Is Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast a Good Place to Live?

The atmosphere and locals here are laid back and cruisy, giving Mermaid Beach the seaside village vibe that makes it a homey and livable place on the Gold Coast. I find these characteristics of Mermaid Beach attractive, and I know people who want serene, calming places will also like it. If you wish to live in a coastal neighbourhood with friendly people, Mermaid Beach is the place for you.


Is Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast a good place to live? Yes, Mermaid Beach has a vibrant locale, many swimming and surf spots, cafes and restaurants, wild nightlife, exciting entertainment, a life-saving club, medical and education facilities, shopping districts, and a whole lot more that make it an ideal place to live.


Mermaid Beach has thriving restaurants, a gorgeous hinterland, picturesque beaches, cafes and a shopping scene. Being a high-end suburb of the Gold Coast, Mermaid Beach is more of a well-connected lifestyle hub. You being here means you’re planning to settle on the Gold Coast. If my guess is right, let me walk you through some of the best reasons to live on Mermaid Beach.


Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast is a Good Place to Live Because Of Its Vibrant Locale


Mermaid Beach is surrounded by the good stuff. Living in a location such as Mermaid Beach is one of the best ways to access and enjoy the best of what the Gold Coast has to offer. A short walk from your front door will take you to some of the Gold Coast’s most well-known eateries and retailers.


If you are using a “Treddly”, the award-winning chef Michael Lambie has opened Rubi Red Kitchen & Bar, a restaurant just six minutes away. The North Room is also a charming eatery renowned for its delicious modern European food.


Bam Bam Bakehouse offers hand-made pastries daily for those looking for a delicious brekky treat. Meanwhile, Mermaid Beach is home to some of the best cafes, such as the Little Mermaid and Barefoot (Barista), among many others.


Pacific Fair is Queensland’s biggest shopping centre. It’s just a short walk down the road. The town, which used to be a sleepy town, has become a significant urban area and an important capital city due to many major attractions on the Gold Coast. When you are in the city, the world is at your fingertips.


Swimming and Surf Spots


Accessibility to the beach and fantastic surf breaks are the most important factors in living on the Gold Coast. Moreover, the best free entertainment on the Coast is on the golden strip of sand at Mermaid Beach. If your goal is to get away from it all and enjoy the sea without the crowds, Mermaid Beach is the place for you.


Mermaid Beach Cafe and Restaurants


Most Favored By Locals


The suburb has an abundance of popular cafes and restaurants. It is because more restaurants have opened in the last couple of years.


The locals like the Japanese Etsu and the Mexican Bonita Bonita a lot. You can also find one of the trendiest areas of Mermaid Beach at the southern end, known as Nobby Beach, or “Nobby’s”, to locals. The area has become famous for diners to hang out in the last few years.


Other Favorites


The Little Truffle Dining Room is famous for tourists and locals because of its delicious European-Esque food with an Australian twist.


Along with the mains, they use ingredients such as quail, venison, terrine ham hock, and duck leg. Fresh Truffles are a welcome addition to the menu when in season.


Another best place to eat in the area is Itoshin Japanese, which serves authentic dishes directly from the source. Itoshin’s décor is simple but functional, and the sushi, sashimi and sake will make you want to come back again and again.


The next is the Mandala Organic Arts Cafe. It is a 100% vegan establishment where even non-vegan friends are dragged kicking and screaming away from burgers. But after tasting the delicious flax seed humble pie, they’ll surely be willing to return.


Nightlife At Mermaid Beach


Mermaid Beach might not be as busy as other neighbouring suburbs, but nightlife is alive in this place. Have you heard of what the locals call “Mermaid Tav” before? Mermaid Beach Tavern is a bar at the beach, a popular spot for nightlife on a Friday night. The pub is known for its Friday night and Sunday night arvo sessions.



Once you visit this venue, you’ll see that it is focused on providing entertainment for its customers by any means possible. They have various facilities and offer a broad range of services to please anyone. It includes incredible competitions, UFC nights, karaoke, poker and trivia nights, live bands, live comedy, themed parties such as ‘Aussie’ and ‘Melbourne Cup’ days, and pool tables.


This bar is divided into two levels, with various entertainment areas to drink, dance, and have fun. The bar area is downstairs, a low-key place with some tables and chairs made of makeshift kegs.


Bon Bon is another place in Mermaid Beach to enjoy the nightlife. This place serves all your favourite Mezcal and Tequila weekly, with unforgettable weekend theme nights.



Exciting Entertainment


In this gorgeous coastal town, there are many exciting entertainment options that you can enjoy. You can play golf at the PUTT PUTT GOLF or gather with the gang and be competitive during Mermaid Beach Bowls Club’s trivia nights.



Mermaid Beach Life Saving Club


The Mermaid Beach Life Saving Club patrols the 2-kilometres-long Mermaid Beach. From November to April, lifeguard towers 24 and 25 (placed at Hilda Street and Seashell Avenue, respectively) are patrolled from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., while tower 26 in front of the Surf Club is patrolled from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day.


The Life Saving Club is supported by a club called Mermaid Beach Surf Club Supporters, which helps them buy equipment and raise funds to support the volunteer lifesavers.



A fully stocked bar, an extensive menu, and an option to play pokies and keno can be found at the Supporters Club. The Supporters Club is crucial for the success and safety of the devoted men and women who patrol the beaches.


Getting Around Has Never Been So Easy


Another thing about Mermaid Beach that makes it an excellent place to live is accessible transportation such as the Gold Coast Light Rail. You only have to walk 18 minutes from the beach to the nearest light rail station.


The Gold Coast Light Rail is a transport system that has connected one end of the city to the other and with more planned stops. It makes getting around the Gold Coast a breeze.


Mermaid Beach Shopping Districts


Do you want to know where to shop at Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast? Among the places, you can easily access the Waterways Shopping Village, The Mermaid Shopping Centre, Q Super Centre, Mermaid Waters Shopping Centre, and Pacific Fair. Are you curious if Mermaid Waters is also an awesome place to live? This nearby place is also among the best suburbs to live in Gold Coast.

Nearby markets are also only a few minutes away, and Miami Marketta is one of them. It is the first street market of its kind on the Coast. It is a place where you can eat, hang out, listen to music, and make art. Many stalls have a feast for the eyes and the taste buds.



On Sundays, Merrimac State High School’s high school grounds are the location for the Gold Coast Organic Farmers Market. It is the only truly Organic Growers Market on the Gold Coast that sells the tastiest, best quality, and most nutritious produce.


Mermaid Schools And Beach Medical Facilities


Mermaid Beach has everything you need, including education and medical facilities. Among the schools in the area are Mermaid Beach Primary School, Miami State School, and Merrimac State High School.



On the other hand, the medical facilities around Mermaid Beach are Mermaid Beach Medical Centre, Mermaid Junction Medical Centre, Mermaid Central Medical Clinic, and Waterways Medical Centre.


Hang Your Hat At Mermaid Beach


If your main goal is to escape the hustle and bustle of your present home, why not consider the vibrant town of Mermaid Beach as a place to live on the Gold Coast? This place has the friendliest locals, delectable foods, and beautiful spots to relax and be entertained. Getting around is also easier with accessible transportation.


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