Craft Beer on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast has seen a beer revolution these years and is now known as “the craft beer capital of Australia” because of it. The phrase is a reference to the microbreweries, craft breweries, and craft beer bars pubs that have sprung up quickly and successfully along the Gold Coast. They lure beer enthusiasts with masterpieces made of liquid gold that will definitely satisfy the palate.


Get craft beer on the Gold Coast at Bobs Beer, Black Hops Brewery, AWOL, Precinct Brewing, Fortitude Brewing Co., Burleigh Brewing Co., Lost Palms Brewing Co., The Lucky Squire, Balter Brewing Company, and Hop on Brewery Tours.


Here are some of the top craft breweries in the area, so gather your friends and embark on the ultimate craft beer crawl.


Bobs Beer


This newcomer is among the Gold Coast breweries you should visit once you’re in Surfers Paradise. It is an utter treat to behold. Especially with copper and glossy tiling, beer taps, and a glassed window behind the bar that allows you to see the magic unfolding, which is clearly the beer being made.


The amazing beverages produced by BOBs Beer include an IPA, an XPA, and other limited-edition brews. They currently have a beer loaded with tropical fruit flavours Techno Remix Hazy IPA that pair wonderfully with everything on their outstanding dining menu.



Black Hops Brewery

Black hops brewery started when three friends from the Goldie brewed a stout in their backyard. Today, this brewery has local tap rooms located at Brisbane, Biggera Waters, and Burleigh Heads. They also have an array of beers that offer a wide variety of unusual flavours. It’s aside from exceptionally excellent and multi-award winners. There’s the Caribbean Haze, a delicious, rum-soaked Hazy IPA; the Liquid Schwartz, a lager made of black coffee; and, of course, all your old favourites.





AWOL, the group’s newest and possibly most distinctive brewery, was created by the same team that gave us Black Hops Brewing. These serve barrel-aged beers, particularly sours, and are some of the best drinks available. The tap room, which opened just a few months ago, is mainly textured whites with splashes of greenery.


You can get drinks like Pink Mist, an award-winning Raspberry Sour, and Hibiscus Haven, a cherry-flavoured sour on tap. Cheers to this Gold Coast beer, receiving praise from around the world!



Precinct Brewing


To nearly everyone’s satisfaction, the Miami-based brewery opened its doors in late 2020. There wasn’t any doubt that it would be excellent because Scott Imlach, a leading figure in the hospitality industry, and his colleagues were responsible for it. The bright, airy craft beer bar in Gold Coast serves a variety of locally brewed frothies. As well as food with wood-fired pizzas, weekly quizzes, and, of course, live music.


The finest beverage accouterments. Take it from us. All that Precinct Brewing has produced, from the Strawberry Sour to the Tropical Stout, is wonderful.



Fortitude Brewing Co.


Fortitude Brewing Co. is a microbrewery located in the magnificent Mount Tamborine. They serve fresh beer and delicious pizza with a side of pure mountain air. You’re sure to find a thing to satisfy your thirst with a sizable lineup of brews that includes a Lager, Pale Ale, Summer Ale, and Stout. The crew also produces tasty Roots and Leaves Ginger Beer and special editions such as a Jalapeno and Smoked Pineapple Stout, an Anzus IPA, and a Milk Stout.




Burleigh Brewing Co.


Burleigh Brewing Co., one of the Coast’s first brewers, has long been a local favourite, and it’s easy to understand why. They are experts, especially with scrumptious, simple drinks like their cherished Burleigh 28, Pale Ale, Burleigh Mid-Tide, their beloved Mid-Strength Beer, their Full-Strength, Low-Carb Beer, Bighead. Their brewery craft beer shop on the Gold Coast is located at the back of Burleigh Heads. They also have a lovely outside space, ideal for those balmy beer-drinking afternoons.



Lost Palms Brewing Co.


This Miami gem is not one to be missed. What could be better than a hotdog and a few beers? It’s a bright pink brewery equipped with a basketball hoop and a nearby food truck parked in the corner. Every single brew produced by Lost Palms Brewing Co., which is well-recognised for its fruity concoctions and vibrant cans, has been pure gold. Consider a Gold Coast Bitter, Hibiscus and Guava Sour Ale, and an unrivaled Peach Hard Seltzer.



The Lucky Squire


Without a doubt, the word “squire” comes to mind when discussing breweries, and for a good reason—the newest Broadbeach brewery comes from a long history of bars. Even fancy ones. The Oracle precinct’s The Lucky Squire, which serves the full selection of James Squire artisan brews, is no exception. Not only that, but the facility has an outstanding dining menu full of dishes in both share-style and keep-to-yourself variants. Everything is wonderful.



Balter Brewing Company


Balter Brewing Company soon gained international fame after its announcement because of its well-known name. Founded by a group of childhood buddies who also happen to be professional surfers. The Currumbin brewery was well-liked even before it opened, with a mission statement of “excellent beer, with enjoyment.”


The team is now producing a variety of delicious drinks, such as their latest creation, a mind-blowing Nitro Milk Stout, Handsome Elvis, as well as favourites like Captain Sensible (mid-strength) as well as all the typical suspects in craft beer.




Hop on Brewery Tours


Beer tasting and driving do not mix, so delegate the driving and join Hop On Brewery Tours for an entire day or half day of beer-related excursions. However, they’ll do more than just drive you about. With their connections to the local beer scene, their expertise in the brewing process, and access to the best beer in town, the tour guides are a triple treat.


Even if you don’t regularly drink beer, you’ll leave with a new appreciation for the golden beverage after an enjoyable day out. All meals, brewery visits, beer tastings, and air-conditioned transportation are included in the price.



Fresh Beers on Tap, Great Food, and Entertainment on the Gold Coast


If you’re looking for a quality beer as well as a great meal and entertainment for all ages, make sure to visit the Gold Coast or take a Gold Coast brewery tour.