Can You Let Your Dog off Leash on Palm Beach Gold Coast QLD

As a dog owner who loves the beach, I always ask whether the beach I plan to visit for a holiday is a dog beach. Since some of you are planning to go to Palm Beach, Gold Coast, QLD, for vacation, it is even better to know ahead of time if the beach allows dogs to go off-leash.


Can you let your dog off-leash on Palm Beach, Gold Coast, QLD? Yes, Palm Beach, QLD, is an off-leash dog beach. Palm Beach is a dog paradise, and many dog owners frequent the area.


Read on because this short post will tackle the best things about this dog beach. Aside from Palm Beach, there are other dog beaches at Palm Beach Gold Coast that you should check out.


Palm Beach: A Dog Paradise


This large sandy dog paradise begins at the boundary of Palm Beach Parklands and extends around Currumbin Creek to the surf. Your dog will surely become lively here, whether it prefers to catch waves or enjoys a good old-fashioned dog paddle.


Aside from the dogs, dog owners can also enjoy the scenic view of Palm Beach. You can find beautiful views across Currumbin Creek on the still water side of this location. Aside from that, you can see the sights of Surfers Paradise on the vast surf stretch on the opposite side.


There is a cafe on the parklands before the beach serving daily breakfast and coffee. Although dogs are not permitted inside, there is a nearby dog hitching post where your furry friend can stay for a while. If you’re taking your dog out to the beach, the dry side of the white sands borders a fantastic children’s paddling bay with a pirate park.


You’ll have to compete for a parking spot on a weekend day if you take the Palm Beach Parklands exit from the highway before the bridge.


Other Dog Beaches At Palm Beach Gold Coast


Tallebudgera Dog Beach


In our previous post, I mentioned that Tallebudgera Creek Beach is best off-leash dog beach Gold Coast. But did you know a semi-private dog beach is hidden in this swimming hot spot?


After parking at Gold Coast Recreation Precinct, formerly the Tallebudgera Leisure Centre, keep your dog on a leash and far from the enticing BBQs until you approach the surf at Palm Beach’s northern end.


From the spit to the first set of lifesaver flags, the entire beach is an off-leash dog-friendly beach. Late afternoon is the best time to go when the flags are down. It’s also the perfect time to trot all the way south to the next beach on our list.


Just take a few moments during your morning walk to grab a few council-provided poop bags near the Talle Surf Club, and you’ll be good to go. Not only will this help keep our beaches clean, but it’ll also save you from having to explain to your kids why there’s dog poop on their hands.




Currumbin Creek 


Another dog beach at Palm Beach Gold Coast is Currumbin Creek. This dog-friendly beach is arguably the best on the Gold Coast. You could easily spend the entire day here, beginning at the Palm Beach Parklands and covering all around spit to meet the surf.


If a few hundred metres of beautiful dog beach bliss isn’t enough for you, take your dog to a whimsical forest to explore and collect sticks. Retire to the creek side, which has a view of the foggy hinterland, if you want calmer water.



Palm Beach Has A Place For Your Furry Friend To Swim


Tallebudgera Dog Beach and Currumbin Creek are the dog beaches at Palm Beach Gold Coast where your pooch can relax and play. Note of the rules and dog leash laws QLD that applies to these beaches to make the most of your stay.


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