Can You Immerse Yourself in Culture and Food on the Gold Coast?

Once you travel to Gold Coast, you’ll be aware that the city is undergoing a significant cultural transformation due to the increasing number of arts events that are taking place there. The potential to merge your great loves—drink, art, culture and food —is plentiful on the Gold Coast when you pair that with a foodie scene that is already flourishing.


Can you immerse yourself in the culture and food on the Gold Coast? Yes, you can. Immerse yourself in culture and food while you explore the Gold Coast food spots such as Cambus Wallace, Raw Espresso, Burleigh Brewing Co., Miami Marketta, MR P.P.’S, and Ground N Sound.


The Gold Coast is a place for beach and food lovers and those who want to immerse themselves in culture. Read on where to explore the Gold Coast’s culture and food and where to see the moody mural of a frigate at war on a stormy sea.


Ground N Sound


In the middle of Chirn Park’s eclectic village, there is a growing centre for local musicians called Ground N Sound, which takes the shape of a modest café. The location is midway between Labrador and Southport and regularly hosts open mic and trivia nights. They also host live performances for up-and-coming artists. Take a seat outside and allow the music to transport you back in time and space.


Additionally, the café is packed with music-related trinkets and memorabilia. You can also see some of their street-style paintings and murals all over the walls and the adjoining breezeway. Unfortunately, the cafe only has 47 seats, and they tend to fill up quickly. If you’re hoping to snag a seat, I recommend making a reservation in advance. Click here to reserve a table


MR. P.P.’S 


MR. P.P.’s Rooftop & Laneway is in an establishment that once housed the city’s postmaster general and family for over a century. They specialize in pasta, gourmet pizza, deli meats & cheese, and delicious drinks that they serve at their rooftop or laneway.


MR. P.P. Agnew, the first Post and Telegraph Manager, was more than just a usual postmaster. He was also an enthusiastic actor, playwright, poet, photographer, and illustrator. It is appropriate that one of the eateries leading Southport’s cultural revolution bears Mr. P.P. Agnew’s name.


MR. P.P.’s is a pizzeria that features both outdoor and indoor seating, with views of the city from their rooftop space. It is in the heart of Southport’s central business district.


In addition, this food spot will allow you to immerse in the culture and food on the Gold Coast. Mr P.P’s songs, drawings, and poems can be found inside the menus, but the arts don’t stop there. Claudio Kirac, a local artist, also painted a huge mural upstairs; the entire week, live music is frequently performed there. Local legal experts and the trendy SoPo crowd can be seen having drinks after work on Fridays upstairs on the deck during court breaks.


MR. P.P.’s menu is unique, with a mashup of share plates and more massive (and popular) pizza options. The deck, which has a retractable roof, caters to lunch three days every week and serves drinks and dinner all weekend. And a fantastic selection of whiskies can be found in the deli downstairs.

Miami Marketta


Miami Marketta regularly offers a variety of art, live music, and design in addition to the international flavours of the best food trucks in the city. Every night on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, Miami Marketta comes alive, and its laneway becomes accessible to the public. This night market showcases the best locally produced music and food trucks. Moreover, Miami Marketta frequently hosts national and international touring bands in Studio 56, a specially designed band room, or its laneway.


The food market offers more than just the chance to sample the local cuisine. You can also explore the artisan creations, local fashion, and original art on offer, all while being enveloped with the vibrant graffiti-style art and murals that became synonymous with the eight years in service of Miami Marketta.


Burleigh Brewing Co.


Burleigh Brewing Co. has been hosting regular brewery nights with food trucks and beer flights since relocating to its purpose-built brewery, along with a varied selection of culture, art, music, and film. Monthly film nights with a greater emphasis on cult classics are held as a result of Burleigh Brewing’s partnership with the Gold Coast Film Festival. They also have special events, including art exhibitions and skate competitions, all with a strong emphasis on fostering community.


Check out the Burleigh Brewing Co. website at You can also peruse their beer products which you can shop online.

Raw Espresso


Aside from being well known for its coffee, Raw Espresso is making a name for itself as an art and music hub on the main thoroughfare that runs between Southport and Bundall. You may enjoy your morning cup of coffee while admiring a new mural crafted by Courtenay McCue, a local visual artist, at Raw Espresso. Raw Espresso is a widely known gathering place for artists and people who love art, which frequently hosts weekend morning performances (CRT Designs).


Cambus Wallace


In terms of food and art, Cambus Wallace almost has it all. The bar’s wall features a fascinating frigate at war on a stormy sea mural created by artist Dylan Quirk. The dark, stormy scene creates a feeling of tension and excitement, making it the ideal place to enjoy a drink. Moreover, Cambus Wallace’s insane selection of rums and whiskies. They also have a menu with various sharing plates and regular live music offerings.


Cambus Wallace offers scotch fillet with salad and fries on Wednesday nights for only $20. If you prefer Arancini balls over the scotch fillet, it’s on offer, too, for only $15.


Explore Gold Coast Through Culture and Food Today!


Today is the perfect day to explore the Gold Coast through its culture and food! There are many things to see and do, and you can taste the local flavour by trying some delicious food. From traditional dishes to modern fusion cuisine, there is something for everyone to enjoy. So start your day with a leisurely stroll around town, checking out the local shops and sights, before enjoying a meal at one of these food spots?