Gold Coast Bars Popular With Over 40 Singles

Being single does not have to be a bad thing. In fact, it can be a great time to meet new people, form relationships, and discover new places you never knew existed. If you are among the Gold Coast singles over 40, we can tell you that now is the best time to be in the dating scene. The Gold Coast alone has seen a lot of socialising over the years. It has resulted in the growth of the Gold Coast singles bars to the point where you can enter one and start chatting with the exceptional person seated across from you.


The Gold Coast bars popular with over 40 singles includes Soho Housebar, Burleigh Pavilion, Lockwood Bar, The Island Rooftop, The Scottish Prince, The Roosevelt Lounge, Nineteen At The Star, and BreadNButter.




Since you’re looking for somebody to be your bread and butter, it’s only natural that you go to a place named after it. BreadnButter is located in the Gold Coast’s southern region and is among the Gold Coast bars most famous for pickups and hookups. The setting of the restaurant is where the experience at BreadnButter begins. This restaurant also offers a variety of unique meals you can only get there, such as Spanish tapas and wood-fired pizzas.



Nineteen At The Star


Nineteen At The Star is among the Gold Coast bars with a view. This bar is so much more than just a name. The drinks and atmosphere are top-notch and sure to please everyone who comes in. Trust me, this bar is the real deal, and it won’t disappoint you.

This bar, like most others, is open at various times of the day. But it only springs to life during the night.

Moreover, the best scenes can be found at the bar. It will motivate you to perform at your peak that evening. How enjoyable would it be to laugh with a new friend. At the same time, you’re taking in the expansive Pacific Ocean and the stunning city skyline at night?



The Roosevelt Lounge


Searching for over 40s bars on the Gold Coast? The Roosevelt Lounge is just the right place for you. Aside from sounding fancy, this place also has a fancy aesthetic. Although this is among the area’s newest bars, you can still tell because of its five-star rating. Given the taste and culture that has gone into its design, you may confuse this bar for some other place when you first walk in.



The Scottish Prince


Since the bar opened in 2017, it has established its reputation. It began by carrying a huge selection of whiskeys for drinkers from all over the world, staying true to its name. Some of the best whiskies cannot be found anywhere else. These whiskies are hard to come by and are worth savouring. The bar provided various cocktails and introduced additional food options to make the evening more enjoyable for guests.

The Scottish Prince is also among the Gold Coast bars with live music, which sets the mood for a good conversation between singles out there. Every so often, you may feel inclined to bust a move to some of the beats – and the Scottish Prince would be happy to see your moves.



The Island Rooftop


The Island Rooftop is another rooftop bar that over 40s singles on the Gold Coast frequent. Having drinks on hand to lubricate all the interactions you will be having is one thing. It’s one thing to have a good time. But it’s another to have the perfect snacks to keep your mouth busy and your stomach full as you burn through energy.

Having a picturesque setting provides a magical atmosphere for the ideal evening and that’s just what The Island Rooftop has to offer. This singles bar, with the Surfers Paradise central business district in its sights, has a dominant Californian vibe.

The club is also well-known for the type of music played there. This music is often loud and can be heard from outside the club. It is a popular spot for people who enjoy this type of music and want to dance. On some days, there are a few live bands to choose from, and on other days the roster of DJs here is equally impressive.



Lockwood Bar


Lockwood Bar’s straightforward design makes a big impression. The combination of exposed brick walls and a draped velvet entrance creates an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. If you’re searching for “older crowd bars near me, ” Lockwood Bar is for you.

There will probably be another single like you at the bar table or in the room as a whole. You two will probably have a lot in common; let’s hope so anyway.  A quaint setting like this is all you need to get the conversation flowing and the first hello is all it takes to start things off.


Burleigh Pavilion


Almost nothing compares to enjoying the amazing beachfront location that Burleigh Pavilion enjoys, is for those who like to have a good time at the beach. The bar may be well-known for its selection of drinks for people of all tastes, but it also offers some of the best food around.

The pizzas here are cooked in a wood-fired oven, and the chips and fish are battered and fried in beer. Even without anything else, the Burleigh Pavilion’s food and drink are enough to draw hordes of single people. Oh, and singles adore the beach as well.


Soho Housebar


From a small bar, Soho Housebar has become the perfect drinking hole for over 40s singles that aren’t into crowded bars. This place is excellent because it has maintained its quality and reputation despite being small. Thus, it is a great place to meet other singles and have a good time.

Soho Housebar is beautifully established in Broadbeach. The Gold Coast is an excellent place for singles. It is because it offers many opportunities to encounter new people and experience new things. The area also shares borders with some of the best restaurants. It makes it a top spot for singles who want to try new foods.


Swing by At These Bars To Meet Singles on the Gold Coast


Looking to meet some new people on the Gold Coast? Check out these bars – you’re sure to find other singles looking for a good time! Soak up the sun and meet a new person at one of the many outdoor bars on the Gold Coast. Or, if you’re looking for a more low-key evening, there are plenty of indoor bars where you can relax and get to know someone new. 


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