Gold Coast Pubs with Live Music

Picture this: a balmy evening, a cold drink in hand, and the infectious beat of live music filling the air. If you’ve ever found yourself yearning for such an experience, you’re in for a treat as we dive into the vibrant world of Gold Coast pubs with live music.


The Gold Coast pubs with live music in this list include The Coolangatta Hotel, Waxy’s Irish Pub, Finn McCool’s, The Miami, and Eddie’s Grub House.


This article is your gateway to the rhythmic and melodic treasures in the city’s cozy and lively pubs. Regardless if you’re a local looking for your new favourite hangout or a visitor seeking the heart of the Gold Coast’s nightlife.


Coolangatta Hotel


The Coolangatta Hotel is among the Gold Coast pubs with live music, delectable cuisine, and a wide range of beverages. With the space to accommodate up to 1,000 guests, it’s the perfect venue for those seeking a lively and entertaining experience.


The Cooly is easily accessible via public transportation. Moreover, it offers captivating beach views thanks to its proximity to the Coolangatta shoreline. This establishment’s outstanding service sets it apart; the friendly staff ensures the venue remains impeccably clean.


While you soak in the sea view, you can savour an impressive selection of tea, coffee, beverages, and snacks. The culinary experience at The Cooly is elevated by its splendid restaurant, Crave. It presents a comprehensive menu and an array of bar snacks perfect for a casual lunch meeting or a romantic evening for two.


The entertainment at The Coolangatta Hotel is equally impressive, featuring live performances by local and international artists and up-and-coming DJs. Additionally, sports enthusiasts can catch live coverage of major matches and sporting events.


The Coolangatta Hotel’s ambience seamlessly blends modern design elements with rustic accents. This creates a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that suits every occasion. They can cater to various events with two exceptional function rooms.


The Coolangatta Hotel opens from 9 AM to 11 PM from Sunday to Thursday. Moreover, it opens 9 AM to 2 AM on Fridays and Saturdays.




Waxy’s Irish Pub


Experience the authentic spirit of the Emerald Isle at Waxy’s Irish Pub in the heart of Surfers Paradise. Every day, from 10 AM till late, the pub comes alive with the electrifying tunes of talented bands and live performers. It ensures your entire week is set to the rhythm of live music.


The Waxy’s Irish Pub is a traditional Irish pub that offers the ideal setting to unwind with friends, revel in the sounds of local musical talent, and savour a crisp pint of ale. With its generous dose of Irish charm, Waxy’s Irish Pub is a veritable pot of gold in the Gold Coast’s live music scene. It is a must-visit destination for those seeking an unforgettable experience.


For functions, their Skyline Rooftop Bar is a gorgeous venue you must consider. It offers breathtaking skyline views of Surfers Paradise.



Finn McCool’s


Finn McCool’s is a vibrant Irish pub with live music. It is a lively establishment that boasts an extensive range of draft beers, whiskies, and mouth-watering appetizers. It creates the ultimate haven for a fantastic time with friends.


Whether you’re searching for a hearty, traditional pub meal or craving a touch of Irish charm in your Surfers Paradise experience, Finn McCool’s provides the perfect destination. With its inviting ambience, live entertainment, and an enticing menu, this pub offers the ideal opportunity to revel in a memorable evening that fuses the best of Irish culture and a laid-back coastal atmosphere.


When it comes to food, they have skillfully merged the finest Australian pub classics with beloved dishes from their homeland. Renowned as the Gold Coast’s top pub dining experience, patrons can indulge in lunch options like Chicken Parmi, Burgers, or Fish and Chips, with the added bonus of a comforting Sunday Roast.


Moreover, Finn McCool’s offers a delectable selection of home-cooked meals that are thoughtfully curated to satisfy every palate. It ensures that visitors can enjoy a hearty meal any day of the week. They are open from Monday – Thursday from 11:30 AM to 3 PM, 5 PM – 9 PM, and Friday to Sunday from 11:30 AM to 9 PM.



The Miami


On the Gold Coast, The Miami, previously known as the Miami Tavern, stands as a beloved pub. It is renowned for its regular UFC fight broadcasts and its uncomplicated yet satisfying bistro-style fare and gaming offerings. Moreover, the establishment boasts a welcoming beer garden. This place is where patrons can bask in the lively atmosphere and indulge in live music performances every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings.


Located in the picturesque North Burleigh coastline, a brief stroll from the Mick Schamburg Park Lookout reveals a two-story pub. This pub captures the essence of its natural surroundings. Drawing inspiration from the local landscape, the menu showcases an array of dishes. Each pay homage to regional produce, spotlighting fresh seafood and elevated pub classics. Guests can choose to settle into the inviting sports bar for a front-row view of the latest games or ascend to the newly designed, contemporary dining area to immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere.


From its vantage point overlooking the Coolangatta Skyline and Miami Hill, the deck provides an idyllic setting to raise a glass with friends. Particularly during a night out as they take in the breathtaking views. The Miami is open from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 AM – 3:30 AM and closes earlier on Sundays at 1:30 AM.



Eddie’s Grub House


Eddie’s Grub House, a standout among Gold Coast’s live music pubs, is a quintessential dive pub. It is a cherished haunt for dedicated southern Gold Coast residents. Especially those who frequent the establishment to enjoy a consistent blend of blues, rock ‘n’ roll, and the curated playlists of local DJs.


In addition, this watering hole proudly features a well-stocked back bar with a selection of craft beers. Favourites like Coopers, Stone & Wood, and Balter are on tap. The thoughtfully dimly lit ambience sets the perfect mood for an evening of music and camaraderie. Details can be found on their website for those seeking further information about Eddie’s Grub House.



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In the lively and diverse landscape of the Gold Coast, the rhythm of life finds its heart in the vibrant pubs with live music that grace this picturesque stretch of Queensland’s shoreline. From the notes of talented local artists to the electrifying performances by international musicians, these venues offer an experience like no other. So, whether you seek the soulful melodies of a bluesy ballad or the energetic beats of rock ‘n’ roll, the Gold Coast’s pubs with live music invite you to savour unforgettable moments where music and camaraderie converge, making it an essential destination for music lovers and revellers alike.

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