Is Miami on the Gold Coast a Good Place to Live for Families?

Miami QLD is a suburb on the Gold Coast with a stunning coastline. I can imagine Miami as a good place to live for families, especially since it gives off the old Gold Coast vibe. If you’ve been to Miami, Gold Coast, don’t you think it’s such a beautiful place? Imagine how it feels to be in Miami QLD, not as a tourist but as a resident. It will definitely feel like every day’s a vacation.


Is Miami on the Gold Coast a good place to live for families? Yes, Miami QLD is among the best family suburbs Gold Coast. It is a magnificent place that offers endless recreational activities for families, patrolled beaches, a diverse range of residential options, and many more. In 1989 when I first came to the Gold Coast, the only reason you’d go to Miami was as you drove through on your way south. However, times have changed and now Miami is a destination that you’d not only go to but you’d live there; go figure.


Miami is a little more undisturbed than the other stretches and has a tennis court, caravan park, and a row of beach bungalows from the Gold Coast of the past. For this reason, Miami gives off a nostalgic, laid-back vibe, making it a popular destination for family vacations and permanent residences. If you want to experience a vacation feel every day, Miami is the best area on Gold Coast for you to live with your family. Below are some things that can persuade you to pack your things and move into Miami, Gold Coast.


A Place To Enjoy The Old Gold Coast Vibe


In addition to the historic Miami Hotel, which has served as a gathering place for generations of tourists, Miami still has some original surf shacks, beach bungalows, and 1960s hotels, giving off an air of the “old Gold Coast.” If you’re going to live here, you’ll also uncover a gold mine of hidden local haunts and surprising sights tucked away inside the streets of this lovely coastal neighbourhood that are well interesting to explore.


Limitless Recreational Activities


If you’re someone who’s an easy target of boredom, I suggest you should live in Miami, Gold Coast. Why? It’s because this place offers a lot of recreational activities not only for tourists but for locals, too.


Residents have plenty of options for recreational pursuits thanks to the neighbourhood’s access to the freeway, close to Mermaid Beach. You can also visit Pizzy Park, which is close by, and Burleigh Golf Course, near the area.


Another reason to convince you to live in this place for good is its access to Lumber Punks, a quirky axe-throwing venue on Miami, Gold Coast. Here, you can try your axe hurling skill and have fun with the gang.



Safer Beaches Patrolled By Miami Beach Surf Life Saving Club


Everyone wishes to live in a secure place. So, if you’re considering Miami, Gold Coast as your next home here’s some good news! The beach is patrolled, so you and your family can swim in safe areas of the beach.


The Beach has two flagged, safe swimming areas indicated by lifeguard towers. The first on Marine Parade at Hythe Street, guarded by the Miami Beach Surf Life Saving Club (est. 1946) from 8 am to 5 pm year-round. The second is on Marine Parade at Santa Monica Road, guarded from 8 am to 5 pm on weekends and during Queensland school holidays from September to April.


Surfing is also popular in Miami Beach because of the offshore winds. Moreover, you can find the best surf breaks on the outer bar of the beach.



A Place To See Some Breathtaking Views At The Gold Coast


If you’re a sucker for looks and breathtaking views, you better settle in Miami for good. You can appreciate the panorama of the Miami Beach and Nobbys areas, Broadbeach, Mermaid Beach, and the Surfers Paradise while standing atop the Miami stairs.


Diverse Range of Homes


Another thing to consider Miami, Gold Coast as a great place to live in is the diverse range of homes you can find in this place. You can choose from beachfront units to luxurious homes, depending on the lifestyle you’re going for.


Flavorful Food And Drinks


Once you live in Miami, you’ll only be a few steps away from the best food spots on the Gold Coast. Grab a delightful breakfast at Double Barrel Kitchen situated at the Waterway Village and have a snack at Two Wise Fish, where you can taste the best fish and chips on the Goldie.



Living in Miami, Gold Coast will also allow you to taste the best-crafted beer at Lost Palms Brewing Co. The craft brewery is located on the corner of Miami Marketta and Nobby Beach and is a short walk away from the dining precinct. Enjoy a locally made beer and a relaxed bite to eat while sitting outside or within its beautiful pink walls.


Miami Marketta


Living in Miami QLD can give you easy access to Miami Marketta. This night market comes alive every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evening.


Enjoy incredible street-style cuisine from a variety of food trucks. Afterward, quench your thirst at the bar. You can also watch a live band at this spot, which has grown in popularity over the past years.


Regardless of where you’re staying, the Gold Coast’s distinctive night market will transport you to the back alleys of Bangkok, New York, or Barcelona. The laneway dining precinct is a good place to grab a delicious meal that won’t break your budget.



Fresh Produce At Gold Coast’s Organic Farmers Market


Aside from the famous night market, living in Miami QLD provides easy access to fresh, organic foods. The Gold Coast’s one and only organic growers market, Gold Coast’s Organic Farmers Market, is open on Sunday mornings at 6 am on Miami State High School’s grounds until 11:30 am. Wake up early, and buy the freshest ingredients for your meals at the place as they only sell the freshest certified organic vegetables and fruit sourced directly from the farm.



Cafe Culture In Miami QLD


Is Miami on the Gold Coast a good place to live for families and for a social butterfly as you are? Yes, of course. It is also among the trendy suburbs Gold Coas has because of its lively cafe culture. If you’re a social butterfly and care about the quality of your morning brew, you’ll be all right at Miami QLD. Miami, Gold Coast, remains an incredible place to live and visit because of its growing café culture.


Once you step off the beach, enjoy some of the best coffee at Quade & Co. You can also grab some tasty cafe-style breakfast at Piccolo Espresso and Niche Espresso. The suburbs’ Miami Beach Surf Life Saving Club is also a good option if you want to eat at a place with a cozy vibe.



Another place to go if you’re craving a cup of coffee at an outdoor cafe is The Henchman. It is a one-of-a-kind retreat occupying an original two-story Miami beach home that gets its name from the street where it is located.



Geolocation Factors Why You Should Live In Miami


Is Miami on the Gold Coast a good place to live for families according to its geolocation? Miami, Gold Coast is an excellent place because of some geolocation factors. First, Miami is only 17 kilometres north of the Queensland border and 8 kilometres south of Surfers Paradise.


Second, the closest railway station is at Robina, which is only 6 kilometres west of Miami, making travel simple. Also, the Gold Coast Airport is 13 kilometres south of Miami.


If you’re planning to raise children, you should consider Miami, Gold Coast as your next home because of the wide range of educational institutions in the area. Miami State School and Miami State High School are just two educational options you’ll find in Miami if you decide to call it your home.


The scenic ocean way is also near, popular with bikers, fitness groups, and dog walkers. Both tourists and locals are also thankful that Miami QLD has accessible parklands for people of all walks of life.


Final Thoughts


Considering the points I’ve laid out, I think it’s safe to say that Miami QLD is a great place to call home. There is more to it than Cafe Culture or the breathtakingly beautiful beaches. Moreover, Miami Gold Coast is amazing because people of different lifestyles can be comfortable living in this place. Food spots, entertainment facilities, and nature will only be a few steps away from you, too.


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