimate summer escapade begins here! As summer casts its vibrant glow upon the Gold Coast, anticipation fills the air, drawing both locals and visitors alike to the dazzling array of experiences awaiting them. From sun-soaked beaches to thrilling adventures, the Gold Coast becomes a haven for summer enthusiasts seeking unforgettable moments. Elevate your summer on the Gold Coast to new heights by discovering the essence of this sun-kissed paradise.


Refreshing Retreat at Currumbin’s Rock Pools


When temperatures soar, escape to the rock pools nestled in Currumbin’s valley, offering freshwater guaranteed to be a few degrees cooler than the ocean. Only a 15-minute drive from the beach, the Currumbin Rock Pools are accessed through one of the Gold Coast’s most picturesque drives. Kids can enjoy swings and ropes or relax in the shallows. Grassy banks beside the pools are perfect for picnics (complete with picnic tables, BBQs, and toilets), and there’s a shop across the road selling ice creams and cold drinks. Another 10-minute drive leads to the Mt Cougal section of Springbrook National Park, where Cougal Cascades awaits.


BBQ Adventure on the Broadwater


The renowned beaches of the Gold Coast are common knowledge, but what about the tranquil waters of the Gold Coast Broadwater? It stands out as one of the premier boating destinations in Australia.


Moreover, rent your self-drive Broadwater BBQ boat at Gold Coast Party Pontoons and journey through this breathtaking estuary, extending from Surfers Paradise to South Stradbroke Island and beyond. No boat license is required; these boats are exceptionally stable and safe. They come equipped with swimming, snorkelling, and fishing platforms, facilitating easy access to the water.


Discover Glowing Caves


Wait until nighttime in the Gold Coast Hinterland for a unique show. Glow worms, exclusive to Australia and New Zealand, are abundant at Natural Bridge, boasting the largest population in Australia. Glow worms are the larval stage of a small fly, emitting a magical blue-green bioluminescent light to attract prey. The lights resemble a Disney stage production, covering the cave’s ceiling like a billion stars. While this incredible phenomenon is visible year-round, the best time to witness the most glow worms is during the hottest, most humid months – December to February – especially after a rainy day.


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Cycle or Stroll Along the Gold Coast Oceanway


One of the Gold Coast’s top attractions is the Oceanway. The best time to experience it this summer is early morning or dusk when temperatures are more moderate.


The Oceanway is a 36-kilometre coastal route, a shared path for cyclists and pedestrians, running parallel to the coast from Point Danger on the NSW/Queensland border to The Spit in Main Beach. Whether biking or walking, you’ll witness surfers catching waves at the Gold Coast’s renowned surf breaks just beyond the sand dunes.


Along the way, stop at cafes, restaurants, and bars. The Oceanway buzzes with activity as joggers, cyclists, and walkers indulge in morning exercise routines. Enjoy stunning views over the ocean from some of the prime spots along the route.


Explore Gold Coast’s Reefs through Snorkeling or Diving


Despite the focus on surfing, snorkelling, and diving, there are hidden treasures on the Gold Coast. The region offers surprises for snorkelers and divers of all experience levels. Numerous sites are worth exploring this summer – check out all the options with our interactive map.


Up north, visit the Gold Coast Seaway. It features three sites with over 400 fish species and up to 15 meters of visibility. Further south, experience floating over coral gardens at Palm Beach’s artificial reef. It is where rocky outcrops are home to leopard sharks and blue wrasse.


In addition, Kirra is a true snorkeler’s paradise. Swim straight from the shore and snorkel for over 100 meters, encountering soft coral, anemones, and a variety of fish.


For experienced divers seeking something truly special, explore Wonder Reef, the world’s first buoyant reef. Marvel at the beauty of this underwater world as you explore nine giant structural reefs towering almost 22 meters above the sea floor.


Experience Gold Coast’s Sun-kissed Charm!


The Gold Coast emerges as the ultimate playground for summer enthusiasts. This city offers diverse activities that seamlessly blend thrill and relaxation. From cruising the Broadwater on a self-drive BBQ boat to cooling off in the refreshing embrace of Currumbin’s Rock Pools, every moment celebrates the region’s natural wonders. Whether cycling along the stunning Oceanway, marvelling at the glow worms in the Hinterland, or exploring vibrant reefs through snorkelling and diving, the Gold Coast transforms into a captivating summer haven, promising endless joy and unforgettable experiences for all who embrace its sun-kissed charm.


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