Discover Kirra: A Perfect Two-Day Itinerary for Unforgettable Experiences

Join me on an unforgettable adventure as we delve into the wonders of Kirra with this exclusive two-day itinerary! Having experienced the magic of Kirra firsthand, I’m thrilled to share insider tips and hidden gems that will make your trip truly special. Get ready to soak up the sun, surf the waves, and create memories that will last a lifetime in this coastal paradise.




5 PM: Arrival and unwind


Arrive early to check in and relax at the Iconic Kirra Beach Resort, renowned as one of Kirra’s premier accommodations. Treat yourself to a moment on the balcony, savouring a chilled beverage while gazing at Kirra Beach. Watch the surfers catching waves as you enjoy the panoramic ocean vistas.



For those seeking a more nostalgic retreat, draw inspiration from past holidays. In the 1930s, campers would set up tents amidst Kirra’s expansive dunes. Today, Kirra Beach Tourist Park offers a classic camping experience. Whether pitching a tent or reserving a cabin, all are welcome, including furry friends and little ones.



In addition, dinner beckons by the seaside at the historic Kirra Beach Surf Club. With over a century of tradition, the club continues to serve some of the Gold Coast’s finest culinary delights. Among those are succulent steaks, fresh fish and chips, and satisfying burgers, all at prices reminiscent of yesteryear.





8 AM: Soar into the day


Your Kirra two-day itinerary should also include skydiving. So, begin your day with an exhilarating tandem skydive, ascending high above the coastline. A Gold Coast skydiving adventure isn’t solely about the plunge. Besides, it offers a scenic flight en route to 10,000 feet. As you descend, relish the breathtaking views spanning the entire coastline, gently landing on the sun-kissed shores of Kirra Beach.


Noon: Dining amidst the community


The vibrant Kirramisu Restaurant and Café, a local gem since 2007, invites you to indulge in its diverse menu. From all-day breakfast options to tantalizing lunch selections like Moroccan spiced chicken and crispy calamari, there’s something to please every palate. Enjoy a Mango Magic frappe or a craft beer from nearby Burleigh Heads while observing the lively beach scene.



2 PM: Embrace surf culture


Explore Kirra’s renowned surf scene at the Gold Coast’s largest surf shop. Whether you are searching for stylish beachwear or high-performance gear, Kirra Surf offers an extensive selection alongside expert advice. Keep an eye out for surfing legends browsing the shelves alongside you.


4 PM: Sunset cocktails


Kick off your evening with two-for-one cocktails at the laid-back Baskk Italian at Kirra Point. With its beach-inspired ambience, ocean vistas, and Italian cuisine served with flair, it’s the perfect setting for a memorable dinner.



Moreover, choose from fixed-price share menus or savour classic dishes like pappardelle ragu or calamari fritti. Indulge your adventurous side with the Kirrawaiin pizza, featuring a Queensland twist with pineapple chunks. End this segment of your Kirra two-day itinerary on a sweet note with traditional desserts like gelato and tiramisu.




7 AM: Morning reprieve


Head to the quaint wooden pavilion overlooking the shoreline for a nostalgic breakfast experience. Then, grab a takeaway coffee and a delectable treat from Kirra Beach Bakery, enjoying a budget-friendly breakfast with a view of the rolling waves at Kirra Point.



9 AM: Beachside bliss


Embrace the quintessential beach holiday with a swim or surf at Kirra Beach. Part of a 20-kilometre stretch designated as a World Surfing Reserve, Kirra Beach offers gentle waves suitable for all skill levels. Also, families will appreciate the shallow paddling pools formed at low tide.


12 PM: Summit rendezvous


While reaching the Kirra Hill Lookout by car is an option, it’s unnecessary unless you plan a barbecue picnic. Admire the iron eagle sculpture and utilize the free community barbecue facilities and shaded picnic tables with panoramic views. On the other hand, you can opt for a colourful poke bowl from HiPoke, a light and convenient lunch option for your stroll up the hill.


2 PM: Gelato indulgence


To complete your Kirra two-day itinerary, satisfy your sweet tooth with authentic handmade gelato from My Gelato. Offering classic flavours alongside innovative creations like OMG, a decadent chocolate gelato with generous swirls of Nutella, it’s a treat worth savouring. You’ll find yourself craving another scoop before the journey home.



Keep Exploring Kirra!


In conclusion, Kirra Beach offers an array of exciting activities included in this two-day itinerary for a memorable getaway. Its stunning views, rich history, and vibrant atmosphere make it a destination worth exploring. Are you ready to dive into the adventure and experience the allure of Kirra for yourself? Which part of this itinerary are you most excited to experience? Take the first step and embark on your Kirra adventure today!


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