Are Chauffeur Driven Cars Expensive on the Gold Coast?

Getting around the Gold Coast has never been easier without chauffeur driven cars. I have heard many stories about how easy it is to get from one Gold Coast destination to another via these services. The chauffeurs have skills and know where to go, making chauffeur hire cars preferable if it’s your first time on the Gold Coast, QLD.


Are chauffeur driven cars expensive on the Gold Coast? Not usually. Depending on the car capacity you need, most chauffeur driven private car transfers Gold Coast aren’t expensive. Chauffeur prices range from $75 to $250 per hour. But, most companies have hourly minimums that bring the costs up to $225 or even $1,500 for larger vehicles.


Car Australia is among the best chauffeur driven cars you can hire on the Gold Coast. Learn more about this reliable chauffeur company below:


Car Australia


Car Australia has the greatest number of chauffeur-driven cars in South East Queensland. It is thanks to its parent company, Equity Transport Group. You’ll be comfortable riding their cars as their vehicles are modern, stylish, and enjoyable to ride in. You may also select from car brands like Toyotas, Holdens, BMWs, Audis, Mercedes, and more.


Car Australia also has numerous veteran drivers. Additionally, they have the most up-to-date software technology for vehicle tracking, bookings, and traffic monitoring. Thanks to these, their ability to provide dependable and affordable service to their expanding list of business customers has been made possible.


Additionally, Car Australia offers transport services in all of Australia’s major cities. It includes Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Adelaide. The operational and customer service teams at their business are highly qualified. Their private chauffeur Gold Coast also has years of combined experience. Choose Car Australia for an affordable and reliable chauffeur service in Queensland.


Why Choose Car Australia Over a Taxi or Rideshare Service?


Hughes, Australia’s largest chauffeur company, is a partner in this chauffeur-driven car rental, giving it access to its extensive fleet of vehicles, technology, and drivers. Car Australia has the resources to offer first-rate, dependable service.


Reasons To Hire Car Australia’s Chauffeur Driven Cars on The Gold Coast?


Lessens the Stress


You won’t need to scout for parking spots or following maps while you ride with Car Australia. There are no long taxi lines or unpleasant public transportation slogs. Their chauffeur cars Gold Coast will get you from the location you specify and drive you to your destination. They’ll follow your schedule, not theirs.


Car Australia’s Chauffeur Driven Cars Uses Latest Technology


Car Australia has various online tools that will allow you to book your vehicle online. Also, they have the latest technology that will keep you up to date on your journey. It includes the option to track your vehicle with the up-to-date SMS and GPS technology.

Professional and Experienced Drivers


The drivers have a long history of working as chauffeurs. They are always polite, respectful, and professional. They’ll never ask you for directions because they are well-versed in their city. You can unwind and relish the journey.


Access to Local Insights


Hiring a chauffeur beforehand will allow you to gain local knowledge from someone familiar with the area. They get to recommend the best routes, restaurants, must-see sights, and local hubs.


Book Gold Coast Chauffeur Driven Cars Now!


Hiring a chauffeur driven car on the Gold Coast has never been more affordable without Car Australia. You can book through their website or their mobile app.

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