Is Staying in a Hostel Cheaper Than an Airbnb on the Gold Coast?


What accommodation do you prefer when travelling to the Gold Coast on a budget? Are you stuck when choosing between a hostel and Airbnb? Many are unaware of what makes these two types of accommodation available on the Gold Coast different. Travellers are also curious whether a hostel is cheaper than an Airbnb on the Gold Coast.


Is staying in a hostel cheaper than an Airbnb on the Gold Coast? In most cases, hostel dorms are cheaper than Airbnb properties. However, it’s not always true. Some Airbnb properties can also be more budget-friendly than hostels if you travel as a pair.


Hostels and Airbnbs have their pros and cons that can make them suitable or unsuitable for you. To figure out whether a hostel dorm can help you save more money than an Airbnb property on the Gold Coast, join me in this discussion as I will compare these accommodations in terms of pricing.


Are Hostels Cheaper Than Airbnbs on the Gold Coast?


A hostel dorm with a single bed is less expensive than an Airbnb for solo tourists. It is because hostels usually have more beds in a single room. For this reason, they can charge less per person. Also, hostels are often located near tourist attractions, while Airbnbs can be located anywhere.


On the other hand, a private room at an Airbnb is the next least expensive lodging choice if there are no hostels nearby. Hostels are also an excellent option for solo travellers or those on a tight budget, but they are not always available in every city.


Airbnb offers a more affordable option for accommodations, and it is often easier to find a private room than it is to find an available hostel bed. An Airbnb offers more privacy than a shared dorm room and is frequently, though not always, less expensive for tourists travelling in a group or duo.


Airbnb vs. Hostels: Which is Cheaper?


The least expensive lodging option for a solitary traveller is usually a dorm bed in a hostel. Airbnbs are occasionally the most cost-effective choice for those travelling in pairs or groups, particularly if you stop in one location for a longer period, like a week.


Rates are also affected by the season. A hotel room might cost $60 in January, but it might cost $115 in July. I’d expect hostel beds to be about doubled during busy seasons (versus the average). Prices for Airbnb and hotels are also rising.





Hostels are ideal if you plan to stay on the Gold Coast for only a short period. Hostels are usually for people travelling around the Gold Coast or as temporary residences while hunting for a permanent house.


Hostel costs are around A$25 per day. The cost will change depending on the number of people you share the room with (usually two to eight people) and how long you plan to stay.


Hostels have a wide range of benefits for travellers. Below are some advantages you can look forward to in the Gold Coast hostels.


  • There is a large network of hostels in the Gold Coast and around the world.
  • This accommodation option is very flexible and not absolutely necessary to reserve in advance, except for high seasons like New Years’ Eve and Christmas.
  • You may frequently use a membership card to gain access to lower lodging prices and other discounts.
  • Numerous social gatherings take place in the hostel or locations nearby.
  • An excellent way to explore the city and make new international friends
  • Hostels are usually conveniently positioned near the city centre.
  • You have the option of staying for only one day.


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The Cons


  • If you plan to stay there for a long time, a hostel is not the best place to stay.
  • Inadequate privacy – you will most likely share your room with 2 to 8 individuals.
  • Hostels don’t offer much storage space like wardrobes, shelves, etc.
  • During peak season, the hostels may be completely booked.


How to Cut Back Cost on Airbnbs and Hostels


Whether you end up renting a hostel dorm or an Airbnb property on the Gold Coast, here’s a list of some effective tips that can help you save money:


  • Travel during the low or shoulder seasons, typically September through May.
  • Visit reservation sites like Wotif for last-minute accommodation deals.
  • Beware of extra fees because Airbnbs sometimes charge extra for additional guests. Some hostels demand a fee to rent a lock or a towel.
  • Registered bed & breakfasts may post their space on Airbnb but also accept direct bookings through their website. By performing a fast Google search, you can avoid paying the Airbnb booking fee.
  •  If you are considering renting an Airbnb on the Gold Coast, search for properties with a kitchen. It will allow you to cook meals and save money on food costs. 


Opt for the dorm room in a hostel or a private room in an Airbnb. Opt for a hostel dorm bed instead of reserving a private room. Choose a hostel dorm room or an Airbnb private room. These are usually less expensive, as long as you’re okay with shared living space and a kitchen. But you don’t have to share a bathroom in all similar accommodations.


The Verdict Whether a Hostel is Cheaper Than an Airbnb on the Gold Coast


To sum it up, when travelling alone, a simple hostel dorm room is cheaper than renting an Airbnb property. Hostels are often aimed at young backpackers and travellers on a budget, so they usually offer very reasonable rates. And because you’ll be sharing a room with other people, you’ll get to meet new friends too! 


Staying at hostels might be great if you’re looking to meet other travelers, they ae not so great if you’re looking for some peace and quiet. Meanwhile, if you’re travelling with someone else, Airbnb can help you save more money. You can split the cost and reduce your overall expenditure by sharing accommodation with your travel companion. In addition, many Airbnb listings offer discounts for guests who book for more extended periods, so you can save money even more if you plan to stay a while.


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