Can I Catch a Bus From Gold Coast Airport to Surfers Paradise?

If there’s anything I love about a transfer bus service, is that it makes transportation convenient from the airport to the city you wish to visit. Via transfer bus, it will take 55 minutes to travel from the Gold Coast Airport to Surfers Paradise. But for travellers arriving via Brisbane Airport, I recommend you catch a bus or train to Helensvale and then transfer to the light rail to Surfers Paradise. The only difference is that arriving at Surfers Paradise will take 1 hour and 10 minutes. 


Can I catch a bus from the Airport to Surfers Paradise? Yes, you can ride a Con-X-ion transfer bus from the Gold Coast Airport to Surfers. Riding this Gold Coast transfer bus only takes 55 minutes to reach Surfers Paradise. Travelers arriving via Brisbane can catch the train and then the light rail to Surfers Paradise.


Learn how to get from the Gold Coast Airport to Surfers through a transfer bus below.


How to Get From the Gold Coast Airport to Surfers by Transfer Bus?


Taking the airport shuttle bus Con-X-ion from the airport to Surfers Paradise Transit Centre is an excellent option. Every bus departs from the airport at the top of the said hour. Then, it travels to the city in about 55 minutes. You can book a transfer bus service from the Gold Coast Airport to the city from Con-X-ion here.


Ticket Cost: Transfer Bus Service From the Gold Coast Airport to the City


Con-X-ion shuttle is among the cheapest airport transfers the Gold Coast has. You can get a one-way ticket on the transfer bus service from the Gold Coast Airport to Surfers Paradise for around $15 and a return for around $30. If you want a private transfer, via limo it will set you back a lot more.  A one-way ticket costs A$150, and a return ticket costs A$300.

If you’re not in a rush, you can catch a Gold Coast city bus and which is only around $5 – $7 for a one-way ticket. If you do this, make sure you’ve got some time to spare.


Where Do I Get It From?


For both international and domestic arrivals, your airport shuttle bus the Gold Coast driver will wait for you within the terminal near the “Transit Center Sign.” The driver is so easy to find as they are wearing red and blue. The shuttle picks up passengers outside their hotel accommodations if you’re returning to OOL from the Gold Coast airport.

Booking Process


Here’s how to book a ticket at the Con-X-ion shuttle bus:

  1. Choose a pickup location.
  2. Provide or input your flight information.
  3. Set up a pickup time.
  4. Verify and pay

Arrival Info for the Gold Coast (OOL) Domestic & International


  • The glass sliding exit doors are located at the terminal’s northern end. Please collect your luggage and head there after arriving.
  • Wait patiently inside the terminal, in front of the Transit Centre sign.
  • There, your driver will contact you. Please watch out for your driver, who will be dressed in a Con-x-ion uniform and a blue shirt.
  • The shuttle services leave at their scheduled times on the hour.
  • When you need help, the Tourism Visitor Information Center of the Gold Coast is situated in the terminal, directly across from the car rental booths.
  • After you arrive, please make sure you switch on your cell phone.
  • If necessary, contact Con-X-ion by calling +61 7 5556 9888 or 1300 873 517.


Ready To Travel To the Gold Coast?


There you have it! You can ride a transfer bus service from the Gold Coast Airport to the city via the Con-X-ion airport shuttle. For people looking for an easy and hassle-free way to get from the airport to their hotel or other destination in the city, it’s an excellent option. The shuttle service regularly runs throughout the day and evening, so you can easily find a time that works for you. Learn more on how to get around the Gold Coast here.


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