What Is The Live Music Scene Like On The Gold Coast?

Are you looking for more than pristine beaches and water activities on the Gold Coast? Maybe you’re into music like me–do you enjoy listening to live music too? If yes, then perfect! There is an active live music scene on the Gold Coast.


What is the live music scene like on the Gold Coast? It’s an amalgamation of top-notch artists, unique music genres, mellifluous songs, and vibrant venues. Experience the live music scene on the Gold Coast at Cafe Catalina, Surfers Paradise Beer Garden, Shark Bar, and more.


Now, let me help you get in on the action: let’s talk about live music on the Gold Coast! You can find out more about each place below and their website.


Where Is Gold Coast’s Live Music At?


The constant flow of live music through bars, restaurants, clubs, theatres, farmer’s markets, breweries, festivals, cafes, and streets is the lifeblood of culture on the Gold Coast. After nightfall, most taverns and hotels also play live music, which, depending on your preferences, can be of excellent or common quality. However, all live music is fun, especially if you only want a good time.   


Which Live Music Spots Should I Visit?


Cafe Catalina


These sun-loving chillers bring you the best live acoustic music every Sunday afternoon from 3 to 6. Put your dog in a coat, get a drink, and settle in at Cafe Catalina in Southport. This venue takes pride in supporting local musicians, so include them on your weekend hit list.



Surfers Paradise Beer Garden


The Surfers Paradise Beergarden was recently renovated with a state-of-the-art sound and lighting system. They have live performances you can watch every Thursday through Sunday. The Beergarden, regarded as the epicentre of live music on the Gold Coast, has a long history of promoting loud, local, and international artists. 



Eddie’s Grub House


Eddie’s Grub House is that seedy dive pub with devoted southern Gold Coast residents hydrated and entertained by the sounds of blues, rock ‘n’ roll, and local DJs’ playlists. This place boasts a fully stocked back bar with craft beer from Coopers, Stone & Wood, and Balter on tap. Plus, it’s dimly lit for optimum moodiness. You can find out more information on their website, https://www.eddiesgrubhouse.com/.



Broadbeach Tavern


This traditional yet refurbished tavern is located in the centre of Broadbeach. It hosts live music every Thursday through Sunday, offering music to suit all interests. Broadbeach Tavern serves delicious cuisine and beverages and has a terrific, lively atmosphere.



The Scottish Prince


Open from Tuesday to Sunday for your listening enjoyment, Den Devine showcases jazz and blues musicians. Live music fans know this secluded, compact location; thus, reservations are highly advised to secure a seat. Make yourself at home as you grab a drink from their serious whisky selection. What’s more, have a taste of Scotland with their tasting menu every Sunday and Wednesday night! Check it all out on their website https://thescottishprince.com.au/.



Vinnies Dive


Vinnies is the definition of a punk/metal dive bar that is all about the music. It is one of the newest live music venues on the Gold Coast and is already well-liked by the locals. On the weekends, crowds frequently gather to watch some fantastic live acts, both local and international. 



Mo’s Desert Clubhouse


A rough creative, and musical place furnished with cacti-filled drum equipment, an amazing psychedelic painting, homey couches, and handmade pallet tables. Before playing the Warehouse (capacity of 200 people), bands can warm up in the Mojo Room. Mo’s is your oyster if you’re in a band, need a conference room, or simply want to attend live music events, yoga courses, or macrame workshops.



The Loft


A venue with lots of European flair is located not far from the chaos of Surfers Paradise. This charming little bar with a chalet-inspired interior features French-style nibbles and live music every Thursday and Friday. The Friday night event, which features some of the most daring music by emerging Australian touring acts, is not for the timid, so be ready.



The Star Gold Coast


With high-quality bars, spas, and functions, this hotel and casino offer amazing talent all year round. Acts like Bill Bailey, Eirborne, and the Australian Bee Gees perform and entertain on stage. You get to take pleasure in various shows while enjoying great service.


Also, you can catch a movie on Mondays and Thursdays. They have both new and classic films which are free for Star Club members and only $5 for non-members! Find out more here on their site: https://www.star.com.au/goldcoast/.





Don’t be fooled by the appearance of this modest bar, which is hidden away on the top floor of the Currumbin RSL; Soundlounge is recognized for putting on some of the best concerts on the Coast. You can get close to your favorite artists in a room that can be set up for 300 to 700 people. Moreover, the alcohol prices here are among the lowest on the Coast.




Surfers Pavillion


It doesn’t matter if you use an Uber or a jet ski to get there. In the center of Surfers Paradise, Surfers Pavilion is your one-stop location for food, drinks, and catching a live DJ session. The Stafford Brothers and Peking Duk have both recently performed here to enthusiastic crowds, so these aren’t just any DJs either. 





The Home of the Arts is undoubtedly putting in the hard work to develop further the arts and culture environment in this region of Queensland. They offer everything from headliners playing on one of Australia’s top outdoor stages to intimate indoor gigs. On Fridays on the Lawn, you can bring a blanket and take a sip of their drink as you unwind in their chic sun-kissed ambiance. Take a look at their website for more info: https://hota.com.au/.





The markets are one of the best places to hear live music on the Gold Coast! We can’t get enough of the wafting soulful sounds when we dig through the racks in the morning. The Green Marquee, Palm Beach Farmers Markets, and Burleigh’s The Village Markets are just a few incredible locations where you can enjoy great music every weekend while shopping for cheap produce.

Let’s Sum That Up


There is so much live music on the Gold Coast to be experienced. It doesn’t matter if you prefer jazz, a cozy atmosphere, or a punk rock mosh pit. You’ll find what you seek and more. You may even make new friends you can hang out with every night! I swear you won’t regret letting the Gold Coast’s music (and your heart) take you.