Gold Coast Cafes with Vegan Options

If you’re in search of culinary delights that cater to both your love for coffee culture and your commitment to a plant-based lifestyle, Gold Coast cafes with vegan options are the perfect destination. These establishments offer a diverse array of delectable vegan dishes alongside exceptional coffee, providing a haven for those looking to savour cruelty-free delights. From tantalizing plant-based breakfasts to rich and creamy dairy-free coffees, these Gold Coast cafes with vegan options bring together the best of taste and ethics.


Cafe Carrara



Cafe Carrara provides a menu that caters to a diverse range of dietary preferences, including both meat and vegan options. Situated in the Carrara Markets precinct, this breakfast and lunch vendor primarily focuses on serving vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes. Their offerings include a delectable vegan breakfast and a vegan sandwich featuring vegan feta.



The Milkman’s Daughter


The Milkman’s Daughter is a well-known establishment among Gold Coast cafe enthusiasts, particularly those seeking vegan and vegetarian options. Beyond its delightful plant-based meals, this cafe is celebrated for its exceptional coffee and inviting upscale interior. The Milkman’s Daughter stands out as one of the finest breakfast destinations on the Gold Coast. It exudes a relaxed, luxurious atmosphere, replete with abundant greenery and comfortable cushions nestled in white concrete alcoves, ideal for sharing a coffee with friends.


Situated in Mermaid Beach, this cafe embodies the philosophy of “Eat consciously. Live consciously.” This ethos is readily apparent in their all-day menu, which showcases wholesome dishes such as green fritters, lemon ricotta pancakes, and the beloved Byron Bay salad. For those in the mood for indulgence, consider trying the dulce de leche iced latte, a treat featuring housemade vegan caramel, a double espresso, and coconut milk. The Milkman’s Daughter truly encapsulates the essence of a Gold Coast cafe with extensive vegan offerings.



Goodness Gracias


Believe that vegan cuisine lacks excitement? Allow us to introduce you to Goodness Gracias, an exceptional vegan Mexican-fusion establishment nestled in Palm Beach. This eatery concocts some of the most vibrant Mexican-inspired dishes. These dishes defy preconceived notions about the monotony of plant-based fare while delivering a delectable culinary experience.


This Mexican cafe is entirely plant-based. They offer an enticing array of tacos, burritos, nachos, quesadillas, salads, and a breakfast menu featuring vegan French toast. As a special treat, every Wednesday, you can relish their delectable $4.50 each vegan tacos. Notably, it’s just recently that Goodness Gracias got a liquor license, allowing you to pair your Mexican dishes with a refreshing margarita. Undoubtedly, it stands out as one of the most distinctive vegan cafes on the Gold Coast.




The remarkable potential of plant-based cuisine takes centre stage at Blendlove in Bundall. It is an unassuming vegan cafe that wholeheartedly embraces the concept of ‘soul food.’ Here, the culinary philosophy goes beyond just being entirely plant-based; it also champions the absence of refined sugars and highly processed ingredients, focusing on the fundamental essence of food.


The lunch and breakfast offerings at Blendlove are exceptional. It features dishes like “Magic Mushrooms” with their housemade kale, walnut, and basil vegan mince, accompanied by chives, rocket, and a vegan cashew aioli.


Another delightful option is the “Happy Hashies.” It is an irresistible creation that pairs homemade truffle hashbrowns with kale-naise, garden greens, coconut bacon, and avocado. Complement your meal with one of their nutrient-rich smoothies for a nourishing and utterly delicious dining experience. What’s more, you can always count on the cheerful and welcoming service provided by the dedicated Blendlove team.



Goji Granola Bar & Cafe


Offering a diverse array of choices to cater to various dietary preferences, Goji Granola Bar & Cafe is not just limited to serving meat; it also provides a thoughtful selection of vegan options. Moreover, this cafe is known for its delectable offerings, including granola, acai bowls, dairy, soy, and gluten-free frozen yogurt.


In addition to these delightful treats, the cafe boasts a menu featuring savoury breakfast and lunch dishes. They also offer a range of fresh juices and smoothies. With this wide variety of options, Goji Granola Bar & Cafe ensures all patrons can savour their favourite flavours. It is a prime destination among Gold Coast Cafes with Vegan Options.



See Yö Cafe & Bakery


Formerly known as Marie Anita’s, See Yö Cafe & Bakery is serving gluten-free options on the Gold Coast. It champions the belief that healthy eating should be an exquisite fusion of genuine flavours, and simplicity. As well as the use of fresh and locally sourced ingredients, and a touch of sophistication. Their mission is to revolutionize the perception of nutritious dining.


With a rich background in the art of gluten-free artisan baking, See Yö Cafe & Bakery takes immense pride in crafting unique, high-quality, and nutritionally rich gluten-free bread, entirely free from artificial additives. Moreover, this gluten-free health cafe seamlessly combines the rustic charm of an artisan bakery with the vintage allure of an enchanting cafe. Here, customers can savour freshly baked gluten-free bread and delectable treats to accompany their organic morning coffee daily. It makes it a haven for those seeking delightful and health-conscious dining experiences on the Gold Coast.



There’s a Bright and Inclusive Food Horizon on the Gold Coast


In conclusion, Gold Coast Cafes with Vegan Options have emerged as culinary treasures. They cater to the diverse preferences of both vegans and non-vegans alike. These cafes have not only redefined the perception of plant-based dining but also stand as vibrant hubs where flavour, ethics, and innovation converge to provide a delectable and inclusive experience for all.


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