Best Fishing Spots on the Gold Coast

Grab your tackle box and get ready to cast your line because we’re about to reveal the best fishing spots the Gold Coast offers! Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a weekend warrior, this guide is your ticket to reeling in the big ones while soaking up the sun on Australia’s dazzling coastline.


Tallebudgera Creek


Are you planning to take out the tinny? Do you lack a boat? Perhaps you can use a kayak? No worries—Tallebudgera Creek has got you covered. Whether you’re cruising near the mouth in your tinny for flathead or heading towards the bridges for some big catches, those bridges with deep holes are like a gold mine for fishing.


If you don’t have a tinny but happen to have a comfy folding chair, you’re in luck. Tallebudgera Creek is accessible, especially further upstream. Set up your chair, cast your bait, and wait for a bream to bite, ready to jump onto the BBQ.



The Spit


Fishing at The Spit: This Gold Coast hotspot is beloved by locals and tourists. Its extensive beaches, rock walls, and the Southport Seaway offer diverse fishing opportunities: Target Tailor, Bream, Whiting, or even the occasional Mulloway.



Kirra Beach


Fishing at Kirra Beach: Known for its consistent surf breaks, Kirra Beach also provides excellent fishing conditions. You can catch Dart, Whiting, and Flathead, whether casting from the beach or nearby rocky areas. The southernmost part near Kirra Point is particularly productive.



Bond University


School’s out. Time to fish! Head to Robina and find Bond University for a master’s class in easy fishing. While the university is private, the bridge crossing the lake is on public land. Fishing in this urban environment feels like having a PhD in excellent fishing spots—no boat needed.



Gold Coast Seaway


Fishing every meter of the Gold Coast Seaway’s good spots would take a lifetime. Mangrove jacks near the rock walls, bream everywhere, and great spots for flathead under the jetty—all waiting for your line. The sand-pumping jetty may cost a few dollars, but the chance to catch massive fish makes it worth it.



Offshore Reefs


Embark on the ultimate fishing expedition by venturing into the offshore reefs of the Gold Coast. These deep-sea sanctuaries are abundant with various bottom reef and pelagic game fish, such as Marlin, Tuna, Cobia, and Snapper.


Moreover, whether you’re an experienced angler or seeking an adrenaline rush, the offshore reefs present countless chances to reel in the fish of your dreams. To seamlessly dive into the excitement of offshore reef fishing, the most convenient approach is to secure a spot with a local fishing charter operator.


Jacobs Well and Jumpinpin


Driving to Jacobs Well is a treat. End up at the fishing capital, Jumpinpin, a town with endless channels and rivers. This isn’t a secret; the parking lot is always full, indicating that the fish are biting. In Jumpinpin, remember: the bigger the bait, the bigger the fish.



Snapper Rocks


Whether Southbound or Northbound, Snapper Rocks is a can’t-miss. Head North for a chance at dart, flathead, tailor, and even jewfish. Go South for more gutters and the rock wall along the Tweed River. Watch out for the swell, but enjoy the iconic surf breaks if the fish aren’t biting.



Tweed River


Fishing at Tweed River: Straddling the New South Wales and Queensland border, the Tweed River is prime for estuary fishing. Catch Bream, Flathead, Mangrove Jack, and even the elusive Mulloway from the riverbanks or hire a boat for a broader angling experience.



Broadwater Parklands


Fishing at Broadwater Parklands: This family-friendly park offers fishing in calm waters, ideal for young anglers. Catch Bream, Whiting, and Flathead, and after a day of fishing, enjoy a picnic or barbecue in the beautiful park surroundings.



Coombabah Creek


Coombabah Creek is a hidden gem for fishing enthusiasts in the Gold Coast’s serene landscape. This tranquil waterway offers the perfect escape into nature while providing ample opportunities to catch Bream, Flathead, and Mangrove Jack—a peaceful day of fishing in a picturesque setting.



Ready to Cast Away?


In conclusion, the Gold Coast boasts a diverse array of prime fishing spots catering to all anglers. From the tranquil Coombabah Creek to the adrenaline-pumping offshore reefs, each location offers a unique fishing experience. Whether seeking serene landscapes, urban convenience, or offshore adventures, the Gold Coast’s fishing scene provides an unparalleled blend of excitement and relaxation for every fishing enthusiast.


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