Is Kirra On The Gold Coast a Good Place To Live For Families?

I deem Kirra on the gold coast a good place to live for families because it is where everyone wants to go to during vacation. The hardest part of going on a vacation is the moment when it ends and you have to go home. I’ve had many of those heartbreaks before, but imagine being able to live somewhere where everybody else wants to go on vacation.


Nestled between the towns of Bilinga and Coolangatta, Kirra may be small, but it offers many for those looking for it. While the area may be smaller than many others, it’s still worth a look due to its luscious landscapes and sandy beaches. The locals in Kirra describe the palace as an ideal little beach town that combines the serenity and tranquillity of a seaside village with the ease of important city facilities. It is also where you can jump off a plane, escape the busy city, and have a coldie.


Additionally, you can spend a leisurely afternoon walking around the point and watching the breathtaking sunset at Rainbow Bay before heading back to Kirra. If you want to settle in a place that offers serenity and quietness a coastal town could offer, learn some of the reasons why Kirra, Gold Coast, should be that place:


Kirra Is a Good Place To Live Because Of Its Prime Location


Kirra is ideally situated for easy access to the bustling city centers of Brisbane via the M1 Motorway. It only requires about an hour to drive from Kirra to Brisbane. Additionally, consider Kirra a good place to live if you want access to many overseas destinations and frequent flights to major Australian cities, given its proximity to the Gold Coast International Airport. It’s also among the best places to rent in Gold Coast if you’re not planning to stay there for too long.


You can also drive over the border into northern New South Wales to see the prestigious World Heritage listed National Parks and the world-famous Byron Bay.



Has Heritage Sites Nearby


While driving around the headland, you may have seen the Kirra Beach Pavilion, a charming small shelter with a view of the ocean. It has history on its side—more than a century, to be exact—and is an excellent location to hide from the sun.

The shelter on Kirra beach was built around 1916. The Kirra Shelter Shed is an excellent viewpoint from which to see whales swim in the water.


In addition, the beautiful Kirra Shelter Shed is nearby. It is a similarly renowned building with a sheltered birds-eye perspective of this famed beach break and a heritage border fence design. The Kirra Shelter Shed is a perfect site to see young surfers and seasoned pros take a breather. Aside from that, it is also a historic site, making it an excellent observation platform.


It Has Beautiful Beaches


Kirra is not as close to how active nearby tourist destinations are like Burleigh Heads or Surfer’s Paradise. It is the more serene southern sister of these two bustling locations and is an excellent place for people looking for a more tranquil place to spend their vacation.


Kirra Beach is the safest place to swim along this stretch of water with the smallest waves and typically no rips near shore. But, a current frequently sweeps north, creating a deep drop off the beach.


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Kirra A Good Place To Live For Surfers


Kirra has impressive surf breaks, and Surfers like Mick and joey Parkinson love it. The World Surf Reserve includes Kirra Point, which separates Coolangatta Beach to the south and Kirra Beach to the north.


Kirra is the Gold Coast’s “spiritual home of surfing.” It is also well known worldwide for generating some of the greatest surfing breaks. No wonder Kirra has appealed to buyers worldwide because of the wide range of strong demand drivers. It is particularly downsizers who sometimes rent their property until they are ready to move in.


Many Fishing Spots To Visit


The best place to go fishing on the beach is along the northern end, the rip holes, and the longshore trough to the south. You can also fish from the Kirra seawall or off the Greenmount and Kirra when the beach erodes.


Tailor and jewfish are fish that you can catch on the beach. There is a large amount of bait fish on the reef at Kirra Beach. For this reason, you can have a good catch for the entire year.


Kirra A Good Place For Foodie Haunting


There are many places on Kirra, Gold Coast, where you can grab a bite and have some of your favorite beverages. Some of these include:


  • Bassk Italian – An Italian restaurant loved by the locals, the best place to get some pasta, pizza, and seafood dishes. You can find it at 52 Marine Parade, Shop 2, Beach House Plaza, Coolangatta, Gold Coast. 
  • Kirramisu – Have a serene brekky at this cafe and restaurant in the heart of Kirra.
  • Cafe Kirra – A local beach cafe in Kirra that serves locally sourced Aussie foods.
  • HiPoke – This Hawaiian Poke Bar offers healthy food options for those with active lifestyles.
  • Kirra Beach Bakery – taste the best pie on the coast at this nearby bakery.


Kirra Surf Life Saving Club Makes Kirra A Good Place To Live


The Kirra Surf Life Saving Club is one of the oldest on the beach, established in 1916, and still provides lifesaving services. The club contributes to preserving safety and incident prevention by employing proactive and modern life-saving techniques via vigilance and service.


Surf life-saving is also something you can do when you live there. If you’d like to help grow and develop the club, you can take an active role or work with others to keep the public and the beaches safe.


The Gold Coast Oceanway


One of the main reasons I consider Kirra a good place to live is its beautiful coastal route. It’s great for anyone who loves to go for long walks, participate in recreational activities such as surfing and paddle boarding, or even spend time with their family by the beach.


The headland of the Gold Coast Oceanway is where pedestrians and cyclists can pass beside the club, beach, and shelter. The clubhouse’s convenient bike and vehicle parking make this a great way to access North Kirra Parklands.


You can join the friendly runners at Kirra Parkrun when they start at 7 am every Saturday if you have a little more energy. Local runners, visitors worldwide, families, a few dogs, and prams are also drawn to this delightful run along the shore.




People all over the world appreciate how wonderful it is to visit the Kirra coastline. It is a gorgeous stretch of sand with brilliant white sand that boasts some of Australia’s cleanest waters. But aside from vacation, I consider Kirra on the gold coast a good place to live for families.


Choosing to live in this beautiful place is one of the best life decisions you’ll ever make. Plus it’s among the list of affordable family suburbs Gold Coast.


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