What Is the Fastest Growing Suburb in Gold Coast?

It surprised me to find out that while the biggest suburb in the Gold Coast is Numinbah Valley at 100.6 km2, another suburb actually has the fastest growing population on the Goldie. Not only that, but this Gold Coast suburb is also the fastest growing suburb in Queensland. Aren’t you curious?


What is the fastest growing suburb in the Gold Coast? Pimpama is the fastest growing suburb on the Gold Coast and is the fastest growing suburb in Queensland.


Learn why many are taking interest and migrating to this Gold Coast suburb.


Pimpama Has Over 20% Population Growth


Due to its excellent weather, affordable housing, and laid-back atmosphere, the Gold Coast has recently become one of Australia’s most popular locations for interstate immigration.


The Gold Coast and Brisbane have experienced a dramatic increase in population and infrastructure. It is a result of more than 10,000 owner-occupiers relocating from Melbourne and Sydney to Queensland, Australia’s sunshine state, and its two main cities.


Ironfish’s specialised research team has closely followed the Gold Coast and Brisbane markets and discovered a fascinating suburb with an astounding population growth rate of more than 20%! That is Pimpama everyone!


Pimpama contributes nearly a quarter of the Gold Coast’s population growth. It is a suburb on the Gold Coast that is originally a small farming community 29 kilometers away from the Surfers Paradise.


Prime Location: Between Two Cities


Many people overlook how close Australia’s third-largest city (Brisbane) and sixth-largest city (Gold Coast) are to Pimpama. These cities are only separated by a one-hour drive. Pimpama is near from the M1 Motorway corridor. It is 40 minutes from Brisbane’s central business district, and 26 minutes from Surfers Paradise.



Residents of Pimpama have easy access to the infrastructure, and cultural hotspots of both cities. It can also access employment centres, including Queensland’s new Health and Knowledge precinct. The $5 billion Health and Knowledge precinct, which houses over 26,000 new jobs and 20,000 students, is just 18 minutes’ drive from Pimpama.



Future Development: The Gold Coast’s Infrastructure Boom


Pimpama directly benefit from Queensland’s era of significant infrastructure development as a member of the Gold Coast City Council. In addition to sitting between the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Recognizing Pimpama’s rapid population growth and development, the government plans to build a new Pimpama railway station to allow residents to travel between the Gold Coast and Brisbane. The new facility is to open in 2024.


The popularity of Pimpama is not solely due to the larger developments on the Gold Coast. Pimpama is also being developed as a large-scale suburb. This development will include new residential areas, shopping centers, and other amenities. The goal is to create a self-sustaining community that can provide for its residents’ needs.


No Wonder Pimpama Is The Fastest Growing Suburb in the Gold Coast!


When it comes to population growth, Pimpama has been dubbed as one of the suburbs with the fastest rates of growth in Australia. Aside that transportation is easy in Pimpama, this suburb also has a lot of things to offer to its residents. It’s also the reason why Pimpama is among the best suburbs to invest in the Gold Coast 2022. So if you’re thinking of investing in real estate on the Gold Coast, be sure to keep Pimpama at the top of your list.


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