Gold Coast University Hospital Getting 92 New Doctors

The Palaszczuk Government has announced that nearly 100 new doctors have begun their new careers on the Gold Coast in the last couple of weeks. It is an important development that will help to improve healthcare services in the city, which is the second largest in Queensland.


The announcement was made by Minister Meaghan Scanlon, who coincidently lives on Gold Coast and is responsible for the region’s healthcare. She personally greeted the new health professionals who are currently finishing their orientation at the Gold Coast University Hospital, where they will be working. It is a significant step in ensuring that the residents of Gold Coast have access to high-quality medical care.


New Doctors and Investment in Health Projects to Meet Growing Demand in Gold Coast


According to Minister Scanlon, the Gold Coast is among Australia’s fastest-growing areas. Moreover, the new doctors will play a critical role in meeting the demand for health services. The minister also said that the new doctors join thousands of hardworking health staff across the city. Also, Gold Coast Health has hired 2,400 additional frontline staff since the Palaszczuk government took office in 2015.


The orientation this week, according to Minister Scanlon, will make sure that all new doctors have a clear understanding of what the facility offers.  In addition, the orientation will give everyone a clear understanding of their responsibilities, and be ready to start their placements. The new physicians are a part of Gold Coast Health’s historic $1.944 billion operational funding investment. It grows by 9.6% from the previous year to help meet the requirements of the city’s growing population.


In addition to the new doctors, the government is also investing in significant new health-related projects in the city. Among those are the new billion-dollar-plus Coomera Hospital, and the Robina Hospital expansions that will create 134 new beds. In addition, there is the modular $72 million addition of 70 supplemental beds at Gold Coast University Hospital.

Orientation Includes Training Workshops and Shadowing for Junior Doctors


As part of their orientation, the doctors will take part in training workshops to hone their skills in Basic Life Support and Infection Control. Dr. Raghu Murthy made the point that junior doctors will have the opportunity to learn by observing activities in the wards. It is an essential aspect of the orientation process. Dr. Murthy is the Acting Executive Director of Medical Services.


Murthy said that shadowing has been proven to be of great value in helping interns to be completely prepared for their first day on the job. He added that new doctors have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the wards and their new workplace. It is shadowing and the opportunity to ask questions that help get everyone up to speed on all the processes and procedures.


Moreover, a significant number of this year’s interns have graduated from universities on the Gold Coast, such as Griffith and Bond. In contrast, a smaller group has come from other universities in Queensland and some from other states. Dr. Murthy said that this year’s interns will play an important role in the digital innovation that is currently taking place at Gold Coast Health.


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