Are Airbnb Properties Cheaper Than Hotels on the Gold Coast?


Travellers are comparing Airbnb Gold Coast and Hotels in many ways, including whether Airbnb properties are cheaper than hotels on the Gold Coast. While Airbnb is becoming more popular by the day, it’s essential to know whether this option can really help you save more money than hotel accommodations.


Are Airbnb properties cheaper than hotels on the Gold Coast? Generally, Airbnb is cheaper compared to a hotel if the two have similar space and levels of luxury. Although, Airbnb is not always cheaper than hotels.


Get on the discussion below and learn why most Airbnbs are cheaper than hotel accommodations. You might also be interested in the facts about the Gold Coast hotels and Airbnb in the later part of the article.


Are Airbnb Properties Cheaper? Or Hotels?


Airbnb can be more affordable or more expensive than hotels. It depends on the type of hotel and Airbnb apartment you’re going to compare. Since it doesn’t have to cover the general management of such a vast operation and a hotel’s overhead costs, Airbnb is typically cheaper than hotels.


There is no clear difference between Airbnb and hotels since some hotel rooms exist on Airbnb. However, the latter can give you options that might be cheaper than typical hotel rooms like caravans, apartments, and small homes, or more expensive ones like beach houses, private homes, luxury apartments, and more.


There’is a lot of overlap in the property listings. Moreover, some will be available to rent on Airbnb and the large booking engines. There are no promises that a house will always be less expensive on Airbnb. So it pays to conduct your research. Occasionally, you’ll discover that a property will be less expensive on Airbnb.



Key Differences


The presence of fees and regulations on short-term rentals distinguishes the hotel industry from Airbnb. Hotels, apartment hotels, inns, motels, bed and breakfasts, and condominiums are all considered hotels in the Gold Coast.


Rentals in this category necessitate the collection of an additional sales tax according to the room rate. In addition, hotels in the Gold Coast are required to collect a further daily hotel unit fee in addition to occupancy taxes.


As a major source of disagreement, Airbnb hasn’t been bound to occupancy tax legislation and has occasionally avoided paying the sales tax from the local government. Like a hotel, Airbnb charges service fees, including a value-added tax.


Facts About Airbnb and Hotels on the Gold Coast

Here are some facts about Airbnb that might answer some of your questions:

  • Breakfast is not always included with Airbnb.
  • On Airbnb, you will occasionally stay in someone’s home with the host.
  • At the time of writing, Airbnb is permitted in the Gold Coast, Australia, although regulations are getting stricter.
  • There are awful hotels as well as bad Airbnbs. I have experienced staying in both types of accommodation, and both were terrible, shabby, dusty, and outdated.
  • Australia offers several fantastic hotels, as well as some fantastic Airbnbs.


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