Gold Coast Florists for Your Valentine

There’s no need to look hard for the best Gold Coast florists for Valentine’s since you’re already looking into a list of the most trusted and creative ones. Here’s my curated list of the floral shops that make the most beautiful arrangements on the Gold Coast. You’re ready to woo your date after reading this article.


Who are the best florists on the Gold Coast for Valentine’s Day? Fig & Bloom, Flowers Gold Coast, Floraly, Moss N Stone, LVLY, Studio O’Hara, and Bee’s Blossoms & Plants offer enchanting floral experiences on the Gold Coast. From bespoke arrangements to sustainable choices, they ensure your Valentine’s Day blooms with love.


Fig & Bloom


Fig & Bloom is a standout local florist and expert in flower delivery. This shop is renowned for its swift overnight courier service that proves invaluable when time is of the essence. Moreover, under the skilled guidance of Kellie, their lead florist, customers can anticipate impeccable bouquet creations. For those seeking a consistent supply of floral delights on the Gold Coast, Fig & Bloom offers subscription packages tailored to individual needs.



Their impressive arrangements set Fig & Bloom apart, a notable departure from the ordinary baby’s breath and rose combinations. Explore their exquisite floral offerings on the Gold Coast through Fig & Bloom’s website.


Flowers Gold Coast


Another florist who you can trust on the Gold Coast when it comes to Valentine’s bouquets is Flowers Gold Coast. Guided by the creative expertise of Vaïana, they weave enchantment into every floral arrangement. Impress your date with the unique elegance curated by Vaïana’s passion for floristry, turning each bouquet into a bespoke masterpiece.


Beyond enchanting Valentine’s bouquets, Flowers Gold Coast caters to various occasions. Celebrate birthdays with vibrant blooms, welcome newborns with tender arrangements, express joy and admiration with congratulations flowers, offer solace with thoughtful sympathy bouquets, convey gratitude through elegant thank-you flowers, symbolize enduring commitment with romantic anniversary blooms, and mark academic success with beautifully crafted graduation flowers.


Flowers Gold Coast isn’t just a florist; it’s a destination that transforms emotions into floral art. Vaïana’s personalized touch ensures each creation is a magical experience beyond the ordinary. Flowers Gold Coast transforms moments into everlasting memories, from classic roses to vibrant arrangements.





Another hotspot for flowers is Floraly. It is a direct-to-consumer flower delivery and gifting service, emerges as an exceptionally sustainable choice for Valentine’s Day. Their unique approach involves sourcing flowers only upon receiving an order, drastically reducing flower wastage by up to 90%. With prices starting at just $60, Floraly ensures the delivery of the freshest blooms in an elegant letterbox package.


In alignment with its eco-friendly ethos, Floraly has partnered with OzHarvest, guaranteeing that each flower bouquet sold provides a meal to those in need. Beyond their commitment to sustainability, Floraly’s flower arrangements are breathtaking. In addition, they offer next-day delivery on the Gold Coast.


Moss N Stone


Omitting Moss N Stone from our list of the Gold Coast’s finest florists for Valentine’s Day would be a grave oversight. This legendary florist brings a refreshing perspective to the art. They craft distinctive arrangements using a blend of flowers and foliage that excel in catering to various occasions, including the romantic celebration of Valentine’s Day.


Moss N Stone is renowned for their expertise in flower alchemy, offering an extensive array of posies, market bunches, and native flora. However, they go beyond the ordinary floral shop, seamlessly integrating indoor plants, artisanal gifts, unique home decor, and exquisite skincare products into their floral presentations. Moreover, they provide local flower delivery services seven days a week. Undoubtedly, Moss N Stone ranks among the Gold Coast’s premier florists for creating memorable Valentine’s Day moments.





Discover the perfect gift for your Valentine with LVLY, a florist that understands the expectations of today’s gift recipients. Starting at just $70, LVLY offers flower deliveries that cater to diverse preferences. Choose from their curated gift boxes, featuring delightful additions like wine and chocolates, or unleash your creativity by crafting a personalized gift ensemble with socks, beer, personalized Polaroid photos, and delectable cookies.


The sweetest part? LVLY provides same-day delivery to the Gold Coast every day of the week if you place your order before 2 PM.



Bee’s Blossoms & Plants


For a bouquet that guarantees a stunning entrance, Bee’s Blossoms & Plants, crafted by the creative force Belle, is the perfect choice. Moreover, Bee’s Blossoms & Plants cater to a diverse clientele, enhancing homes, weddings, events, and cafes with high-end floral creations. It is renowned for architecturally inventive floral arrangements.


In addition, Belle’s commitment to eco-friendliness is evident, with a genuine fondness for vibrant, locally sourced blooms. What sets them apart is the option to complement your order with a seasonal plant, candle, or cocktail mixer, adding an extra layer of charm to your selection.


Initially an online store, Bee’s Blossoms has expanded to include a brick-and-mortar storefront in Tweed Heads, situated near the mouth-watering pastries of The Bread Social.



Studio O’Hara


Embrace the vibrant offerings of Studio O’Hara, a dynamic player in the Gold Coast’s floristry scene. Gaining rapid recognition, Studio O’Hara ensures freshness with local florist suppliers in Burleigh. Moreover, each bouquet is thoughtfully crafted to complement any occasion. They include a Polaroid picture keepsake for cherished memories as an added touch.


With three distinctive options, Studio O’Hara stands out. Avail of their same-day delivery (order before 11 AM), explore corporate gifting solutions or utilize their unique online gifting calendar. The latter ensures you never miss a special occasion with ongoing subscriptions or scheduled gift deliveries. Emphasizing support for local artisans, Studio O’Hara offers options. Among those are Little Cocoa chocolate and Wildflower Gin gifts alongside your flower bouquet.


Let These Gold Coast Florists Help You Make Your Loved One Feel Loved!


In the language of love, Gold Coast florists bloom as enchanting artists. They craft bouquets that speak volumes without uttering a word. This Valentine’s Day, let the delicate petals and vibrant hues tell your love story as you embrace the artistry of local florists. ✨ Seize the moment to celebrate romance on the Gold Coast, where every petal whispers sweet nothings.

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